Chapter 43: Qi Heng’s Sad Reminder

Chapter 43: Qi Heng’s Sad Reminder

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In front of Chu Yu were three to four stems of the golden lotus. He reached out lightly and carefully pulled one of the golden lotus stems down, before breaking off the lotus on top of it and placing it in his pocket.

As expected, he did not cause any reaction!

It would seem that as long as one did not infringe on the forbidden areas, they would not startle that huge beast.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu sped up and collected over 30 lotus bulbs in a single breath.

There was almost no space on himself to place the bulbs!

Chu Yu sighed and thought to himself, "If only I had a space creating magical item."

The only thing is that those items, even for the Chu Clan, were rare, and most of them were in the hands of the influential people in the pocket dimension.

For the part of the clan who entered society, they were only given one, and it was in the hands of the Second Elder.

He had treasured it like a baby, and did not take it out easily, even when Chu Yu or his counterparts requested to take a look.

Chu Yu moved about slowly at the bottom of the spiritual pond, and managed to harvest all of the lotus bulbs in the spiritual pond in a single breath.

His entire body was bulging with golden lotuses.

He rubbed his chin as he found these Nine Transformation golden lotuses familiar.

Yet he did not harvest them. Chu Yu knew that these Nine Transformation golden lotuses would only reproduce to give the golden lotuses when placed in spiritual fluid.

If they were moved to a normal location, even if they did produce the golden lotuses, they were likely to lose their true value.

Afterall, he had already found out about this place and could return anytime. When his powers had increased, he would just make another trip back.


Chu Yu sighed in his heart and swam carefully back towards the shore.

He waited on the shore, and did not see any movement. He then used his vertical eye to scan the area before finally sticking his head out of the spiritual pond.

He turned to look at the false mountain behind him, there was still no movement.

Chu Yu stared at the forbidden zone ahead and frowned.

In order to leave, one had to go through the forbidden zone, there was no way around it.

Then he would break out!

Chu Yu took a deep breath and redirected the large and majestic power contained within his body.

Then, like an arrow released, he burst out!

In the moment he passed through the forbidden zone, his silhouette was already inside the magical formation.

When the angry roaring sound from behind reached him, Chu yu had already been out thousands of miles.

He was gone without a trace!

Zheng was fuming!

It had just returned to its lair and rested for a moment before the forbidden zone was once again disturbed,

When it rushed out, it found that even though the golden lotus in the spiritual pond were present, the lotus bulbs... were all gone.

This caused the Zheng to go mad instantly!

During the long years, these golden lotus bulbs were its food.

Its mission was to watch over this spiritual pond as well as the Nine Transformation golden lotuses.

Waiting patiently for his owner to return.

Yet, his food had been stolen by somebody!

If his owner returned now, won’t his owner feel like the beast was useless?

As such, Zheng’s rage was unquenchable.

He had remembered that person’s face and he swore he would not let him off.

Zheng, who was the size of a small mountain, began to chase about manically inside the compounds of the palaces.

Yet by this point, Chu Yu was long gone.

This was escaping for his life, a serious matter, and Chu Yu also took it extremely seriously.

After entering Acupoint Charging Stage 10, Chu Yu found himself with unimaginably great power.

His speed... had also reached a new high!

When he sprinted, he could even glide in the air for short periods of time!

He fled along a path which was pre-planned, he had thought of his escape route when he entered.

As such, Chu Yu fled manically along the retreat route that he had planned previously.

In the process of fleeing, he reverted his appearance to the skinny tall youth and he took off his clothes full of the golden lotus bulbs, made it into a bag and carried it on his shoulder.

His vertical eye also became sharper. As his cultivation level increased, the capabilities of his vertical eye increased too.

Even as Chu Yu was running out of the group of palaces, he could still hear the thunderous roar of the crazy Zheng.

"Bye bye to you!" Chu Yu did not hesitate as he ran towards the river bank.

Yet, he saw Qi Heng by the bank, comatose.

Chu Wei was startled and stopped in his tracks. He did not expect that this fella was so lucky, could he not die no matter what happened?

Yet, Qi Heng’s current state was really quite pitiful.

One of his arms was missing, and he lay slumping on the ground. His body was drenched in blood and some of his places revealed his bones. He had almost lost any resemblance to a human.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was still breathing weakly, Chu Yu would have thought that he was dead.

"How pitiful!"

"Wouldn’t it be a little shameless to kill him now?"

As Chu Yu spoke, he walked over to Qi Heng without hesitation and gave him a vicious kick in the groin.

In an instant, a ball breaking sound echoed around...

Even though Qi Heng was comatose, he shivered from the wave of intense pain.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I fear Shishi would get into trouble if I killed you, I would not let you live!

Chu Yu suddenly recalled, could it be that this fella has any other magical equipment on him? After all, Qi Heng was a disciple from an ancient sect. The ancient bronze dagger that was on him was a Xiantian magical equipment, a genuine superior item. Even though he could not bring its full power to bear right now, what it could do was already astonishing.

As expected, Chu Yu found more items on Qi Heng.

The only issue was that most of them were broken, evidently caused when he was being chased down by the Zheng.

The only one that was unharmed was a black ring. It was extremely light and he could not feel its weight when holding it in his hand, and he did not know what the ring was made of.

Chu Yu attempted to use his mental powers to communicate with the ring, and found a clue. There was a weak barrier on it, and it was easily smashed by Chu Yu’s mental powers.

The space inside the ring was immediately clear under Chu Yu’s mental scrutiny.

"Aiyo... there are a lot of things in here!"

This ring was only the size of a small cube. Inside it were about 10 jade bottles and containers, containing various medicinal pellets, three government sealed ancient wooden boxes, clearly extraordinary boxes, and two bronze magical equipment.

Apart from these, there were about 10 palm sized gold bars in the corner.

Chu Yu was slightly surprised, this fella clearly inherited quite a lot of treasure.

Without looking too closely, he threw the bag of golden lotuses into the ring, as well as the bronze dagger that he hid on himself. He then placed the ring in his pocket.

From the palace compound behind him, the thunderous roar of the beast continued to echo.

Yet, that fella had no way of getting out!

This calmed Chu Yu down.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu walked to the river bank, and a small ship floated downstream.

He jumped on the boat, thinking, "Even though he did not know how Shishi was, but this time, Qi Heng, who was half alive, should not bring her any more trouble."

As for the future, that is a conversation for another day!

The small boat brought Chu Yu towards the opposite bank.

When Chu Yu disembarked, he did not stay any longer and headed straight out.

He had to rush back to the Dragon City and explore the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave!

If one had said previously that Chu Yu was merely interested in exploring the ruins, he was at least 10 times more excited about exploring such places now!

When Chu Yu had disappeared into the magical formation behind the mountain, three embarrassed silhouettes rushed out clumsily from the magical formation, their bodies riddled with wounds.

These were the three martial artists from the Liu Clan of Shu!

There were originally five of them, but only three made it out. One was an Acupoint Charging Stage Ten whilst two were Stage Nine. The other two Acupoint Charging Stage Nine martial artists were left inside the magical formation, permanently.

When the three of them came out, they were completely awed by the palace compound on the opposite bank.

The Acupoint Charging Stage Ten martial artist was named Liu Fang. He took a deep breath and said solemnly, "The men from Jiu Xiao and Han Xiao are likely to have entered a long time ago, even though we are slower than them, these ruins are very well preserved, as long as we get in, we will be able to get quite a bit of benefits!

The other two Acupoint Charging Stage Nine martial artists were named Liu Ahba, and Liu Ahjiu. The two of them were brothers.

Even though they were borne by concubines, they had decent talent and held relatively high posts in the Liu Clan.

Even though concubines were treated differently, if their children were powerful, they would still be valued.

Liu Ahba looked out into the distance before saying, "I think that this river will not be so easy to cross."

Liu Fang nodded, "Let’s talk more after we get down there."

The three men made their way quickly to the river bank, Liu Ahjiu picked up a rock and threw it at the river.

When the rock was in mid-air, it was hit by a ray of light and shattered in an instant!

The three men were shocked. Luckily, they did not brashly rush over the river, else they would have been dead too.

At this point, a small boat boarded from upstream.

The three men looked at each other. Liu Ahba said, "I’ll go first, if there are no issues, you two can follow along!"

"I should go." Liu Ahjiu said, "I am the weakest amongst us three, if anything untoward happens to me, remember to burn me some joss paper!"

"I should..." Liu Ahba insisted.

"You still have a wife and kids." Liu Ahjiu laughed, "Brother, I am still single."

Liu Ahba’s eyes reddened, "Single doesn’t mean that you should die!"

"How can it be so easy to die?" Liu Ahjiu smiled and shook his head.

Liu Fang looked at the two men and said, "If we survive this, I will definitely raise you up for promotion!"

Liu Ahba and Liu Ahjiu fervently bowed and thanked Liu Fang.

The small boat docked in front of the three men.

Liu Ahjiu smiled at the other two before jumping onboard.

Liu Ahba and Liu Fang stiffened in anxiety.

After a moment, they realized that there was no danger. They heaved a sigh of relief and jumped on.

The small boat took them to the opposite bank.

Not long after they disembarked, they saw an almost unrecognizable human figure lying not far away.

Upon closer inspection, they realized that the figure was human. After approaching the figure and examining it... only then did they realize that this unrecognizable person was Qi Heng!

"My god... was he smashed by a train?" Liu Ahjiu was stunned.

"Rubbish, an Invigorated Meridian realm expert like him would not look this bad even if he was knocked by a train." Liu Ahba walked over and checked if Qi Heng was still breathing. He turned to look at the other two men, "He’s alive."

Liu Fang’s eyes sparkled and said gently, "This expedition would be worth it if we save him, even if we don’t get anything else!"
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