Chapter 423: Something has Happened to Chu Xi

Chapter 423: Something has Happened to Chu Xi
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Chu Yu was up in space.

He faced a young man who wore a white shirt and was very dashing.

At a distance, a young man in green robes stood.

Chu Yu looked at that man in green and said, "Little white, you've changed Sects and betrayed your previous clan, this isn't right. Why aren't you wearing white anymore?".

The man in green was none other than the White Prince.

He looked at Chu Yu awkwardly as he said, "I was forced to face the leader by you, but when I met Prince Wan, he pitied me and undid the seal, of course I would be willing to stay by his side.".

"My name is Wan Dao Yi," said the man in white.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince and said, "Are you sure this is wise?".

He looked back at Chu Yu and said, "He is more fitting of the title of the Son of the Emperor than you.".

"My name is Wan Dao Yi," repeated the man in white.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince and said, "Little White, do you know why you haven't progressed much? You're really blind.".

"My name is Wan Dao Yi!" the man in white frowned with rage.

Chu Yu looked at the White Prince and said, "You think he's solved your problems? You think I can't cure you?".

"My name…" the man was about the bellow again.


Chu Yu unexpectedly made a move.

An attack.

A large force struck the man in white as he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

"Who cares about what your name is?".  

The White Prince was stunned, "How is this possible? How can he not be your match?".

"Is he really my match?" Chu Yu took a good look at the White Prince before turning away.


Wan Dao Yi suddenly let out a howl as a magical aura radiated off his body with a bright light.

With a mental sense, he brandished a large sword and charged at Chu Yu.

"Scram!" Chu Yu roared.

The energy emitted was astounding as the magical aura around Wan Dao Yi dispersed immediately.

He fell to the ground and spat out another mouthful of blood.

This time around, he really passed out.

The White Prince stared at Chu Yu and began shedding crocodile tears.

"Master, he forced me into this! I've always been loyal to you!". 

Chu Yu looked at him and sighed before returning to Earth, where his clan was at.  

The title of the Son of the Emperor was just like a piece of candy.   

Xu Xiao Xian returned as well.

Chu Yu did not know what she had done, they just met by chance.

"I've heard that someone challenged you?" she asked.

He nodded.

"There will be more of such people. I still don't get it, why did you have to admit it?" Xu Xiao Xian asked.

Chu Yu replied, "The people of the Mirror Dimension will come soon.".

Xu Xiao Xian looked at him and said, "There's still a few years.".

"Oh right, where's Lin Shi?" she asked.

"Oh? I don't know either. Isn't she at home?" Chu Yu had just seen her there.

At this moment, Little Moon walked in and said, "Lin Shi has gone home.".

"Gone home?" he asked.

"Yea, she said that she hasn't seen her parents in a while," Little Moon replied.

Chu Yu nodded and sighed.

Xu Xiao Xian batted her eyelids, "I have something to attend to, I'll be back.".

She turned and left.

Little Moon looked on as she wondered, "What's going on? Why is everyone leaving?".

Chu Yu smiled, "Let's go home.".

Little Moon said, "My brother said that he will come by in a few days.".

At the Lin Clan.

Lin Shi's parents welcomed her with overjoyed expressions.

They did not know what she had gone through, but they were just happy to see her back.

Her mother held her hand and talked to her sweetly.

"Did Chu Yu mistreat you?" she asked. 

"Mother, what are you talking about now?" she smiled.

Her mother sighed, "Your aunties and I have a good relationship on the surface, but it's all just because I have to put up a show.".

Lin Shi gave a wry smile, "Where is all of this coming from?".

"I've seen Xiao Xian, I'm quite familiar with her as well. To be honest, she's full of quirky ideas, but she's very loyal. I hope you can know your boundaries and not be a jealous wife," her mother said.

Lin Shi feigned anger and said, "Are you her mother or my mother now?".

Her mother laughed, "Of course I am your mother, I love you, I just don't want you to get hurt.".

Lin Shi's eyes were tinted with red as she said, "I've gone through many hardships over the past few years, this isn't much. Moreover, the enemy is at our doorstep, we don't have time for these matters.".

Her mother replied softly, "No matter what, we still have to live our lives. How can that stupid boy say that he is the Son of the Emperor? Isn't that just suicidal?".

Lin Shi shook her head, "It wasn't his idea, it's a title placed upon him by someone else.".

"What? Why? How can he do this?" her mother was very unhappy.

Lin Shi did not know how to explain everything, she could only ask her mother not to worry.

"How can I not be worried? I often think about what will life be like if we're still leaving in the unsealed world. Perhaps it would be better.".

"You'd rather be weak than live in chaos?" Lin Shi smiled.

"That's exactly what I feel," her mother said.

She added, "Stay here for a while this time.".

"Yes!" Lin Shi agreed.

Chu Yu was teaching Chu Gan Zhong and Chu Gan Liang at that moment.

The two of them had grown up and made huge progress in their skills of pill refinement.

They both had become True Lords and were the outstanding ones in their generation.

Suddenly, Chu Yu's communication device rang.

He opened it and his expression changed immediately.

It read: Your sister is in trouble at the Tai Qing Sect, I'm on my way there, here's the location.

Chu Yu had not heard anything from her after she warned him of Xia Hou Jiang.

That man had gone strangely silent for the past two days.

Chu Yu did not bother about it, he had discussed it with Lin Shi and they both agreed that the best thing to do at that time was to sit down and consolidate their powers.

With the people they had, they could form a considerable force.

He did not bother about the other Sects and Clans.

Even if he was indeed the Son of the Emperor, it would have been hard to unify them.

They had to build up the basic force that would defend the Earth from the Mirror Dimension.

That was an inevitable battle.

No one could escape from it.

Soon, news of Chu Xi began springing up on Chu Yu's device.
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