Chapter 424: The Plot

Chapter 424: The Plot
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The ancient rainfall Sect's Ji Jian Jia sent over a piece of information.

"Chu Yu, your sister has gotten herself into big trouble, hurry up and save her, I'll follow you. This might be a trap, be careful.".

Li Xiao Xiao of the Shang Qing Sect sent some information as well, "Chu Yu my fellow Daoist, Chu Xi is in danger, you have to save her. This might be a trap targeted at you, please be careful.".

Ye Yun Luo, Bai Sha Ren, Li Feng Mang and the rest all warned him about this.

Chu Yu could tell that this was a trap!

Otherwise, the information would not have been made so easily available.

The problem started when Chu Xi got into a fight in the Tai Qing Sect, where she hurt a junior in the process.

Under normal circumstances, nothing would have happened.

But this disciple's grandfather was one of the elders of the Sect!

This junior was his favourite grandson, and he had insulted Chu Yu on purpose, calling him a bunch of names.

Chu Xi, enraged by this, made the first move.

Few people knew that Chu Xi had abilities that surpassed the Divine Lord Realm.

The junior was sent flying by Chu Xi, which resulted in her capture.

Within half a day, they deemed her guilty and invited many of the other Sects to witness the crippling of her cultivation.

This punishment seemed harsh, but her actions had severe consequences.

The junior whom she injured was bedridden for months.

But many still felt that this was too absurd.

He was the one who provoked her after all.

There was no use talking about all these things now.

The Tai Qing Sect was clearly using the incident as an opportunity to unite the Sects against Chu Yu.

Just as what Elder Qiu had said, the current generation could not comprehend what the Son of the Emperor meant, but those older ones knew fully well what it was.

It went without saying that Chu Yu had the backing of the two Saints at the Pacific Ocean.

No one dared to look down on that small island.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni were the two representatives of that island, behind it was a terrifying power.

Even the beings of the Mirror Dimension knew of this organisation.

That was why they had to get rid of Chu Yu before things could fall in place.

They had to kill him to prove that he was not the Son of the Emperor.

This was a death trap for Chu Yu!

He had to walk right into it!

He could not watch them cripple his sister.

To them, it was easy to kill this young man.

Before Chu Yu headed to the Tai Qing Sect, he received a message from Xu Xiao Xian.

"They are trying to kill you, let's take the chance to retaliate! We don't have much time to play with these brain dead fools, let's get rid of them once and for all.".

She was not joking.

Chu Yu replied, "We have to prioritise saving Chu Xi and protecting ourselves.".

"Got it," replied Xu Xiao Xian.

After which, Zhao Man Tian's message came, "I have many powers and troops under my command!".

Chu Yu immediately contacted him as an image of his sworn brother appeared.  

He looked the same, but his eyes were full of murderous intent.

"Second brother, you don't have to convince me, these Sects are all stuck in the past! In this day and age, they still wish to fight for power when the enemy's at our doorstep. Let's get rid of them once and for all! My powers and troops are from the outskirts of the Bastion of Stars!" Zhao Man Tian retorted.

"What? We have those kinds of capabilities?" Chu Yu was stunned.

Zhao Man Tian replied, "No, they came from the other side.".

"You can access the Mirror Dimension?" Chu Yu was still shocked.

Zhao Man Tian laughed, "I have the Qi to do so, moreover, the Qing Qiu aren't as weak as you think…".

Zhao Man Tian said, "I've already become a Legendary Emperor, I want to see how I can match up to those elders!".

He hung up and told Chu Yu that he would be here soon.

The Da Jia Zei and Old Huang all delivered messages as well.

"We're coming to help you! I don't believe that we can't get rid of them!".

"Stop calling me old!".

Chu Yu now knew that Zhao Man Tian and the rest all had powerful armies.

At that moment, Lin Shi sent a video call to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu answered as her image popped up, "Xiao Xian has told me of the news, please tell the rest not to do anything reckless, you have to surround them but refrain from attacking.".

"You can tell them that directly," Chu Yu smiled.

"Alright!" she replied.

As Chu Yu arrived at the door of the Tai Qing Sect, the place was bustling even though it was in the depths of the mountains.

They were all waiting for Chu Yu and did not go in immediately.

When Chu Yu arrived, many of them had strange expressions on their faces.

Ji Jian Jia and Li Xiao Xiao walked out together and faced Chu Yu.

Ji Jian Jia said softly, "My fellow Daoist, I've already begged for leniency with the Elders, please don't do anything rash, their powers are not to be underestimated.".

As she said this, a cough could be heard from the back.

She continued, "We're all humans on Earth, there is no need to fight.".

Li Xiao Xiao said, "That's true, don't rush into conflict with the Tai Qing Sect, we can resolve this peacefully.".

"Come back," called a strict voice from the Tai Qing Sect.

Li Xiao Xiao flashed a smile to Chu Yu as she turned and left.

Chu Yu looked into a distance as a crowd of people stared at him.

He had not seen Xu Xiao Xian, perhaps she had already blended in.  

Chu Yu nodded his head at Ji Jian Jia as he smiled, "Oh right, there's a royal family in the Orion Constellation with the same surname.".

"What? Perhaps we branched out from the same ancestors. Why do you have the mood to chatter now?" asked Ji Jian Jia as a look of surprised appeared on her face.

Chu Yu laughed, "It's nothing, thank you.". 

As he said this, he walked into the doors of the Tai Qing Sect.

Many of the people around him smiled coldly as they watched him from the back.
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