Chapter 425: Barging into the Tai Qing

Chapter 425: Barging into the Tai Qing
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Bai Sha Ren, Ye Yun Luo, Li Feng Mang and the rest stood in the crowd.

They thought they had progressed quickly, but they never expected Chu Yu's progress to be to fearsome.

They were completely outclassed.

Among the three of them, Ye Yun Luo had already become a Legendary Emperor, while the other two were at the peaks of the Divine Lord Realm.

The Child of Saints might not have possessed the fastest improvement in cultivation, but they were definitely the most talented!

Talent required hard work, or it would never amount to anything.

For these people, it was easy to just reach the Legendary Emperor Realm, they could do it at a tremendous speed!

That was why the major Sects did not look up to Chu Yu, he was far behind them in talent.

They refused to accept him as the Son of the Emperor.

As Chu Yu entered the door to the Tai Qing Sect, the crowd followed behind him.

Soon, gale winds began blowing high up in the sky.

A large number of demonic troops and generals came from the South West, and from the opposite direction, a large number of figures stomped in from the North.

In the blink of an eye, a battalion had surrounded the door of the Tai Qing Sect.

Many of those who had not entered were shocked by this.

"What's the situation?".

"My gosh, why are there so many demonic clans?".

"What do they want? Are they attacking the Tai Qing? Is this Chu Yu's back up? He really has tricks up his sleeves!".

The crowd looked on in shock as these demonic troops howled.

Zhao Man Tian stood at the fore front and looked coldly at the group of people at the Tai Qing Sect's door.

If not for Lin Shi's message, he would have already attacked!

Who cared about who they were?

Was he afraid?

That word was not in his dictionary.

Da Jia Zei and Old Huang greeted Zhao Man Tian.

Da Jia Zei said, "Big brother Zhao, shall we begin?".

Old Huang added, "Sister has already said that we can't attack, otherwise, it'll only cause trouble for Chu Yu.

Da Jia Zei was not satisfied with this answer.

Zhao Man Tian smiled, "Let's wait here first, if anything happens, we can make our move.".

They were all willing to risk their lives for Chu Yu, if it was anyone else, they would not have done so.



The Tai Qing Sect's ground was huge.

The edge of land could not be seen.

This was not just any normal pocket dimension, it was a hundred times bigger than a plain on earth.

The main city was right in the centre.

Within that large city, a mighty palace stood.

Chu Yu walked towards the biggest building step by step.

He was surrounded by people.

Li Xiao Xiao and Ji Jian Jia were all looking on with worry.

There were many people who were not close to Chu Yu, but they admired his courage!

They would never have made this decision.

The court that they were in had a tall stage that was casted by a magical staff. Right on top of this staff was a cage.

Within it was Chu Xi.

Her long hair danced in the wind, but her four limbs were locked down by divine gold chains.

She had a wronged expression on her face.

With every step Chu Yu took, he came nearer to the large building. His eyes were fixated on the staff and a fiery anger swept through his heart.

At this moment, a figure rose from the shadows of the city and looked down at him coldly.

"The sacred land of the Tai Qing does not welcome intruders!".

With that, the figure made his first move.

This scene surprised many people.

The Tai Qing had blown the incident up for a reason, they wanted to use this incident to reinforce their position in this world by claiming the title for themselves.

Their powers were vast and they had billions of people under their Sect.

They weren't short on geniuses either.


This man had already reached the later stages of the Legendary Emperor Realm.

A divine dragon appeared as it lunged at Chu Yu.

Many people gasped in shock.

"The Tai Qing's power is great indeed, this is the true iteration of the Dragon's Claw…" an elder commended.

It opened its mouth and immediately tried to swallow Chu Yu!

Chu Yu raised his fists.

"Incredible! This young man is no simple guy," the same elder gasped.

His fists looked ordinary, but those experienced ones all became excited.

Chu Yu was renowned among his generation, but he was not famous in the older one.

If not for the recent rumours, they would never have heard of this boy.


The Dragon unleashed its claw at Chu Yu.

The expressions on many people's faces changed!

They knew why this was called the dragon's claw now.

Chu Yu continued advancing without changing his stance.


The heavens and the earth crackled.

The claw was smashed into pieces.

Chu Yu opened his mouth and used the Sacred Art of Gluttony to absorb these pieces.

After which, he utilised the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork to move in front of this man.

He slapped him in the face!

The man flew away like a leaf in a tornado.

Chu Yu continued walking as if nothing had happened, the expression in his eyes did not change.

Woosh! Another two figures appeared.

One of them was Xia Hou Jiang.

His eyes were full of rage and venom.

He had just been shamed by Xu Xiao Xian and everything started from Chu Yu.

He wanted to kill him immediately, "Go to hell!".

Xia Hou Jiang held a staff in his hand as he attacked.

He used his full powers, he wanted to show everyone that he could kill Chu Yu!

Even though Chu Yu did not have any weapons with him, he was too fast.

In an instant, he came before Xia Hou Jiang and grabbed his staff.

Everyone was stunned.

Was he crazy? How could he grab the opponent's weapon with his bare hands when they were of the same cultivation level?

But not even his skin fell off.

Chu Yu exerted some force as Xia Hou Jiang howled.

He was disarmed.

Chu Yu held the staff now as he viciously beat down on Xia Hou Jiang's body.

A series of screams accompanied the bone cracking sounds that ensued.

Like a sandbag, he was thrown into the distance.

The other figure used an attack on the divine sense, it was extremely evil.

He capitalised on the moment where Chu Yu attacked Xia Hou Jiang and fired an icy spear at his mental realm.

The attack was silent and invisible.

Chu Yu's divine sense tremored as he unleashed a similar spear and directed it at the enemy.

That man let out a howl as Chu Yu's attack overwhelmed his senses.

Why was Chu Yu's mental realm like a Saint's?

With this final thought, the man's mental realm was shattered.

He fell down from the sky.

A voice echoed in the air, "Chu Yu, how dare you barge in and kill my disciples, I will kill you here today!".

A sword qi slivered through the centre of the city and pounced on Chu Yu.

Around him, everyone gasped in unison, "The Heavenly Immortal Sword!".
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