Chapter 428: Is there Anyone Else?

Chapter 428: Is there Anyone Else?
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Everyone knew that if a Saint decided to make his move, Chu Yu was no match for him.

However, no one felt that what he said was ridiculous.

Many of them wished that he would just die there, the world did not need a Son of the Emperor.

But they could not help but respect him.

Xu Xiao Xian looked at him with her bright eyes as Chu Yu looked back at her.

She smiled, "Your eyes aren't as nice as mine!".

Chu Yu did not know what to say.

"It's because I have you in my eyes," she added.

A total of 14 Saints looked on with the energy surrounding them.

From two of their bodies, a fearsome attack that was full of killer intent appeared.

It was pointed at Chu Yu, but they did not fire it.

They all wanted to scare Black Dragon and Qu Ni.

This matter was not graceful at all.

The previous attack had failed, if they were to attack again, it would have been beyond disgraceful.

It would have been revealing of their character.

"Cut the sweet talk!" the old man with white hair said as a fiery rage burned in his eyes.

The expressions of a Legendary Emperor could kill!

He was controlling himself, he held a high position in the Tai Qing Sect.

Chu Yu pointed at him and said, "You, do you dare to fight me?".

"You're asking for it!".

"I'm finding you," Chu Yu smiled wickedly.

The old man could not suppress his anger any longer, as he conjured a talisman.

It was surrounded by a chilly energy as the old man began shaking it violently.

"Go to hell!".


A golden ray of light burst forth and attacked Chu Yu.

Xu Xiao Xian wanted to play her Heavenly Demonic Harp.

The previous time she did that, her hair turned white instantly, how could Chu Yu let her do that again?

He looked at her, "Don't get worked up.".

As he said this, a giant turtle armor appeared as he blocked the attack.

It was the shell that he had took from the young man just now!


The golden light clashed against it as a terrifying echo resounded, the shell cracked and exploded.

It did not hurt Chu Yu, the light dissipated.

The old man was enraged, the shell was a valuable treasure of the Tai Qing Sect.

He shook the Talisman again as his face turned a little red.

At his level of cultivation, he was struggling to use the talisman.

Chu Yu squinted his eyes, he knew this was definitely a top level magical equipment.

As he looked at the second attack advance, he used the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork to vanish.

However, the light followed closely behind him, but it could not catch Chu Yu.

Within an instant, Chu Yu appeared before the old man and raised his sword.

The sword qi was like a beautiful rainbow, but it was as lethal as it could be.

As he sliced down, the expressions on the 14 Saint all changed.

The old man spat out a mouthful of blood as a menacing look appeared on his face.

Rays of light fired towards Chu Yu.

But the sword pierced through all of them and cut them down.

The old man had a look of despair in his eyes.

The two Saints who were ready to attack could not hold it in any longer, they wanted to attack Chu Yu from the shadows.

But just as they wanted to use their Divine Sense-

The entire space froze, time froze!

Xu Xiao Xian, who was not far from Chu Yu, raised a large bow as she fired it into the sky.

Following this, a figure appeared from the heavens as a crazed energy erupted from it, grabbing the bow in its hand.

The bow was pulled back and two arrows of light were fired at these two Saints.

In the next moment, two bloodshot wounds appeared on their foreheads.

The sky crackled as blood trickled down their foreheads.

The people around could not believe this mysterious power.

The Saints were dead, and two of them at that!

It was terrifying. The sky was still shrouded in that mysterious energy.

The other 12 Saints erupted with incredible and unparalleled amounts of energy.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni were shocked.

"He actually came out…" Black Dragon gaped.

Qu Ni looked on with her mouth wide open.

Ka Cha!

Chu Yu cut the old man into half with his sword, he died immediately.

The Saints did not care about Chu Yu anymore, they were in terrible danger!

The man who could shoot down galaxies had appeared!

This made them tremble with fear.  

One of them said loudly in agony, "Why do this Elder? We're all a family, how can we kill each other?".

Another five arrows of light were shot at five of the Saints, including the man who had just spoke.


They were frightened beyond their wits end and hurriedly unleashed their Saintly equipment to defend themselves, to no avail.  

The defensive equipment melted away without any sound, like snow melting under the sun.

Their skulls were all pierced through by these arrows.

The sky was in chaos, even if the Tai Qing Sect had protective barriers around its grounds, they could not withstand Saintly attacks.

The entire world shook as the seven bodies floated in space.

At that moment, the figure with the bow waved his hands as the entire Tai Qing crumbled.

It was like a nightmare, the deaths of the seven Saints were unbelievable!

The people around were all rooted to the ground.

Xu Xiao Xian looked on with emotion.

The figure began to retreat quietly as he left the bow in the air.

He had not spoken a word, all he left behind was the bodies of those seven saints.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni looked at each other in shock.

Xu Xiao Xian bowed towards the bow as it floated beside her and vanished into her body.

Everyone around stood there and looked on in awe, but no one had any thought of stealing it.

Blood continued to flow out of the bodies of the seven Saints like seven waterfalls.

They formed a blood river.

In the sky, there were still seven other shell-shocked Saints, as well as Black Dragon and Qu Ni.

Other than them, there were no one else other than Chu Yu and Xu Xiao Xian.

All of the other people who were in the sky went down to the ground immediately.

No one dared to join them.

Chu Yu looked at the seven Saints and said, "Have you guys finally decided to make your move?".

They remained silent.

None of them dared to attack without the assurance that that being was gone.

"Get out of the way then!".

Behind them was the centre of the Tai Qing, the staff and the cage where his sister was locked up in.

He could not bear to see her trapped inside any longer.

None of the Saints moved aside.

They were afraid of that being, but they were not afraid of Chu Yu at all.

Things had come to this, it was impossible for them to let him pass.

Chu Yu frowned, "What's the matter? Don't want to give up?".

He stood in the sky and looked down at the crowd below and asked, "Is there anyone else?".
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