Chapter 429: A Massacre

Chapter 429: A Massacre
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Cold sweat ran down the spines of those affiliated with the Major Sects.

They did not dare to feel that Chu Yu was bluffing.

There were seven Saints who were dead.

They were still puzzled as to what kind of existence could kill those Saints like chickens.

Was he the one in the legends, the one who could shoot down suns?

Many of the Tai Qing disciples kneeled down and bawled.

Chu Yu looked at them coldly, but none of them responded.

One of the Saints said with agony, "Is there no one from my Tai Qing Sect?".

Many of them howled, but none of them stood up.

The Saint spat out a mouthful of blood, disgusted by this sight.

He had forgotten that they just witnessed the demise of seven Saints.

Their courage was crushed.

How could they have not been affected?

It was merciful of the figure to not have killed them as well, none of them could find the words to speak.

None of them were satisfied with this outcome, but what could they do?

That figure had suppressed the entire Sect.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni could see this clearly.

Qu Ni said, "The powers of an Immortal are impressive indeed!".

"Former Immortal," Black Dragon added.

At this moment, she looked at the Saint who had just spoken and said, "Do you still want to carry on with your wrongdoings?".

He howled, "What right do you have to label our actions as wrongdoings?".

"Fourth brother, we've lost, he is the son of the Emperor. We are the ones… in the wrong!" another Saint sighed as tears rolled down his cheeks.

He said this out loud.

Everyone lowered their heads in shame.

They had disgraced their Sects and their ancestors.

But it was better than sacrificing the existence of their Sects!

Even the Saint who was shouting calmed down.

If they continued fighting, the Tai Qing would have been wiped out.

The Seven remaining Saints sealed up the bodies of the seven corpses and left this place.

Chu Yu had no one left in his path.

He looked at the cage as his heart ached.

"From today onwards, my sister Chu Xi has nothing to do with the Tai Qing!" he proclaimed as he walked over.

At that moment, a figure flew out from the building and shouted, "Traitor of the Sect, you went against the Sect rules, you deserve to die!".

As he said this, he brandished a long sword and targeted Chu Xi.

"You're asking for death!".

Chu Yu raised a sword as a ray of sword qi fired outwards.

The figure did not try to dodge or evade, he was willing to give up his life to kill her.

Everyone was shocked at this man's audacity.


Chu Yu's blade severed his arm.

However, his sword had already pierced through Chu Xi's body as blood trickled down.

Luckily, Chu Xi managed to dodge the attack from hitting her vital spots.

Chu Yu let out a howl as he went for this man.

The old man wanted to try to kill Chu Xi again, but Chu Yu's blade was too fast. His skull fell off his body.

Chu Yu came before the cage and looked at the relic seals on it.

These seals were all menacingly vicious, there was a constant suppression of the soul!

This meant that Chu Xi would have died if she was trapped inside for a prolonged period of time.

Chu Yu cut down the seals as a look of rage overcame his eyes.

"The Great Tai Qing lives up to its name!".

The cage was locked up with a golden lock. Chu Yu cut it open and retrieved his sister.

Chu Xi smiled, "Second brother, I am fine…".

Chu Yu took out a pill and gave it to Chu Xi.

Xiao Xian said, "Let me treat her.".

Chu Yu nodded and handed her over as he looked coldly at the towering palace.

It was the oldest building here and had been around 600,000 years ago.

It was also known as the source of Qi for the Tai Qing.

The Tai Qing Sect was no longer the great and glorious Sect it once was.

This palace was one of the few things it had left.

Chu Yu raised his sword with the intention to destroy this place.

"Stop!" someone yelled.

A dozen men appeared and attempted to block Chu Yu.

But they could not stop him.

Chu Yu's sword qi split the palace into two as it crumbled.

Many people kneeled down and cried in pain.

They flew into the sky to avoid the collapse of the palace.

The blood of the seven Saints surrounded the city as it became a blood river.

It contained a terrifying power that could kill someone.

No one had expected things to turn out like this.

No one thought that Chu Yu had a fighting chance, even when Black Dragon and Qu Ni appeared.

The appearance of the 14 Saints was seen as a statement of absolute power.

Even if Qu Ni and Black Dragon gave up their lives, Chu Yu could not escape.

But the appearance of a true power ended all of that.

The figure came and went without any noise. He struck fear into the hearts of everyone there.

And Chu Yu had now destroyed the sacred palace of the Tai Qing Sect.

A dozen of them could not withstand the emotional agony and charged at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu unleashed a wave of killer intent and killed all of them.

All of them were split in half by the sword.

One of them had his chest crushed by Chu Yu's palm and was spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

But Chu Yu had no mercy, he stabbed the man's chest and split it open with his sword!

An elder at the Legendary Emperor Realm attempted to take the chance to ambush him, but was kicked away by Chu Yu.

Chu Yu's moves were quick and clean, he killed off five of them in the blink of an eye.

The remaining six were stunned, none of them could block him.

They were all senior figures in the Tai Qing Sect and were loyal. They were willing to give up their lives to stop Chu Yu.

Chu Yu's eyes were red, the energy on his body was as cold as winter.

He had never thought of killing anyone here, but they were all his enemies!

The Tai Qing Sect's behaviour disappointed him to the core, he hated them!

Chu Yu had the urge to start a massacre.

Soon, there was only one elder left.

He howled and charged at Chu Yu, but his weapon was destroyed.

Chu Yu kept the Yellow Emperor's sword and rushed at this man.

They grabbed each other by the hands as they howled and pitted their energy against one another.

A terrifying power emerged from Chu Yu's perfect body.

He unleashed his strength and pulled the elder's arms from his body.

The man let out a scream as he almost fainted from the pain.

The pain, however, was short lived.

Chu Yu punched through his chest and kicked his head off his body.

The twelve men who had charged at him were all dead.

Chu Yu was drenched in blood as he stood in the sky above the palace like a demonic god.

Everyone around was stunned like headless chickens.

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