Chapter 430: My Respects, My Emperor!

Chapter 430: My Respects, My Emperor!
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Suddenly, the central city of Tai Qing was rumbling and everybody was looking around in confusion.

Following that, a large palace collapsed, stirring up a cloud of dust!

All the buildings followed, falling on each other like dominos.

Many silhouettes could be seen jumping out from those buildings.

Death glares were casted towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu frowned slightly, he did not know what was happening, but he had a wild guess that needed to be confirmed.

In the blink of an eye, the central city was demolished into a pile of rubble.

The air with thick with dust and the disciples of Tai Qing were standing around.

Everybody was in shock.

This… was too cruel, wasn't it?

People were reevaluating Chu Yu's abilities.

This was the first time they got a good show of his powers.

The central city? This was an ancient place that had existed for billions of years! Some even said that the city had been around since the era of the Heavenly Courts.

But the sheer history of the place was enough to back up the defense powers of the city.

Only Heaven knew how many magical formations this city had.

Now, the city was nothing but history.

None of the seven saints who just left had bothered to take a second look at this broken city.

Perhaps they had already given up on this place the moment they left.


The noise was coming from a city a distance away from them. It was demolished as well.

Every city in the Tai Qing Sect was falling, the disciples' faces were steel gray.

This kind of massive destruction was unheard of!

It wasn't the blow to the physical structures that was scary, but the damage to the practitioner's mental strength.

For the people of Tai Qing, the trauma could be lethal!

It was the equivalence of the end of a dynasty.

This was the end of Tai Qing.

"Chu Yu, you petty thief… The Tai Qing shall see you as the enemy till time ends!" An old practitioner leaped towards Chu Yu and pointed his weapon at him.

"Chu Yu, you shameless man, ruining our Tai Qing, only one of us will live today!".

"I must take our revenge!".

"Till one of us dies!".

Many people were charging towards him.

Everyone was indignant about the fall of their kingdom, they were driven to the edge.

And they weren't people that should be trifled with!

Even though the Tai Qing was not at its former glory, the pride the people had was not to be underestimated.

They had the pride of victors, conquerors.

They were gushing like flowing rivers towards Chu Yu.

The demon army marched into the gates of Tai Qing under the command of Zhao Man Tian.

They shielded Chu Yu amidst them.

"The Tai Qing is… gone!".

"The Tai Qing is over.".

"Even if Chu Yu dies here today, this will be the end of Tai Qing.".

"Chu Yu is merciless!".

"Haha, I had thought that he was a naïve boy, who knew he was a strategist capable of extreme measures.".

"Power, intelligence, gut and drive… he is worthy to be the descendent of the Yellow Emperor!".

Those who had visited to watch the ceremony ended up witnessing the destruction of the Tai Qing.

The disciples of Tai Qing were going berserk and charging towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu lifted himself, harnessing the Sword of the Yellow Emperor and the Heavenly Immortal Sword, he charged into the surge of Tai Qing disciples.

He was overpowering them.

Blood was pouring down from the skies.

Chu Yu's murderous look startled many of the disciples. He had single handedly cleared a valley of their peers.

The demon army was also mercilessly rounding them up. They hated the Tai Qing sect.

Even though the army suffered damages, death was nothing to them. They did not have as many emotions and thoughts as humans did. Death was the means to an end for them.

The Tai Qing Sect was suffering huge losses.

The scene was terrifying.

The fight had escalated into a battle, the situation was getting out of hand.


"Kill! Kill! Kill!".

Those watching the battle that ensued were shaking their heads, "The Tai Qing is no longer the powerful sect it used to be. All the major sects on Earth are no longer what they used to be. Their refusal to acknowledge that will be the reason of their demise. Hopefully this shall be a lesson learnt…".

"Chu Yu's statement made sense, we are like mole rats hiding from the light, hiding beneath the ground. 60,000,000 years ago, we didn't dare to join the war; now we reuse to defend the Bastion of Stars, wistfully guarding out own territory, what a joke.".

This battle was to be expected, and it would be recorded in the books of history.

Seemingly triggered by a single man, this battle was the result of many other factors.

The accumulation of suppression of the demon army, the timid nature of the sect, the baseless pride and the cruel practices.

These were all reasons why they had fallen today.

They were too sheltered from the real world, disconnected and unaware of the current times.

Inviting all the other major sects and ancient families to witness their slaughter of the fake descendent.

It seemed like they just wanted to prove who was fake and who was real.

The gates of the Tai Qing were stained with blood.

The battle ended quickly.

The Tai Qing finally recognised the fact that the world didn't belong to them.

The demon army looked triumphant, no one would ever treat them as jokes again.

They fought for their own rights.

They could now stand as equals in the world of humans.

Chu Yu let the remaining disciples of the Tai Qing Sect go.

He floated in midair, gazing coldly at the mess beneath him.

Zhao Man Tian joined him, he was at the level of the Legendary Emperor.

Bathed in blood, he kneeled in front of Chu Yu.

"My respects to you, my Emperor!".

Da Jia Zei and Old Huang sang in unison, "My respects, my Emperor!".

The entire army knelt in unison.

"My respects, my Emperor!".
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