Chapter 431: The Limitless Ambassador

Chapter 431: The Limitless Ambassador
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The voices were echoing everywhere, the chant was mighty.

A million troops were not something impressive, but for a nobody to be recognised as the Son of the Emperor, that was unthinkable.

Also… the demon troops had never bowed to any human before.

To gain their recognition was huge.

Many people were envious.

Chu Yu had the people's hearts!

Many elders were looking at their young juniors, sighing with disappointment.

They wished that they were standing next to Chu Yu and receiving that same glory!

But it wasn't easy to stand in the center of so many people.

Chu Yu was feeling conflicted, "Big brother…".

"Your majesty, I am your subject now," Zhao Man Tian looked up at him. He sent a telepathic thought, "Second brother, since you publicly announced your identity, there is no going back. Don't mind me helping you decide, but I shall crown you with the title, and this shall be the last time I call you my second bother!".

Chu Yu took in a sharp breath.

Zhao Man Tian smiled, "Of course when you decide that you are done being the Son of the Emperor one day, you'll still be my second brother.".

Chu Yu nodded his head, "Ok!".

An elder from the Yu Qing sect arrived.

The great demon stopped him and glared at him like an intruder.

The elder smile gently and looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu excused everyone and nodded at Zhao Man Tian.

He waved his hand and the army cleared a path for the elder.

The elder swiftly walked towards Chu Yu, "Yu Ping pays his respects to the Son of the Emperor.".

He spoke out loud.

The army was buzzing.

The Yu Qing sect was one of the three great Qing sects.

With the fall of Tai Qing, the other sects remained quiet together.

The Yu Qing, Tai Qing and Shang Qing were sister sects, on the surface, it seemed that none of the saints had been present for the ceremony.

But Chu Yu was guessing that there must have been elders present.

He even suspected that not all of the 14 saints were from the Tai Qing!

Yu Ping was at the level of Legendary Emperor, his visit was probably not down to his personal wishes.

Even if he was the vice leader of the sect, he did not have the right to call the shots for the entire sect.

"Is anything the matter?" Chu Yu smiled.

"The Yu Qing sect swears their loyalty to you, your majesty," Yu Ping peacefully pledged.

Zhao Man Tian was pleased, he raised his brows before lowering his head.

Da Jia Zei was gleeful, he was extremely excited.

Old Huang looked at them both and sent a message to Da Jia Zei, "Go read more books when you're free.".

The other sects were buzzing after hearing what Yu Ping said.

The Yu Qing sect… pledged their loyalty?

They were acknowledging Chu Yu as the Son of the Emperor? They viewed him as their leader?

The hell?

What was happening to their pride?

Their mighty arrogance?

Was it fed to the dogs?

The Tai Qing sect had barely fallen a second ago, how could they bend the knee so soon?

What about the rest?

The Shang Qing sect hastily sent a representative with a humble face and expressed their intentions to follow the Yu Qing sect to bend their knee. They expressed their desire to uphold peace and justice with Chu Yu.

Well said!

Many ancient sect and families were dumbfounded.

If they still hadn't realized that these sects were pledging their loyalty willingly, they would be extremely foolish.

But they weren't the people in charge of their tribes or clans.

Everyone could tell that submitting to the Son of the Emperor was the wise thing to do now.

But without the permission from the leaders, who could bear the responsibility?

What if they were only pretending to submit?

What if they were going to assassinate the Son of the Emperor, wouldn't they be caught off guard?

But what if they were sincere?

Wouldn't they look even more foolish?

If one didn't pledge his loyalty and choose his team at this critical moment, he would be deemed indecisive and insincere.

The elders at the ceremony were extremely conflicted, they couldn't decide.

A voice echoed from far away.

"The Limitless Sect sect requires Chu Yu to accept the order.".

This came suddenly, and the statement meant something more.

Chu Yu's identity was affirmed by Black dragon and Qu Ni, followed by the unnamed man who took down the seven saints.

After taking down the Tai Qing, the Yu Qing and Shang Qing expressed their loyalty…

He might not have been the Son of the Emperor, but at that moment… he was!

How could the Limitless sect demand him to receive the order?

The Taiji, Limitless and Twin Disciples Sects were the three most powerful and mysterious sects in the world.

They were well known amongst the practitioners.

They had maintained they enigma and refused to descend to the mortal world. Nobody even knew the location of their sacred grounds.

Many people suspected that they had shifted their main powers away from earth.

Who knew that Limitless sect would have heard about what had happened here.

Chu Yu looked at where the voice came from, where a hazy figure clouded by mist stood. Judging by the voice, it must have been a young man.

This order could not be received of course.

The moment he received it, it would signal that his status was below that of the three mysterious sects…

He had been to the Taiji sect before.

Were the Limitless and Twin Disciple sects even more powerful than the Taiji?

Chu Yu was conflicted.

He had hoped that the solar system could maintain its complete potential so that they could face foreign threats with confidence, but he recognised that most of the powerful forces present today were the results of the cowardly actions of the past!

60,000,000 years ago, they didn't have the courage to fight, how could he rely upon them to fight to their deaths now?

Xu Xiao Xian quietly crept up to Chu Yu, "Don't do it.".

Zhao Man Tian bellowed, "Outrageous! Kneel before the Emperor!".

The ambassador from the Limitless sect was enraged.

Extremely so.

"Foolish! You really think you are the descendent of the Yellow Emperor? Are you tired of living? I can grant your wishes!".

Zhao Man Tian gave him a tight slap.

Even Chu Yu wasn't sure of Zhao Man Tian's cultivation.

He had never revealed the maximum capacity of his powers or his trump card.

His slap was powerful and sent the man miles away.

With that he presented a golden magical totem to Chu Yu.

The totem was gleaming glaringly, it was like the sun and people were shielding their eyes.

Chu Yu had realized what it was and was a little surprised.

It was a large pair of golden scissors!

Was this the legendary totem that could slay a dragon?

That large pair of scissors headed directly for Zhao's waist.

Zhao grunted before reaching for his black iron whip and hit the scissors with it.

Was this the… God whip?

A deafening ring sounded around them.

The quakes had shaken everyone around them.

Many of the soldiers closer to them were vomiting blood from the trauma.

The clouded man was stumbling as well.

He was steeling himself against the impact.

This man might not have been as powerful as Zhao Man Tian, but his totem… was a top notch magical equipment!

Zhao Man Tian's whip was broken.

The man looked coldly at Chu Yu, "Chu Yu, how dare you disrespect a Limitless ambassador, are you trying to rebel?".
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