Chapter 432: The Red Dragon

Chapter 432: The Red Dragon
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The Yu Qing and Shang Qing's elders exchanged glances before retreating to safety.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni approached the clouded figure.

The ambassador flashed a token before reprimanding, "Back away servants!".

Qu Ni was enraged, but after taking a closer look at the token, she let out a snide snicker before backing away.

Black Dragon followed behind her. He sent Chu Yu a mental message, "Be careful my majesty, it's a token of the Heavenly Court…".

What was that?

The man had kept the token before Chu Yu could take a closer look.

Xu Xiao Xian looked coldly at the man before pulling out her Heavenly Demonic Harp.

"Don't do it," Chu Yu looked at her.

"I can already use it.".

"No, don't.".

"You are too strong headed.".

"Watch your head!" Xu Xiao Xian spat at the clouded man.

Xu Xiao Xian walked away indifferently.

"There's a limit to my patience Chu Yu!".

Chu Yu could sense his piercing glare.

The golden scissors were floating in front of him dangerously.

Chu Yu sighed, "Can we reason?".

"Haha, why? Are you regretting your choice? I can give you a chance!".

"Kneel and receive the order and I can take that none of these happened.".

"I wonder what the old ancestors saw in you to give you an order, you lucky bastard!".

"Reasonably, you shouldn't have attacked my brother.".

"Huh?" the man's voice was threatening and the golden scissors was gleaming stronger than ever.

It was insidiously pointing towards Chu Yu.

"What do you mean? Are you reprimanding me?".

"Who are you to talk to me like this?".

Using the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork, Chu Yu moved, he was lightning fast!

He used his mighty cultivation powers in an instant and rained down on the ambassador.

It was best to crush this kind of person in one blow.

"How dare you!".

The man released all his energy, he was almost at the level of Sainthood!

The golden scissors were shooting towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu met the blow with his sword.


The explosive sound resounded around the valley.

Chu Yu felt his arm go numb, his blood gushed.

At the same time, his scalp was going numb, a piercing pain was rising along his spine.

The large scissors bounced off the impact but reoriented itself in a second.

Two sharp edges were glistening under the golden light.

With unmeasurable menace!

What a top-notch equipment.

It was beyond an ordinary Saint object, and it threatened Chu Yu greatly.

The Immortal Crane Furnace appeared on top of Chu Yu.


Another deafening noise.

The furnace was also exploding with golden rays of light


The ambassador was furious, he was going berserk, charging towards Chu Yu with the golden scissors.

He was obviously there to kill Chu Yu.

Chu Yu charged towards him as well.

The spectators were watching them intently.

They wanted Chu Yu to stab this darned man to death.

Many people were killed as collateral damage.

If Chu Yu could kill this man, he would help them take revenge but also acquire himself a formidable enemy.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni were warning Chu Yu to be careful.

Xu Xiao Xian was intensely focused, waiting for an opportunity to charge in.

With the Heavenly Immortal Sword in his other hand, clank!

He stabbed the man with it while holding off the golden scissors with his other hand.

The man let out a yelp before withdrawing another sacred object.

The magical totem was sparkling with the most spectacular shades of red, like a giant scale.

The Heavenly Immortal Sword couldn't pierce through the red holographic scale.

"A mere piece of trash, how dare you fight me?"

Chu Yu occupied the scissors with his two swords before grabbing the furnace and slamming it against the red scale.


The scale shattered into powder.


The man bellowed out in pain before spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood. He was staggering.

Suddenly, he morphed into a large dragon!

Demon powers!

The spectators were gasping in surprise.

A large red dragon filled the entire sky!

The red scale Chu Yu had shattered was part of his body, he was critically injured and he was writhing in agony.

This man's level of cultivation was much higher than Chu Yu.

But the furnace was formidable, it had crushed the scale like a brick.

The dragon was going berserk, but Chu Yu kept going at him with the furnace.

Chu Yu wasn't completely at ease too.

If he wasn't near Sainthood, and if he didn't have a perfect physical being, even with the furnace, he wouldn't have been a match for the dragon.

Even though Chu Yu was belching blood as well, he was resilient and determined.

Chu Yu's garments were stained red with blood at this point.

The blood belonged to himself and the dragon.

The golden scissors were still occupied by the two swords, hindered.

The red dragon's outer covering was tattered and battered, blood was dripping everywhere.

He yelled, "Spirit of the ancestors, are you going to show yourselves?".


The large scissors were suddenly charged with energy!

There was a dangerous aura emitting from within it.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni gasped in terror before leaping as they fought against the large pair of scissors.

It was a critical moment, there was no time to consider the token of the Heavenly Courts.

Chu Yu was their king, the most outstanding youth they had seen in a long while, they had to guarantee his safety.

They were struggling to keep up with the speed of the golden scissors.

The scissors seemed to be in the control of an ancient elder saint, reaching its full capabilities.


Chu Yu's sword of the Yellow Emperor was also charged with energy at this moment.

The energy formed an invisible chain locking and trapping the golden scissors.

The opening was choked shut and the scissors were writhing about, struggling to break free.

The Heavenly Immortal Sword seemed to erupt at the same time!

It returned to Chu Yu's side.

The red dragon was completely bewildered, the connection with the old ancestors was sealed!

"This god damned hillbilly… how many treasures did he possess?".

"These items should belong to me!" he thought to himself.

The red dragon was hopping man, he was driven crazy.

Chu Yu's body enlarged constantly like a heavenly god, he lifted the furnace and aimed for the head of the dragon, slamming in hard.
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