Chapter 433: A Vicious Blow

Chapter 433: A Vicious Blow
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After an ear shattering bang –

Fresh blood flowed from the head of the enormous red dragon!

Over at the other side, the golden scissors that was being restricted started to struggle violently. The scissors felt like it's owner's life was in danger; it had a particular spiritual connection with him.

It was not contented with what was happening!

It continued to buzz in contention.

Streaks of frightening Qi emanated from it.

But it was all in vain.

The Qi from the Heavenly Immortal Sword tightly wound up the giant golden shears, it could not budge.

Blood spewed continuously from the wound; it did not take long before its head was covered in blood.

Huge drops of blood started to drip onto the earth.

From a distance, blood rain seemed to be pouring atop of the enormous red dragon that was enshrouded in thick clouds. It was horrifying.

Chu Yu's blow had almost cracked its skull as it screamed in pain.

However, it still screamed stubbornly, "Kill me if you can! Garbage! Do you dare to kill me?".

Who would dare to provoke him any further?

Chu Yu carried his Immortal Crane Furnace as he continued to beat it up.

He made a mish mash out of the Dragon's head.

Initially, the Red Dragon could still stubbornly provoke Chu Yu. But now, it could not even form a complete sentence.

No one spoke a word as they watched on from afar.

The two Elders from the Shang Qing and Yu Qing had a disgusted expression as they gazed at each other.

They simply fell on their knees.

They fell onto their knees wholeheartedly in front of everyone, as their senior had secretly instructed.

Who knew that the Limitless Sect would interrupt at this moment?

Just because they had a heavenly token, these bunch of old men were trying to take advantage of this situation.


Great, now both sects were ostracizing him.

At this key moment, Chu Yu was not an ally of the Tai Qing and the vast majority. That did not sit well with Chu Yu.

If Chu Yu died, this matter would be resolved easily.

But if Chu Yu survived…

That would be embarrassing!

Both Elders looked at each other, trying to comfort the other.

The Elder Yu Ping from the Yu Qing Sect said lightly, "Even though we have acknowledged that he is the Prince, he has to face these things on his own.".

The Elder from Shang Qing Sect nodded and said, "What you said is correct.".

Both Elders did not have the moral integrity and were trying their best to comfort themselves. Everyone around them were delighted, they merely did not have the firecrackers to celebrate.

The Elders from these two Sects were shameless in their doings, hiding in the shadows, throwing away their moral integrity.

As they saw Chu Yu gain his powers, they could do nothing but bow down with respect.

But when Chu Yu was in trouble, they were the first to run away.

Within a short period of time, they were able to fully interpret the exact definition of being a lead grass and a two faced bastard.

However, looking at the Elders mumbling in the corner, they seemed to have had a solution formulated.

Damn, they were shameless!

Countless people thought that way.

As for the disciples from the Shang Qing and Yu Qing Sects, they were too ashamed to face others.

Even though they knew that the decision to surrender to the Prince was the Elder's decision, no one was happy about it.

Even if Chu Yu was really the Prince, did both Sects have to suck up to him?

Why didn't they walk their own paths? Wasn't that better?


On the other side, Chu Yu was relentless as he held his Immortal Crane Furnace, destroying the messengers from the Limitless Sect who had turned into shields for the Red Dragon.

Its original scales that were cast from red metal were also shredded and destroyed.

Its head was so bruised and battered that it looked more like a bloodied gourd.

The enormous scissors could do nothing but struggle within its bounds, whining in agony.

It was still unable to break free of the Qi from the Heavenly Immortal Sword.

The Red Dragon could only manage a light whimper, its energy was dwindling. It now looked like a pathetic giant worm.

Its stubbornness was long gone, it knew that this man had the ability to kill it!

The man would not require much effort to finish him off too.

It had tried to surrender to Chu Yu in secret, but Chu Yu did not care.

He continued to bash it up.

Everyone was dumbstruck at this sight.

The Giant Red Dragon had come from the Limitless Sect!

It was one of the three legendary Sects!

Within the crowd, only the oldest cultivators knew that there were only 3 heavenly tokens that existed.

They were in the hands of the Taiji Sect, Yu Ji Sect and the Twin Disciples Sect.

These Sects that held the heavenly tokens had the power to control all beings.

If the Tai Qing, Yu Qing and Shang Qing were considered the Elders of the ancient sects, it would mean that the Leader of the Sects were much more powerful beings!

60 million years ago, when the Age of Practice was at its peak, no one dared to challenge their authority.

Moreover, there was another rumor that even fewer people knew.

It was that the heavenly token had actually been passed on from another era. It had originated from the true heavens.

That was why the Sects that held these heavenly tokens were in absolute control during the era of the Nine Cauldrons.

Of course, no one could really confirm or authenticate these rumors.

After all, 60 million years had passed. If one were to pursue these matters, it would be an endless chase for answers.

It happened too long ago; no one had even seen a saint from that generation. No one would know the truth behind it.

No matter what happened, the heavenly token that once symbolized a supreme order would still have its absolute power.

No one would dare to offend those who were supported by the heavenly token, not even Saints like Qu Ni or Black Dragon.

However, Chu Yu was not afraid. Even if Qu Ni and Black Dragon did not allow him to kill this Red Dragon, he would definitely end its life if it continued to be stubborn!

Regardless of the reason of its arrival, the Limitless Sect was undoubtedly uneasy about this situation.

When facing a hostile opponent, what would one do other than to beat it up?

Xu Xiao Xian smiled as she watched Chu Yu batter the red Dragon while she took occasional glances at the giant Golden Scissors, which was gleaming and shining in the air.

The Red Dragon could no longer withstand the barrage of attacks, its figured shrinked till it became… A dwarf.

The chaotic energy surrounding it had vanished completely. It had finally shown its true self. No one could have imagined a dwarf that was merely 3 feet tall could morph into such a gigantic Red Dragon.

It looked strange and ugly. Its face was filled with weird lines and tattoos.

Its eyes were of different sizes. One could tell even when it was tightly shut.

It had a nose shaped like garlic and its mouth was shaped like a pig. Its ears were particularly small.

Now that it was bruised and battered, it looked hideous.

No one could stand the sight of it.

If a timid person saw it at night, he might even think that he had seen a ghost.

"No wonder you don't dare to reveal your true identity, you're psychologically perverted," Chu Yu mumbled as he picked the dwarf up by its ankles, shaking it vigorously.

Everyone was stunned.

They thought, "Even if you do not like it, just kill it with a single blow. Why do you have to wave it around like that?".

Even if you wanted something on it, couldn't he just simply take it away?

Some of them could not bear to look at Chu Yu's actions and closed their eyes, sighing under their breath.

They thought, "Even if this guy was not a Prince, he would definitely not be an ordinary guy. He was too cunning!".

Chu Yu had just shaken the messenger from the Limitless Sect in his hands like how he would shake a bunny. It was not his hobby to do so.

There were just too many magical weapons hidden on the dwarf.

Even if it looked like it had not been activated, it would attack at once when there was physical contact.

Now that Chu Yu had transformed back into his human form and he could have physical contact with others, he was definitely in danger.

Those who were unaware about this would definitely suffer dire consequences.

As Chu Yu was shaking the messenger from Limitless Sect, he had used different techniques to strip away all the magical weapons from its body, even those that were miniscule.

After which, he used his vertical eye to examine its body once again, locating weapons that were insidious but not deadly.

Only then, he found a mystical storage on the messenger. It was a jade pendant.

Chu Yu was in no hurry to open it. Silently, he kept it close to his chest.

At that time, Zhao Man Tian flew into view from afar. On the other side, the Elders Yu Qing and Tai Qing came forward once again.

Xu Xiao Xian could not help but rage, "Shameless!".

Both Elders had a peculiar ability to ignore her mockery as they came forth with unchanging expressions. Filled with sincerity, they said, "The Prince is mighty!".

Chu Yu glanced at them and said, "If you here to bootlick, you can leave.".

The Elders' expression turned bitter. They had never been scolded in a long while.

For the sake of their Sect, they could only go against their principles and press on with determination. It was incredibly shameful for them to bow down to Chu Yu.

Elder Yu Ping said, "No one knows the reason behind the Limitless Sect's sealing of the mountain gate. They have never entered the world. But today, they have come with the heavenly token. No one knows whether they are here to take advantage of the situation, or to humiliate the Prince.".

The other Elder looked at Chu Yu, "Your Highness, why don't you take a look at the heavenly decree?".

Chu Yu knew that the decree was within the jade pendant, which he had obtained from the dwarf.

But he did not want to see it.

"Only God knows where the decree is," said Chu Yu easily, blatantly lying through his teeth.

The Elders laughed bitterly as they raged at Chu Yu in their hearts.

Chu Yu looked at the crowd on the horizon as he said, "Are you willing to follow my lead, to fight against our enemies?".


The next few days were filled with meetings from dawn till dusk, everyone was incredibly exhausted. They even struggled to open their eyes.
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