Chapter 434: Yi

Chapter 434: Yi
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Zhao Man Tian, Da Jia Zei, and Old Huang beckoned, "We'll fight to the death to protect our home!".

The human warriors were all red faced, there were some who had their fists clenched.

Who did not have any impulse?

Against enemies who were not visible but were real, they all wanted to chase them away.

But those Elders did not waste their breaths, even if they felt the same impulse, they did not dare to speak.

This feeling was dreary.

Chu Yu looked at the group of people beside him and shook his head, "Is there anyone who will be willing to die with me?".

Was this man crazy? The Elders all wanted to laugh.

No one had the time to fool around.

Suddenly, a voice shouted, "Bai Sha Ren of the South Sky Sect would gladly die with you your majesty!".

"Ye Yun Luo of the Shang Qing Sect would do the same!".

The actions of their elders had put them in an awkward spot.

Ye Yun Luo, who did not like Chu Yu at first, respected him now after seeing all that he had gone through.

Li Xiao Xiao smiled and said, "Li Xiao Xiao of the Shang Qing Sect would gladly die with you!".

"Cao Jian Jia of the Ancient Rainfall Sect will do the same. I won't backdown!".

Upon seeing that these noticeable people had stood up, many other youngsters joined in.

"We're willing to die with the Son of the Emperor!".

Two voices echoed at the end.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni looked at each other as a look of shock was in both of their eyes.


Many people were wondering why.

The Elder Yu Ping and the Shang Qing Sect's Elder looked at each other with stunned expressions.

They were giving in not because they wanted to, but because they had a plan in mind.

So what if Chu Yu could become a Saint?

So what if Black Dragon and Qu Ni backed him up?

They would recognise him for now, but one day, once an accident happened, everything would be much simpler!

At that moment, there would have to be a Son of the Emperor, and the new Son would come from amongst them.

The Tai Qing Sect's way of choosing was too intense!

Even the godly being decided to come down from above and kill seven of the Saints.

That was why the Yu Qing and the Shang Qing chose a different path.

It was not hard for them to create an accident, there were many ways to go about it.

As long as they had contact with him, it was easy.

This plan was must more sinister than the Tai Qing's.

There was no way to go about it unless Chu Yu backed down from the position, but if he did that, he would have been killed immediately.

It was naïve for a child to think that he could lead the world, no one thought that his words would have stirred a reaction!

They looked on at the voices of allegiance as they hid among the young people who pledged their lives to fight with Chu Yu.

Were these people crazy?

They could not understand what was going on.

In the end, the Shang Qing elder sighed, "We have tried too many traps, the youngsters are angry.".

"What do you mean by this? We're doing this for them! These fools!" Elder Yu Ping gruntled.

The other elder said, "Yun Luo, that child, I know him well. He's prideful and won't bow down easily, but he respects those with abilities. We've lost this round.".

Yu Ping pouted and gave a wry smiled, "We've dug this hole for ourselves.".

The other Elder said, "These youngsters do not know the terrors of war and the sanctity of life. This is why they're doing this. Once they see the cruel reality, they will regret their choices. It's a pity that it'll be too late by then."

Yu Ping nodded, "What shall we about the Limitless Sect then?".

The other Elder sighed again, "What's the point of caring so much? Since everyone has recognised him, he needs to bear the burden of the title.".

Yu Ping thought about it and nodded in agreement, "You're right!".

Chu Yu responded to everyone with respect as he said earnestly, "I do not seek to claim to be a King, nor do I have any interest in power. I just want to defend our land, and if I have to take on this role to do that, I will receive it!".

The surroundings quietened down.

Chu Yu continued, "I know that many of you don't deem me fit to be this Son of the Emperor. You don't have to worry, I don't have any intentions of tainting your Sects.".

"I only wish for our beautiful planet to be free of harm. I only wish for our home to not get stepped on. I won't sit here and wait for death! I won't run away like a hound. War has never been free of death, we are not gods, we are not immortal. We will all die! But we have to die with purpose! At the very least, I won't let them come to our door and let them take over us! I think those that hide within their pocket dimensions are all trash!".

After Chu Yu said this, many of them shouted to signal their approval.

The voices of agreement filled the sky.

Even those who had just gone against Chu Yu could not help but agree.

They all thought that the Tai Qing Sect had messed up big time.

Many of the Elders could only bask in embarrassment.

Chu Yu words were directed right at them.

And they could not counter his accusations!

There was no excuse, many of them were the children of Saints of their Sects back then.

Time had withered many things, including their courage.

When someone like Chu Yu stood up, their first reaction was to eliminate him. He made them feel insecure and unstable.

But now, they realised that there were many other 'Chu Yus' in this world that were all around them.

This incident with the Tai Qing would leave a belch in history.

It would be called the Day of Awakening.

Half a month later, Chu Yu returned home to enter seclusion.

Zhao Man Tian had brought the demonic troops back to Qing Qiu.

The White Prince, who was hiding there, kneeled down to beg forgiveness at the first sight of him.

Da Jia Zei and Old Huang brought their armies back to the mountainous regions.

Everyone returned to their Sects and homes.

But they all established a network of contact, so that they could unite once a war broke out.

Xu Xiao Xian decided to go back to outer space instead of staying with Chu Yu.

She wanted to see for herself how improved the troops of the Mirror Dimension were.

Over at the Limitless Sect, the red dragon went back to recover.

His golden scissors were gone, the Heavenly Court order and the storage ring were gone as well.

An elderly Saint of the Limitless Sect appeared in the north of china, where the Chu family resided. He wanted to vanquish them.

But an arrow pierced through him and exploded his soul.

Before he died, the old man murmured to himself, "This isn't a physical arrow, it's actually a telekinetic attack…".

This was heard by the entire world, and it piqued the interests of other worldly beings.

Who could kill a Saint with a telekinetic attack?

Once the Saint was killed, the Limitless Sect went silent.

Surprisingly, it was the Twin Disciples Sect that made an announcement first.

"Yi, you've been to the Immortal Realm, but now you're just a sliver of consciousness. Aren't you afraid that by meddling in mortal affairs, you will lose this last sliver of existence?".

It was Yi, the man who shot down the suns!

This truth shook the entire world.

Their world actually hid such terrifying existences.

Their world still had hope.
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