Chapter 435: Warfare

Chapter 435: Warfare
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This was what shocked the people of the Twin Disciples Sect.

They had wanted to use the chance to tell the world that Yi was nothing but a sliver of memory, but it had the opposite effect.

It was normal for an Immortal memory to be able to kill a Saint, but if he did it excessively, it would incur divine wrath.

They did not expect everyone to get hyped by the news of Yi's existence.

Countless people were shocked.

"There are actually Immortals in this world?".

"Is he the man that shot down the suns in the legends? Incredible!".

No one could see the expression on the face of the man from the Twin Disciples Sect, but it had to be ugly.

Chu Yu had not inspected the storage ring from the red dragon.

He did not even touch it!

He had to live up to his name.

The Limitless Sect was setting up a trap for him.

The golden scissors were the legendary golden cutter.

It was no normal object.

Like the Heavenly Immortal Sword, it was a magical equipment that was entrenched in legend.

This pair of golden cutters was extremely scary, the spiritual nature of it was immense.

As Chu Yu was in the process of cleaning things up, he used a whole lot of energy.

Luckily, the pair of golden cutters succumbed in the end.

The mental imprint on it was gotten rid of.

Now, it had become Chu Yu's magical equipment.

Chu Yu used it to steer through the air.

It was very satisfying to control a powerful object like this, its actions were linked with Chu Yu's thoughts.

Chu Yu did not study the Heavenly Court Order much, it did not mean much to him, and Chu Yu could not get much information out of it either.

The red dragon had plenty of good things on him, in particular, he had a few ancient herbs on him that Chu Yu was happy to see.

He suddenly came to the realisation that these ancient Sects must have had a garden of these herbs in their grounds.

These herbs did not need to be refined into pills, they could have tremendous effects from direct consumption.

Chu Yu refined a handful of pills from these herbs.

He gave some of them to Chu Xi, who was almost crippled by the despicable Tai Qing.

Chu Yu was a already a pill sage, but he still spent a large amount of energy to refine these pills.

His last shred of pity for the Tai Qing Sect vanished with the smoke.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni had told Chu Yu about the history of these three Sects, the Yu Qing, the Tai Qing and the Shang Qing.

They were actually actively involved in the ancient war, and suffered heavy losses when they sent their members to the Bastion of Stars.

"Most of their talents have gone to the Bastion of Stars, only those cowards remained. The Tai Ji Sect and their sort are a rarity.".

"If not for the unsealing of the earth, they would never have come out," Black Dragon said.

"The Tai Qing has suffered a crippling loss this time, 4 of the 7 Saints belonged to their Sect. The rest were from elsewhere.".

Chu Yu asked about the origins of the other 3 Saints, but Black Dragon refused to tell him.

"Even some of those from the Tai Qing will not blame you for this, but you have to be careful of the three powerful Sects, especially the Limitless and the Twin Disciples Sect.".

"They are right in saying that Yi is nothing more than a sliver of memory," Elder Black Dragon warned.

Lin Shi had recently been researching on some tactical warfare from both the mortal realm and the world of cultivation.

She was training her cultivation as well.

Even though her road in cultivation had been virtually destroyed, she refused to give up.

3 months after the Tai Qing incident, Chu Yu distributed the pills he had refined and went over the Canada, where Yi resided.

When Chu Yu saw him, he was taken aback. The man on the throne had a lock of white hair and looked ancient.

"Elder, what happened?" Chu Yu asked as he looked at Yi.

Yi shook his head and smiled, but did not speak.

"Elder, was what they said true? That you would encounter divine retribution?" Chu Yu asked again.

Yi shook his head again and waved him off.

"Why don't you speak?" Chu Yu asked persistently.

Yi shook his head again.

In the end, Chu Yu did not speak another word.

He understood that things were much more complicated than he could understand.

Yi had taken upon a huge amount of pressure by killing those Saints.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Chu Yu asked before leaving.

Yi smiled and pointed to the heavens and pointed to Chu Yu after that.

Chu Yu sighed, "You want me to restore the 3 realms and restore the 6 paths of reincarnation?".

Yi nodded and shut his eyes.

Chu Yu stood up and bowed down to him with respect before turning to leave.



In the vast solar system, where there were countless battleships.

Within one of the smaller battleships, Yu Wen looked at the rest and said, "Things are getting unpleasant, the magical formation masters are growing in number. Soon, they will break through this barrier.".

Bi Yue Yue nodded, "We have to inform teacher about this.".

Yan Xiao Yu said, "He should have considerable power on earth am I right?".

"I've heard that there are many ancient Sects on earth, and that there might be Saints there. If they break through the barrier, they're just going to die in the hands of those Saints!" said Leng Ru Yu.

"I'm just concerned that if news of teacher's identity of the Son of the Emperor gets leaked out, things will get ugly," Nian Qin said.

All of them nodded their heads.

This rumour had begun from the Mirror Dimension.

Naturally, this lot had heard about it.

They were overjoyed at first, but soon after, they realised that it could bring trouble to their teacher.

Did the powerful beings on earth need someone like him?

Obviously not.

This was not a matter than they could resolve. They could only position themselves among the fleet and relay information to Chu Yu.

They had to prevent this group of people from breaking through the magical formations of the solar system!

It was a pity that there had been no retaliation at all, this disappointed them.

The circumstances today were a little different.

Among the clustered battleships, a large warship appeared.

It charged towards the fleet and within seconds, it landed on the hundreds of battleships!

A thousand men died at once as many fled in desperation.

Yu Wen smiled and thought to herself, "Has teacher arrived?".

Soon, she realised that something was not right. This was not their teacher.

No matter how they called out to the large ship, there was no response.

Cold blooded attacks rained down on the other battleships.

The cultivators of the Mirror Dimension got a grip of themselves and begun their counter attack.

But the large ship was not interested in any of that, it fled immediately!

Within it, Xu Xiao Xian smiled and said, "We'll wait for them to disperse. Then, we'll come again."

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