Chapter 45: Let’s Be Together

Chapter 45: Let’s Be Together

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"Really, Chu Yu, you had no idea how grand that scene was, hahaha, I can’t stop laughing!"

"I nearly got cramps from laughing!

"I’m on the verge of tears!"

"Qi Heng wanted to fight senior Xiao when he saw him, no one could restrain him, I think he’s crazy!"

"He was saying that senior Xiao wanted to trap and harm him, and wanted senior Xiao’s life as compensation."

Chu Yu was lying in the Chu Clan private hospital’s premier suite, his smile was faint as he heard Lin Shimeng rattle on and on.

Lin Shimeng was completely ecstatic!

She was slightly incoherent, a far cry from the composed self she often portrayed.

She had inherited the teachings that she had always wanted, the metal ancient classic was named the Divine Lady Scripture.

Mm, it was the Divine Lady Scripture, not the crazy woman.

Even though Lin Shimeng did look like a crazy woman at this point.

After she had taken the ship back and docked, she was greeted by an extremely chaotic scene.

Qi Heng, who was missing an arm, did not look human anymore, pitiful beyond imagination, yet he kept chasing Xiao Zhangqing around saying that he wanted to fight it out with him.

Even his senior Liu Qing could not hold him back, whoever tried to restrain him was an enemy of his.

Wang Nan and Sun Wei could only watch from the side, not knowing what had happened.

Xiao Zhangqing also had injuries all over his body, and he was dodging furiously whilst scolding Qi Heng for being crazy, for not knowing better. If Xiao Zhangqing had known, he would not have saved him!

"They all did not get anythinh, Jiu Xiao’s brother Liu, as well as my three brothers all suffered serious injuries, and they barely escaped by the skin of their teeth."

Lin Shimeng’s voice contained traces of fear, "A completely preserved ancient ruin was actually filled with a murderous aura, can you imagine that Chu Yu? Inside those ancient ruins was a living thing! I heard from senior Xiao that the beast resembled the Zheng described in the Classics of the Mountain and Sea, and he suspected that was a Zheng!"

Chu Yu’s face revealed traces of laughter and thought to himself, of course I know, in fact, I have a clearer idea of what it is than you!

Yet, he asked, "What about you Shishi? Did you get anything?"

Lin Shimeng said happily, "Of course, don’t you know who your sister is? Let me tell you, sister here is the biggest winner this time!"

Afterwhich, Lin Shimeng told Chu Yu that she met a very good man, named Song Hong...

"Let me tell you Chu Yu, if you ever have the fate of meeting Song Hong, you must tell me, I haven’t been able to thank him, he is my savior!"

Lin Shimeng was rarely so excited, and she talked to Chu Yu on the phone for over two hours.

Over the phone, Lin Shimeng told Chu Yu about the conflict between Qi Heng and Xiao Zhangqing in great detail.

She told Chu Yu about how great her luck was, and only now did she know that breaking through all 20 true meridians and 365 true acupoints was not the complete picture.

"A pity that this book is known as the Divine Lady Scripture, and only ladies can utilize its teachings, else, I would really want you to train with me. Aish, Chu Yu, why don’t you change your gender? We can be good sisters?"


Lin Shimeng could not help but guffaw.

Chu Yu thought to himself, it would seem that Lin Shimeng’s gains from this trip also belonged to the best teachings of that era.

According to the records in the superclass, even in the ancient golden era of cultivation, not everyone had the opportunity to train with the techniques that could break open all the acupoints and meridians.

The fact that Lin Shimeng had acquired such a technique was extremely lucky.

After Lin Shimeng finished talking about herself, she couldn’t help but talk about Qi Heng.

She had no choice. She did not have a good feeling about Qi Heng from the beginning, but the incident at the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars caused her to hate Qi Heng to the core.

If it wasn’t for the mysterious brother Song, she did not even dare to imagine what kind of fate would have befallen her.

"I only found out after why Qi Heng would go crazy. He had found a spiritual pond with Nine Transformation Golden Lotuses! However, it was guarded by a beast. Afterwhich, he saw brother Xiao and decided to ally with him..."

"In the end, he was nearly killed by the beast, and brother Xiao said he ran without getting anything. Qi Heng is quite pitiful, he is now sterile, a eunuch, haha, serves him right!"

Lin Shimeng was still extremely excited when she mentioned this incident.

Chu Yu asked, "Does that mean that you’re released from your obligations?"

Lin Shimeng fell silent for a moment before saying, "It may be a little difficult."

"Why is it a little difficult?" Chu Yu frowned and sat up in his bed.

"If he wasn’t sterile, just based on what I managed to gain through this expedition, I should be able to reject this marriage. However, in order not to embarrass themselves, Jiu Xiao is likely to push the marriage through. This includes Qi Heng, he will not let me off."

Lin Shimeng spoke normally, without a trace of disappointment.

"However, you can rest assured, I can handle all of these. A marriage agreement doesn’t necessitate that I must marry him."

Chu Yu laughed bitterly, wondering if he had messed things up despite his good intentions.

Lin Shimeng sensed Chu Yu’s silence and thought that he was worried for her. She laughed, "Relax, this is no big deal, you don’t have to worry about me. Right, you’ve been listening to me all this while, talk about yourself, how are things at the Dragon City?"

Chu Yu laughed, "Same old same old, working and waiting for death."

On the other end, Lin Shimeng took a deep breath and said gently, "Chu Yu..."

Chu Yu could tell that she was unhappy and started laughing, "I was just kidding, I am actually working hard and moving up the ranks..."

"Moving up my *ss!" Lin Shimeng was angry, " I hear that you coop yourself up in the hospital and play games everyday? You... how can you do this? Do you know this is you not wanting to improve? If you continue like this, we..."

"What about us?" Chu Yu asked cautiously.

"We will grow distant." Lin Shimeng’s sadness was clear in her tone, "Chu Yu, I don’t want you to continue wasting your life."

Chu Yu’s heart warmed.

Lin Shimeng said, "I really don’t want to see the day where I am still young, yet your hair is white..."

"Shishi, that wouldn’t happen." Chu Yu laughed lightly.

In that moment, he had an impulse to tell Lin Shimeng everything. Yet, he suppressed it in the end.

"I had initially rejected the offer of the teachings, because they had asked me to cut off all my emotional ties..."

Lin Shimeng’s clear voice came over the phone.

Chu Yu laughed, "Shishi, are you finally admitting that you like me?"

"I’ve always liked you, but..." Lin Shimeng said faintly.

"Then... let’s be together!" Chu Yu interrupted Lin Shimeng and announced.

All of a sudden, he felt like his chest was filled with courage and confidence.

Jiu Xiao and Han Xiao could all eat his dust!

I have the Superclass in hand, the metal ball as well as superior talent!

What is there to fear?

Lin Shimeng hesitated, after a long while, she said slowly, "Chu Yu, listen to me, if we are together, you will be under a lot of pressure."

"I’m not scared!"

"A lot of people will want to assassinate you, I..."

"It’s okay!"

"You will grow old..."

"Do you mind?"

"Of course not!"

"Then it’s settled, Shishi, be my girlfriend!" Chu Yu was serious and he could almost hear Lin Shimeng’s heart beat over the phone.

She was silent for a long time, so silent that it caused Chu Yu to feel uneasy.


After a long time, he finally got Lin Shimeng’s one word reply.

Chu Yu’s handsome face broke out into a wide smile. He knew that she would say yes!

At this point, a faint sniffling sound was transmitted over the phone.

"Shishi, what’s happening? Why are you crying, this is supposed to be somthing happy?" Chu Yu’s heart ached,

"I don’t want to see you grow old, I’m afraid..." Lin Shimeng said faintly, "Everytime I think of that scene, it’s like a stab to my heart."

As she spoke, Lin Shimeng’s voice became more determined, "However, you can rest assured, I will definitely think of a way to solve your problem! If... and I mean if..."

Lin Shimeng took a deep breath and said, "In the event that there is no opportunity, then I will also grow old, and accompany you forever!"

"Shishi, thank you. Actually..."

"Chu Yu, you need not say more, no matter what we have to face in the future, I will face it with you!" Lin Shimeng said solemnly.

"Mm, I know, Shishi, rest assured, I haven’t been doing nothing on my end. Furthermore, I have a chance of recovering." Chu Yu said.


Lin Shimeng’s surprised voice came over the phone, "You’re not lying to me?"

"Of course not." Chu Yu said, "There is another ancient ruin here at the Dragon City, there may be a chance that what I need would be found there."

"That’s great! Why not I go over and help you!" Lin Shimeng was excited at the thought that Chu Yu had a chance at recovery.

Else, the news about the appearance of such ancient ruins were everywhere, and there was little way of confirming which ones were legit.

"No, Shishi, don’t come, you have just gained an important teaching, don’t think about anything else, just focus on cultivating."

Chu Yu rejected her quickly, thinking to himself, how will I be able to play if you come?

"What about you?"

"I’ll definitely not go! I won’t put myself in danger like that! Chu Yu swore.

"Ok then, I will keep a lookout for you here. I believe that you will recover!"

Lin Shimeng was serious, but in actuality, she did not have much confidence.

Chu Yu’s state was too peculiar, he was completely uncultivable in a moment. If he really recover, it would not have taken 16 years.

Yet, in her heart, she still hoped Chu Yu could recover. Even though it has been 16 years, she believed that he could return to his former glory!

After putting down the phone, Chu Yu sighed, a look of resolve flashing across his star-like pupils.

At this point, there was a flutter outside his window and a bird entered.

Lord Thief shook his feathers and looked at Chu Yu weirdly, "You disappeared without saying anything for a few days, tell me, where did you sneak off to and what were you up to?"

Lord Thief wishes everyone a happy festival.
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