Chapter 442: The First Battle

Chapter 442: The First Battle
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Fatty's words were a little disrespectful, but he was in the heat of the moment.

The Thief Sect's Elders never liked to go near the outside, but Fatty was an abnormality.

He was a brother to Chu Yu.

Previously, the collapse of the Tai Qing Sect was a mystery, many people thought that Chu Yu was the one who had made arrangements to destroy their grounds.

The collapse of such a powerhouse struck fear into many people's hearts.

However, the collapse of their grounds was not in fact his doing.

He did not have the capability to do so, it was the doing of the Elders of the thief Sect!

Their capabilities went far beyond digging up graves.

Their perception of magical formations, feng shui, and the flow of Qi was unparalleled!

The Saints of the Sect were especially powerful.

Under the noses of the Tai Qing elders, they managed to pull off this feat.

If not for Fatty's big mouth, no one would have known about it.

With his proclamation, the Thief Sect was now basically on Chu Yu's bandwagon.

"You little rascal!" shouted an Elder jokingly.

The seven or eight of them all charged at the ancient Saint.

The combined assault was as powerful as it could be, the space around them was battered within an instant!

The ancient Saint was powerful, but the appearance of these seven or eight Saints gave him massive pressure.

He did not hold anything back as he unleashed all of his power.

In the next second, he was severely injured as he howled and ploughed to the ground.

His roars shook the heavens as Divine Light shot out of his eyes!

The onlookers in the galaxy looked on in shock and awe.

No matter how powerful he was, he could not withstand the onslaught of seven or eight Saints.

At that moment, a few other figures walked out of the limestone portal.

All of them were shrouded in a blinding light and emanated a terrifying energy.

Any one of them could have easily torn through the galaxy!

But now, there were five in total!

Altogether, they were six strong.

It was horrifying!

All of the cultivators from the Mirror Dimension at the moon were stunned.

They did not expect this at all.

This was just the power of one of the big three Sects.

Their underestimation of the Emperor Star was foolish!

The Saints of the Twin Disciples Sect asserted a huge pressure on the land.

Those who supported Chu Yu were all below the level of Sainthood, things were getting rough.

The injured elder of the Twin Disciples Sect commanded, "Kill them all!".


The other Saints exploded with an energy at the same time.

Their aura transpired through the countless invisible magical formations and penetrated the depths of the universe.

It was like death itself!

Even the troops of the Mirror Dimension could hardly breathe.

No one was sure about what exactly was going on.

Over at Chu Yu's camp, a few veterans stepped out to face these Saints.

To their surprise, these veterans were Saints!

Under their protection, the other troops did not face much turbulence.

The Mirror Dimension troops also dished out their Saintly equipment to temporarily protect themselves.

Chu Yu sat cross-legged in the air with his eyes shut.

He was trying to understand the new changes to his body.

After absorbing the Nascent God of the Saint, his level of Dao increased again.

Chu Yu's fundamentals and basic abilities were phenomenal.

He had the feeling that he could fight back against a Saint!

The vertical eye's knowledge gave him pure strength as he looked on at the battle.

The Saints of the Twin Disciples Sect were astonishingly powerful, moreover, most of them had just come out of seclusion.

The situation seemed extremely unfavourable for Chu Yu.


A Saint from the Thief Sect stumbled backwards as he received an attack from another Saint.

His injuries were severe- the Thief Sect was not specialised in combat.

At that moment, Chu Yu suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at Lin Shi for a second before speeding off to the moon.

To be frank, he could not contribute much to the battle between Saints.

The Mirror Dimension troops, however, were a different story.

They seemed to have arrived through the galaxy with the help of the Twin Disciples Sect.

No matter what, they were the enemy!

What else was there to say?

Kill them all!

As the rest looked at Chu Yu charging towards the moon, some of them followed suit.

"Kill them!".


The onlookers from earth stared into the sky as they looked on in shock.

"There's a war going on at the moon!".

"Aliens have invaded us!".

The internet buzzed with exclamations.

There was no fear, it was mainly just xenophobia.

When the people on earth sensed this war, there was a sudden sense of protection.

This was their home!

It housed all of their friends and loved ones!

It was natural to have such emotions when their lives were in danger, the unity was formidable.

"Let's win this!".

"I pray that the Son of the Emperor can lead our men and kill those invaders!".

Few of them knew that this matter was instigated by the Twin Disciples Sect.

Up in the sky, Chu Yu had gone in head front with Lin Shi by his side.

These batch of troops were different from those that had come in through the star map, there might have been Saints among them.

Lin Shi wanted to protect Chu Yu.

The Mirror Dimension troops got excited at the sight of Chu Yu.

They only feared the Saints!

What were these men worth?

"Kill the cultivators of the Emperor Star, get their legacies!" shouted a Legendary Emperor among them.

In the next moment, his skull erupted immediately.

Chu Yu flashed past him in a second as his body disintegrated into dust.
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