Chapter 443: Blood Wars

Chapter 443: Blood Wars
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Everyone was stunned, the Mirror Dimension Legendary Emperor was crushed in one blow!

His death was horrible- in the blink of an eye, he was dead.

The difference between his power and Chu Yu's was that big.

Even though Chu Yu was still some distance off being a Saint, he was far more powerful than people of the same cultivation level.


Another Mirror Dimension trooper was slain.

The light of sword art filled the air as Chu Yu began his rampage.

Even the supporters of Chu Yu felt the hairs on their backs stand.

It was too terrifying! Luckily, he was on their side.

Over at the battle between the Saints, the Saints of the Thief Sect had all suffered severe injuries.

At that moment, a few other Saints emerged from the crowd and helped them.

They did not want to deal with the Mirror Dimension troops, but they had no qualms about fighting against these Saints of the Twin Disciples Sect.

"The Twin Disciples Sect, have you not gone far enough?" one of them raged.

"Who are you to speak to us like that? Back when I was a Saint, you were still in your mother's womb!" one of them bickered.

The Sect had always been powerful.

Another Saint of the Thief Sect said, "What are you gloating about? You dare to show off about how you betrayed your country? What a piece of trash!".


The Saint of the Twin Disciples Sect made his move as he clashed with the Thief Sect's Saint.

The resultant energy waves were too intense.

The entire space was about to be torn apart.

Chu Yu continued his onslaught.

The enemy had all come through the passageway provided by the Twin Disciples Sect, they were not weak.

But with a ferocious leader like Chu Yu, the warriors of the earth had massive confidence.

In the blink of an eye, ten percent of the Mirror Dimension troops were gone.

Their numbers were dwindling.

 Lin Shi stood beside Chu Yu the whole time, a bright light emanated from her body and blinded the Mirror Dimension troops. Their divine sense could not penetrate it.

Lin Shi did not attack, not because she wanted to hide the fact that she was a Saint, but because she could feel that there was a Saint amongst the enemy!

She knew how important Chu Yu was to this world.

He was not just their leader, he was part of the earth's destiny.

If something were to happen to him, the morale of the army would crash.

The Mirror Dimension troops had now lost a fifth of their strength as someone began yelling.

Following that, a terrifying attack flew towards Chu Yu at an unimaginable speed.

It was characteristic of a seasoned assassin!

Vicious and powerful, it was ferocious!

The attack pierced through the space and went straight for Chu Yu's forehead.

Lin Shi's reaction time was similarly impressive as she moved to parry the attack.

But she could not completely block it and was injured.

She had just become a Saint, her powers were not up to par yet.

Everything happened too quickly, Chu Yu could not pull her away.

He watched on as Lin Shi spat out a mouthful of blood and the energy around her began dissipating.

If she had not attained her new level of cultivation, her injuries would have been far more severe.

Chu Yu used the art of fleet footwork and brandished the yellow emperor's sword, charging at the Saint.

He only had one thing in mind as rage bellowed in his heart.

The sword seemed to bear his rage as the space that it cut through was left in remnants.

Even if it was just for a moment, the sword's power was terrifying.

Even the Saint did not expect this, he retreated hastily!

It was a shameful move, but if he did not do that, he would've been killed.

He saw what had happened previously.

The other Mirror Dimension troopers were not so lucky, Chu Yu vented his anger and killed hundreds of them in a slash.

Fresh blood danced in the air.

Without any hesitation, Chu Yu swallowed a few pills and dished out the Immortal Crane Furnace. Once again, he charged at the Saint.

Lin Shi accompanied him as she swallowed a few pills as well.

A terrifying battle was occurring!

The Mirror Dimension Saint was pushed to his limits, he was angered as well!

He had not been shamed like this for a long time.

He unleashed his almighty sacred art and fired it at Chu Yu.

The difference between their powers were too immense, Chu Yu was hurt.

Wounds appeared on his body, but there was no rapid loss of blood.

However, this was worse, it was a Dao wound!

It was hard to seal and recover from!

The scenes behind him were chaotic.

Old Huang had morphed into a blonde figure as he dashed from one enemy to the other.

He channelled his rage into his attacks as the poisonous gas he emitted burned them to death.

Zhao Man Tian was enjoying himself as well, he wielded the spear in his hand and danced around in blood.

The other warriors were unfazed despite this being their first real battle.

Li Xiao Xiao and Ye Yun Luo fought side by side and showcased their dual techniques.

Bai Sha Ren, Li Feng Mang and the others were all in the frenzy of battle.

The blood rush exhilarated them, once an arrow was shot, there was no turning back.

The Saints who were protecting the group of them began charging at the limestone portal.

There were more Saints coming out of the portal!

No one had expected the betrayal of the Twin Disciples Sect to run so deep.

If more of the Mirror Dimension troops had made it over, the earth would perhaps be in real danger.

Luckily, Saints on earth noticed this and began rallying their Sects.

"The Twin Disciples Sect has turned their backs on us, the Limitless Sect, the Tai Ji Sect, are you just going to stand at one side?".

"The Shang Qing Sect and the Yu Qing Sect, your youths are already in the thick of the battle, are you not going to show yourselves?".

"They were all like this 60,000,000 years ago, why would you think that they would be any different now?" laughed a Saint who had just appeared at the limestone portal.

One of the ancient Saints bickered, "All of you will die here today and the world will change! There will no longer be any segregation between the Mirror Dimension and earth, we were all one entity to begin with!".

At that moment, Chu Yu and Lin Shi were fighting valiantly as another two Saints appeared from the ranks of the Mirror Dimension.

They all had a majestic energy.

Lin Shi said, "Let's not have any regrets.".

Chu Yu laughed, "We won't die!".

He was ready to use the feather now, but at that moment, a large bow appeared from the depths of the universe.

Most people could only see the afterimage of it!

It spiralled in the air as it extended and came to a stop.

Only then could everyone see that it was a long bow.
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