Chapter 446: One Must Wait

Chapter 446: One Must Wait
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Chu Yu looked at the man in front of him, he did not dare to believe that this old and shrivelled man was Yi.

"It's no matter, don't be dramatic," Yi waved him off.

"Elder, you've given too much for this world," Chu Yu said softly.

The rims of his eyes were a little red.

Chu Yu blamed himself for Yi's state.

If he had used the feather, perhaps Yi would not have been in such a dire state.

"What do you mean, this is my home as well, it doesn't just belong to you youngsters!".

"Elder's condition…" Chu Yu said with a face of worry.

"I won't die," smiled Yi.

Yi knew that Chu Yu had the potential to change the world.

When he chose him, Yi never expected this boy to have so many secrets.

But when Chu Yu used that feather on the Pacific Ocean, Yi knew that something was up.

But these precious items had to be saved.

Chu Yu had Confucius' superclass, the Monkey's power and the terrifying cauldron. That was not it.

Chu Yu did not need any of Yi's legacies!

His favourite disciple was Xu Xiao Xian, that smart and witty girl.

She was good in all aspects, but due to her youth, she was a little rash.

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "Boy, if you're not going to bring your girl back, what are you here for?".

"Elder knows about this?" Chu Yu said, surprised by this.

His only purpose in this visit was to see how Yi was.

"I am just a sliver of memory to begin with, nothing much will change if I die.".

He continued, "The heavens smile, the earth weeps, but I don't mind.".

Chu Yu replied, "Elder, you can't die. If you die, who's going to protect this place?".

"There are many who can do that. How's Chi You?" he suddenly asked.

"Elder knows about Chi You?" Chu Yu asked in shock.

"Who doesn't?" Yi replied.

"What I meant was… you know him personally?" Chu Yu asked.

"The Yellow Emperor, Chi You, the Monkey… all of them are my fellow Daoists!".

Chu Yu was shocked.

This confirmed his belief that his master and Chi You had come from the previous era!

Was Yi part of that era too? He did not talk about it much.

Chu Yu hurriedly took out the two swords.

Yi looked at them and said, "Your Qi and destiny are tremendous. These two blades… interesting, it's fate that has brought the two swords together, hahaha!".

"Is there any reason as to why you say this?" Chu Yu asked.

Yi replied, "You'll find out when the time comes.".

Chu Yu sighed, all of the Elders liked to speak in riddles.

"Go on, this sliver of memory still can live for a short while, I can still kill a few more Saints. They're not up to standard," Yi smiled.

Chu Yu's heart ached.

Chu Yu had never seen this look on Yi's face before.

"You have many legacies on you, not anyone has that fate and luck. The Monkey has never accepted a disciple before you, there must be something special in you," Yi said.

Chu Yu gave a wry smiled, Yi could really see through everything.

A look of reminiscence appeared on Yi's face, "He has, however, given someone his feathers before, they're incredible.".

The hall was silent after that.

After a long pause, he continued, "If you still have a feather with you, use it when you save that little girl. I've tried to foresee the future, you will face certain danger.".

He looked at Chu Yu, "Your talent is immeasurable. No matter which era you are from, your legacies are formidable, moreover…".

"Moreover?" Chu Yu asked.

Yi smiled, "Moreover, the basics of Dao should never be underestimated, but if one pursues it too fervently, bad things might happen.".

Chu Yu lowered his head in deep thought.

Yi continued, "Cultivation is the way to break through the laws of realm and the rules of the universe. But the process has to be natural.".

When Chu Yu stepped into the galaxy, he recalled these words.

Lin Shi could only attain Sainthood because she understood that she had to let go.

He finally understood that he had rushed himself a little too much. He might have lost his way.

If he did not have that feather, would he have gone on and tried to push himself so hard?

Chu Yu let out a deep breath and shut his eyes. When he opened them again, two rays of divine light shot out.

They were as hot as the sun, glaring and radiant.

At that moment, a group of men on horses appeared on the galaxy road.

There were about a dozen and all of them radiated a killer aura.

They looked at Chu Yu like he was a dead man.

Their appearance was sudden, it was as if they had popped out of nowhere.

This was the star road after the Mirror Dimension, the only path to Pluto.

The identities of those that had just appeared was unquestionable.

Chu Yu drew his two swords without any words.

He looked on at them as they lunged in an instant!



On Pluto.

Zhou Xu held a glass of wine as he sat on a comfortable chair and shut his eyes.

Someone said softly, "Master, I've done the work, the man's name is Chu Yu, he's from a small clan on earth, there's nothing much to his background. He passed through the Mirror Dimension with ease. Princess Xiao Xian has had considerable interactions with him before, the two of them travelled together in the Mirror Dimension as well. The Princess' previous trip to the Emperor Star also….".

"Also what?" Zhou Xu asked lightly.

"Also seems to be for him," said the man softly.

"Ah… So what?" Zhou Xu said.

"In front of master, he is, of course, nothing much, but he has obtained the title of the Son of the Emperor.".

"The Son of the Emperor? The name itself is ridiculous!" he laughed coldly.

"Indeed, I feel that it is funny was well. But on the Emperor Star, the threats there are numerous, according to our reports from there, this man has formidable strength, and few could stand in his way. Even those who are nearing the Saint Realm could not stand up to him.".

"Got it," said Zhou Xu.

"No worries my master, this group are our specialized troops, there is no way they will fail," he said firmly.

"Do it cleanly, I don't want her to find out," Zhou Xu commanded.

"Of course, my master," smiled the man as he bowed down.
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