Chapter 447: Blood Road

Chapter 447: Blood Road
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In the ice cold and lonely galaxy, a dozen troops surrounded Chu Yu with killer intent.

All of them had terrifying battle prowess.

The Mirror Dimension troops he had faced before were powerful, but they lacked this aura.

Each one of these warriors had this killer aura to them.

Their eyes were ice cold and deadly.

One of the Legendary Emperors, holding a long spear, leaped into the air and descended upon Chu Yu.

Chu Yu reacted by using the Sword of the Yellow Emperor to parry the attack.

The long spear broke into two, but its wielder did not have a change in expression.

He used the pieces of the broken spear as two separate weapons and struck Chu Yu's head.

This showed his experience in battle.

Chu Yu used the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork to dodge the attack, such an opponent was not his match.

Chu Yu danced around and eviscerated the man's arm as blood spewed out.

But this warrior remained unfazed, he used the chance to try to strike Chu Yu again.

Every attack he dished out was deadly, even in the face of death, he was trying to create an opening for the rest.

At that moment, three other warriors leaped over bare handed.

Their tactics were cruel, a mishap would cause them to lose their cultivation, but they were unfazed.

Chu Yu's eyes were cold as well, he took out his sword and began his onslaught.

A circle of light appeared in the space.

The light was radiant and blinding, the warrior who had his arm cut off was cut into two.

A look of emotion finally appeared on his face as blood shot out from his body.

It was shock, anger and dissatisfaction.

In is heart, the Son of the Emperor was just a kid with a false title.

In the vast universe, he was nothing but talk.

The Village of Dao had only been around for a few years, even if he was a genius, how high could his cultivation level be?

But he finally understood now that there was more than just his master.

There was always a taller mountain, a higher heaven!

Chu Yu's blade sliced through the four warriors as he himself exploded with a fearsome aura.

The other warriors finally had some sort of emotion in their eyes as well.

This young man was no small fry.

Their original plan was to head to earth to kill Chu Yu, they did not expect him to deliver himself to their doorstep.

"Kill him!" one of the warriors ordered, he was nearing the Saint Realm.

He carried a long blade in his hand and was shouting commands, as if he was a general.

The blade in his hands had a crimson hue, who knew how many lives were taken by that blade.

He looked at Chu Yu coldly as he disappeared in a flash.

In the next instant, he appeared behind him and cut down on his head.

The other warriors got into formation and coordinated their attacks.

The attacks were all targeted at his vulnerable spots!

If they could not kill him with this move, the consequences were dire.

Up till that point, they never thought that they would have to use that formation.

Chu Yu felt a tremendous pressure on his head in an instant.

The formation was so powerful that emitted an aura of death.

The crimson blade that was used against him had vast power!

It had some sort of demonic power that absorbed his energy.

Chu Yu, however, was not affected as his mental realm was already at the level of Sainthood.


An earth-shaking blast resounded throughout the quiet galaxy.

A blinding light exploded towards all directions.

The Crimson blade was burst open by Chu Yu's sword Qi.

It was the power of the vertical eye! The blade was utterly destroyed!

The wielder just stood there in the air, stunned by this power.

The Immortal Crane Furnace appeared on Chu Yu's head as he now wielded the Heavenly Immortal Sword as well.

The light of a thousand suns shrouded his body.

The enemy's formation did not break down his defense. At that moment, the warrior that was wielding the crimson blade before split into two and the two halves of his body fell apart.

The other warriors went berserk and into a state of panic!

The most powerful member of their group was just vanquished right before their eyes.

The rage in their hearts burned like wildfire.

They had been together for many years and had been through thick and thin.

It had been a long time since something of this magnitude had happened.

They proclaimed to be the rulers of the galaxy, and they had the power to do so!

The death of their brother in arms triggered their rage as they charged at Chu Yu in a frenzy.

There were two other warriors on the outskirts of the formation that were ready to implode themselves.

Chu Yu unleashed the Thirty Six Heavenly Generals and the Seventy Two Shapeshifters.

The difference in power was tremendous!

The formation was broken within seconds, none of these warriors would survive.

The remaining two looked at each other and said, "Brother, no regrets.".

"Brother, there will be no vengeance.".

The two men howled and charged at Chu Yu, their bodies were bubbling like a pit of lava!

They exploded in an instant!

Even Chu Yu could not stop an attack of this scale.


The vast galaxy echoed with a horrifying blast.

The space itself was left with marks as the Immortal Crane Furnace sucked Chu Yu inside it.

A radiant light erupted!

The galaxy now shook with the implosion of the two warriors.

A group of cultivators far away looked on in shock and fear.

It was like they had just seen a ghost.

They were standing far away, but the shockwave was so intense.

It was the group of youngsters from the Mirror Dimension.

"Are we still going there?" one of them questioned.

No one was laughing anymore.

They had all snuck out secretly.

Prince Qu Ji calmed himself down and said, "I'll go over and take a look, but I won't do anything stupid. Even if we meet Zhou Xu, I won't make the first move.".

The others nodded in agreement.

They were just here for fun, to pass time and cure their boredom.

They were not the sort who overestimated their own abilities.

As they arrived at the scene of the previous battle, they did not find a single living soul.

Their attempts at finding out what had happened all failed.

The magical equipment and storage rings on the corpses were all gone.

Prince Qu Ji sighed and said, "I wonder who's so ballsy that he dares to attack Zhou Xu's men and take all of their items?".
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