Chapter 453: Against the Enemy

Chapter 453: Against the Enemy
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This was too abnormal!

Zhou Xu got his reputation from his ferocity, not just by hearsay.

How old was Chu Yu?

He was thirty at best.

How could he have matched up the Zhou Xu?

Those who were more powerful did not dare to believe this sight.

How could a child be called the Son of the Emperor?

How could Chu Yu be so powerful? Was it Qi, or was it legacy?

Chu Yu had to have a secret! Otherwise, those who were born of privileged origin would have had the same qualities!

Up in the sky, Zhou Xu seemed unaffected. He looked on silently.


His body suddenly expanded in size!

He looked like a true god as he towered over him, a bloodlust emanated from his body.

Without another word, he sent a smack at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu's body vanished instantly.

He unleashed the Thirty Six Heavenly Generals and Seventy Two Shapeshifters!

His powers shocked many of the ancient Saints present.

They finally understood why he was so powerful!

Chu Yu stepped on a path of golden light as he held the swords in his hands and charged at Zhou Xu.

Zhou Xu wanted to suppress Chu Yu, but he realised that this would not be an easy victory.

He grew serious and used his true powers.

At that moments, the earth and the heavens rumbled.

The bloodlust was invisible, it transpired in the form of rays of light that radiated from his body.

Every attack was empowered by it.

This was in retaliation to Chu Yu's powers, which were Sacred Arts that required the same level of retaliation.

Chu Yu's body flickered as he twisted and turned with every attack.

This was the Monkey's technique!

His technique was just to fight!

It had terrifying battle prowess, no other cultivator was like him.

Chu Yu had never actually realised the true powers of the Monkey's techniques.

But now, he had unleashed all of it!

In an instant, his body went through a terrifying change in energy.

The circulation of blood hastened and was beyond imagination, the power was tremendous.

Everything was shaking.

Pluto's thick atmosphere was slashed by the battle between the two of them.

Their battle went into the cold ice below.

Countless others followed them and watched from afar.

Xu Xiao Xian stood there in her red gown as she looked on.

The voice beside her said, "That's a true warrior!".

The battle scene shocked those from the Mirror Dimension.

Many of them had flown in after news of the battle broke out.

Zhou Xu had already unleashed his true powers, his pride was getting trampled on.

He wanted to kill Chu Yu in the next few seconds! He wanted to crush him to show the power of the sage of the galaxy! The prince of darkness!

How dare he steal his woman? He was going to make him pay the price!

But once they exchanged blows again, a wave of realisation surged over him.

This was no ordinary man.


Zhou Xu's blade was cut into half by the sword of the Yellow Emperor.

Zhou Xu let out an enraged howl, the sword was his prized treasure.

A polearm appeared in his hand!

It looked ancient as it radiated a cold light.

He howled and charged at Chu Yu.

His large body posed a tremendous threat.

The two of them emitted their Sacred Arts again and went into close combat.

Zhou Xu stared at the Furnace above Chu Yu's head as a feeling of shock transpired.

He finally understood what Ming Hui was talking about.

One of the Nine Sacred Cauldrons!

The remnants of the Heavenly Courts!

This had to be his!

Zhou Xu's blood boiled as he unleashed his Saintly powers.

He wanted to destroy Chu Yu completely!

He could tell that Chu Yu's stamina was a problem. He was, after all, still a Legendary Emperor.

Zhou Xu shot two rays of divine light at him.

Blood began flowing out the sides of Chu Yu's mouth

Zhou Xu was right, Chu Yu was barely holding on.

But Chu Yu knew that Zhou Xu had to have something up his sleeve. He was waiting for his trump card!

Chu Yu held on to the feather, he knew that he could not last much longer without it.

If there were still hostile opponents hiding around, he had no back up for later.

Zhou Xu still had a group of blood thirsty Saints by his side!

Could he rely on Elder Ming Hui?

Chu Yu could not bet on it.

Zhou Xi was waiting for Chu Yu to crumble under the pressure, he knew that he was at his wits' end.

But he did not expect Chu Yu to be so tenacious.

After an hour, another hour, and yet another hour, Chu Yu's body was stained with blood, but he did not fall.

His fighting spirit only got stronger, how was this possible?

Zhou Xu could not comprehend it.

How could he withstand such pressure?

In reality, his energy in his Dan Tian was long gone, Chu Yu was relying on the vertical eye!

That was the true power that he had.

It was also the only reason why Chu Yu could take Zhou Xu on.

The people around were settling down from their initial shock.

They could not believe that such a young cultivator could stand up the Zhou Xu.

At some instances, he even had the upper hand.

A few wounds began appearing on Zhou Xu's body.

"A mere Legendary Emperor, this is unbelievable," an elder said softly.

"Why do I feel that I will need a large amount of energy to fight with them?" frowned a Saint.

The energy around Zhou Xu only grew thicker and more intense!

Many vessels were now gathered around this place, but they did not dare to come close!

Disregarding the two at battle, the prowess of the crowd alone struck fear into their hearts.

Pluto existed within the Solar system as well, how did this group of Saints make it in?

The beings of the Mirror Dimension in those vessels wondered.

Their curiosity soon turned into shock as they watched the battle unfold.

The space was utterly battered and torn apart.

Everyone was stunned. Who were these two at battle?
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