Chapter 454: The Second Coming of the Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 454: The Second Coming of the Nine Cauldrons
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The energy wave emitted was too powerful!

Many people were feeling faint just from the impact.

It seemed like a battle between two Saints!

The troops from the Mirror Dimension looked all around, none of the people there were weak.

Who were they? What had happened here?

The troops hid within their vessels and remained puzzled.

Those who were there from the beginning, the youngsters from the prominent clans of the Mirror Dimension, knew what was going on.

Chu Yu's name was one that was familiar yet foreign to them.

It was familiar because the legend of the Son of the Emperor had been spread, but none of them had seen him before!

Other than Xu Wen and her gang, no one else knew that Chu Yu and Song Hong were the same person.

They were shocked by his powers.

They all thought that the 'Son of the Emperor' was just a hoax.

The earth was not that simple after all.

He was matching up to the infamous sage of the galaxy.

"Why is teacher battling the one named Zhou?" Yu Wen frowned as she looked out of her vessel.

"I've heard that this man is powerful.".

"Since teacher is here, shall we take the chance to create some chaos?" someone suggested.

Yu Wen thought about it and said, "Let's not create any trouble for teacher first.".

"Doesn't look good, the one named Zhou seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough!" Song Bin Bin squealed.

All of them shut their mouths as they looked on nervously.

In the depths of the galaxy, Chu Yu looked on at Zhou Xu and laughed, "At the Legendary Emperor Realm, you can't beat me, is that why you're desperately trying to break through into Sainthood now?".

Zhou Xu replied, "You can do it too if you have the ability to.".


As he said this, his body erupted with a terrifying energy.

 An ancient Cauldron appeared from his body in an instant and sat atop his head.

Everyone around could feel a horrifying energy with the appearance of this Cauldron, and soon, the Qi was absorbed by Zhou Xu.

"The incorporation of Qi!" Ming Hui said deeply.

"Is that one of the nine Cauldrons?" Yu You said, surprised.

Ming Hui nodded his head as he looked toward Chu Yu.

With the appearance of this Cauldron, the Immortal Crane Furnace let out a resounding ring.

The same thing occurred to the Cauldron on Zhou Xu's head.

The two ancient Cauldrons were ringing.

"It's the nine Sacred Cauldrons!" many of the people there exclaimed, shocked by this revelation.

They had finally appeared!

Moreover, it was two of them!

This was stunning!

Many people wanted to break into the solar system to steal some Qi, but the nine Cauldrons held the greatest Qi in the world.

Whoever could get their hands on one held a great power.

Ming Hui gave a wry smile, "Two of the Nine Cauldrons have appeared, things are going to get messy.".

Zhou Xu looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace and laughed, "Heaven is helping me.".

Chu Yu sniggered, "You're a fool.".

Zhou Xu had a bitter expression on his face, "Don't worry, I won't kill you!".

"I can't say the same," Chu Yu replied.

The two Cauldrons were interacting as they let out an ancient energy.

Zhou Xu could feel that something was not right.

The only reason why he remained on the edge of Sainthood was to find these Cauldrons, in order for him to possess greater Qi.

If he were to obtain that before entering the Saint realm, the benefits were incremental.

Other cultivators could only become Saints with the recognition of divine judgement.

If one obtained the Qi of the nine Cauldrons, they need not go through divine judgement, they would have been recognised by the heavens and the earth as well!

 It was the greatest recognition, there was a great difference.

Normal cultivators could never understand this difference.

Zhou Xu was only not a Saint because he held himself back, otherwise, Chu Yu would have been dead!

However, Chu Yu's inner energy was too ferocious, Zhou Xu had no choice but to breakthrough.

He had never expected Chu Yu to possess one of the Nine Cauldrons!

He was uninterested at first, but now, he had to have it.

The most unimaginable fact was that Chu Yu's Furnace was absorbing the Qi from his!

Even though it looked like nothing was happening, Chu Yu could feel this too!

When the Immortal Crane Furnace exploded with its energy, Chu Yu could clearly feel it!

The Immortal Crane Furnace was much more powerful than Zhou Xu's Cauldron!

Chu Yu laughed, "Zhou Xu, do you dare to admit what I have to say?".

Zhou Xu was enraged.

Chu Yu laughed, "My Cauldron's a male, yours is a female! You have to listen to me hahaha!".

Xu Xiao Xian laughed, she knew that Chu Yu was making a fool out of Zhou Xu, she also knew what these words meant.

Her smile was radiant, she knew Chu Yu had the upper hand!

Zhou Xu was fuming, "Get back here!".

He was referring to the Qi!

Another wave of horrifying energy erupted from his body.

It manifested physically in the form of a radiant light.

It lit up the galaxy as countless people turned away.


A large explosion was heard from within Pluto.

The underground city began rising up and flying high into the sky!

A few figures rushed out of they city, they were all clad in a monstrous aura!

Each one of them was an ancient Saint, they rushed straight at Chu Yu!

"How shameless!" Xu Xiao Xian sniggered as she retaliated.

The Heavenly Demonic Harp appeared before her as she began her melody.

Another wave of energy went past her and aided her attack.

Ming Hui had joined in!

He turned around and said to Yu You, "Look after yourself!".

The battle was ignited, the onlookers backed off even further.

If it was not for the magical formations all around, this battle could have caused chaos in the galaxy!

The situation was grim, the space around them was battered.

The Mirror Dimension troops looked on, stunned by this sight.

They still did not know what had happened as they hastily retreated.

At the same time, some of the guests in the crowd began plotting and readying themselves.

There were two of the nine Sacred Cauldrons!

One of them was enough, this was a marvellous opportunity!
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