Chapter 455: A Messy Battle

Chapter 455: A Messy Battle
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Every wave of sound was like a deadly melody!

Even Saints had to defend themselves against Xu Xiao Xian's harp.

She looked like a fairy in the sky.


Waves of loud explosions could be heard at the same time.

Elder Ming Hui had already made his move, he was dealing with the other Saints.

His attacks were vicious, within the blink of an eye, he had inflicted some injuries.

A grand battle was about to start.

Many of the guests were still watching on, they did not intend to join in.

A series of explosions resounded in the galaxy.

It was like a vibrant array of fireworks.

The scenes were chaotic.

Some of the lesser beings struggled to breathe as their bodies were cold as ice!

This level of battle was too terrifying, if one was caught in the blast, he would have been obliterated!

The powerful beings looked on with excitement.

This was an opportune moment to get one of the Nine Cauldrons!

The Mirror Dimension troops whispered in fear as they notified their elders back at home.

There must have been a way for them to enter.

The existence of the Mirror Dimension was to take these sorts of Qi.

There were two clear entities at battle.

One was the Saints who were trying to suppress Chu Yu for Zhou Xu.

The other consisted of those that were trying to obtain the Cauldrons.

This group comprised of the Mirror Dimension troops and some other beings, but they hid behind the thick of battle, staying clear of the terrifying blast. 

They were waiting for their chance.

Chu Yu knew what was going on, he remained calm.

He could feel the gap in power between him and Zhou Xu grow smaller as the Immortal Crane Furnace continued to absorb the Qi.

The stronger the Qi, the greater the enlightenment!

Zhou Xu howled in rage, he could not hold it in any longer!

He could not understand why his Cauldron was losing out, especially to someone like Chu Yu!

He felt terribly upset by Xu Xiao Xian's betrayal.

She was his weakness.

In his eyes, Xu Xiao Xian owed him her life, he should have killed her along with the rest of her Sect, but he could not bear to.

But he knew that she never had a shred of love for him!

Zhou Xu looked at her in despair with eyes of complexity.

Chu Yu looked at him and said, "Stop looking at my girl!".

"You f*cker! I'm going to kill you!".

Zhou Xu howled and charged at him again.

He kept the Cauldron on his head, he had no choice.

He had to kill Chu Yu and get his hands on what was his.

Zhou Xu still had his trump card!

By trying to break into the Saint Realm, he had to incur a terrifying round of divine judgement!

"You started this, don't you dare to run…" he said to Chu Yu as the energy levels around him went to the next level.


A crack appeared in Zhou Xu's Dao.

A powerful energy oozed out!  

A monstrous wave descended upon the area, merging with Zhou Xu's body.

He howled, "You little b*stard, I'm a Saint now, what are you going to do?".


The Heavenly Thieves descended!

All of the Saints steered clear at this moment, this was no laughing matter.

Xu Xiao Xian looked on with a face of worry as she fired two soundwaves at two of Zhou Xu's men who tried to escape.

Ming Hui followed up and chopped off their heads.

The ancient Saints around Zhou Xu were no match for Ming Hui!

There were still some other Saints who flew out from the underground city and joined the battle.

But they stayed away from the centre of the battle, because Zhou Xu was undergoing divine judgement!

Some of them were angered by this fact, because their master could have have attained Sainthood many years ago.

Today, he was only forced into this because of this man, who had stolen his woman.

"Master, play time is over, let's kill him!" an ancient Saint ushered.

The area where he was residing in was covered by lightning.

Inside, there were only howls of anger and rage, no one responded to the previous statement.

Another Saint looked at Ming Hui and said, "Elder Ming Hui, you're bringing a great tragedy upon your own Clan!".

Another one of them said, "Why do you have to do this elder? Do you recognise that man as the Son of the Emperor? Can't we settle this amicably?".

"Amicably? Dream on!" replied Ming Hui.

"You old thing, do you really think that we're afraid of you? There are many more powerful beings in Pluto who have not awakened yet, do we have to call our elders out to fight you?" another one of them raged.


The sound of the harp drifted by again.

One of the Saints' body burst opened immediately upon receiving this attack.

A stream of blood flowed down Xu Xiao Xian's lips.

"Argh! You b*tch! I'm going to kill you!" yelled his Nascent God.


An invisible wave of power flew towards this Saint.


A terrifying rattling and a resounding blast was heard.

"Why won't you die, you're not a human nor are you a ghost!" the Saint howled.

The voice mocked, "I was dead long ago, if you can't even beat a ghost, what's the point of living?".

A ray of sword art flashed across as the Saint's head fell to the ground.

Xu Xiao Xian's face was full of sadness, "Teacher…".

"Hahaha, little girl, everyone has to die, don't feel sad for me! Moreover, I'm just a sliver of conscience, perhaps there is still a chance we can meet some day. You can save the crying for then!".

The voice joined Ming Hui in fending off the other Saints.

Within the thunderstorm ahead, Zhou Xu used a variety of top tier magical equipment to repel the divine judgement.

He wanted to use these bolts of lightning to destroy Chu Yu, but he could not believe his eyes.

The bolts of lightning fell upon Chu Yu's body, but he was unharmed! His energy levels only increased!

Chu Yu taunted, "Do you finally realise the difference between us you piece of trash?".

Zhou Xu was angered by this and let out a yelp as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The moment of fluctuation in his emotions affected him severely.

Reality was harsh, and Zhou Xu cracked under the pressure.

Suddenly, an ancient voice could be heard singing from afar, it came from among the Heavenly Thieves.

"You rather be a fish on a hook than a man who questions the boredom of life.".

The voice was old and powerful.

Zhou Xu's eyes widened as tears fell down his cheeks, "Elder!".


A giant hand descended from the sky and scattered all of the Heavenly Thieves as it pressed down on the entire space.

It went past Zhou Xu and was aimed at Chu Yu.

"You dog! Who are you to touch my disciple?" the voice beckoned.
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