Chapter 456: To kill, To Kill Again, To kill Deservedly!

Chapter 456: To kill, To Kill Again, To kill Deservedly!
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There was a loud explosion with a deafening clap of thunder!

The hand was shattered into pieces!

The scene was gory, blood and flesh were everywhere.

A shriek could be heard.

"You… how could you still be alive?" Another gasp could be heard.

Nobody answered him!

That voice came from the last strand of feather on Chu Yu.

It was like dry hay under the sun, the ignition was imminent!

Without waiting for Chu Yu, it had activated itself!

Chu Yu could clearly feel that the energy in his body was reaching yet another peak!


The Sword of the Yellow Emperor was glowing like the sun!

No, even brighter than the sun!

Everyone was blinded by this bright light.

It was too majestic!

Zhou Xu was the first to move, but he was easily kicked out by Chu Yu.

He could be the most pathetic saint to date.

Zhou Xu had just attained sainthood and now he was spitting blood in midair.

He was so frustrated.

A shadow snuck up to Chu Yu and an ancient spear pointed towards him with extreme menace.


Chu Yu commanded him and followed up with a powerful slap.


The spear was broken in half and Chu Yu wasted no time at all, dealing a punch on the man's chest.

The sound of bone breaking could be heard.

Chu Yu was the epitome of power in this instance, he might even have surpassed the level of a saint.

He wasn't a figure of this era!

He was a warrior of the previous era!

The era of the Monkey.

Who was the Monkey?

The Monkey was someone to be reckoned with back in those days, someone who could scare all the people of the heavenly courts.

Coincidentally, Zhou Xu's elders were witnesses to the prowess of the monkey, he had been an unremarkable official there at the time.

Forget about fighting against the monkey, he didn't even have the right to appear before him!

The elder seemed to be cursing his own bad fortune at this point of time.

So darn misfortunate!

He wasn't afraid of the descendent of the Yellow Emperor at all!

Zhou Xu was the worthy candidate to be the successor of the throne!

He was the one with the blood of the heavens!

Who the hell was Chu Yu?

The problem now was the monkey. Wasn't he an enemy of the Heavenly Courts? How could he be Chu Yu's teacher now?

This ancient elder was tossed around like a fly.

He wasn't a worthy opponent at all.

He watched as his descendent Zhou Xu was thrown out into the virtual space as he fled for safety.

Zhou Xu had fled for his own life without any regards to his own party of saints!

This little bastard was under the protection of the monkey, forget about hurting him, it would have been a victory if they could save their own lives.

This was probably the most anti climatic entrance of a Saint. He wanted to avenge his descendent by killing Chu Yu.

But now he was left scrambling for his own life.

What a disgrace!

Self-preservation was the priority now.

Chu Yu didn't chase after them, he ran towards Ming Hui and Xiao Xian instead.

There were still a bunch of saints there.

They were in shock.

Their young master had left them in the lurch, all the years of planning were flushed down the drain.

They were also confused as to why their master had retracted his Cauldron.

They didn't know that Chu Yu's furnace had absorbed the Sacred Cauldron.

Confusion was spreading like a plague.

This bunch of people were deluded to think that everything was in control.

Chu Yu was only a small man, wouldn't it have been easy to kill him?

If Chu Yu really had another one of the Cauldrons, their young master could use it to grow his own powers.

Witnessing their young master and their elder flee for their lives had been a wakeup call for them.

They had abandoned their plans!

And this young man… this scary young man was charging towards them now.

Whoever dared to stand against Chu Yu now would be a fool!

The bunch of men were fleeing like prey on the run!

They were just a little unlucky.

Chu Yu had adjusted to his new strength, he caught up with one of them in no time and shredded him to bits.

Chu Yu caught another one of them by his legs and proceeded to shred him to bits as well!

Everyone was taking in the situation.

They were terrified, to the point where they might have wet themselves!

Was this man even human?

They had never witnessed a more vicious scene.

Who could ever picture this?

Chu Yu's menace was ominous and it was morphing into a magical chain, sealing the entire virtual space!

Nobody could escape!

Chu Yu's intention was clear, he was going to wipe all of them out!

Ming Hui elder was full of disbelief.

"The mighty saint…".

He was muttering under his own breath and his hands were shaking under his robes.

It was fear, it was excitement and it was awe.

Only the great saint could have an aura this overwhelming.

That legendary monkey was going to make such a sacrifice for his disciple.

He was pouring all his energy into that strand of hair and channeling his strength to Chu Yu.

Elder Ming Hui couldn't help but take in a sharp breath. He had never disregarded Chu Yu before, he understood the legend behind the descendent of the Yellow Emperor, hence he understood Chu Yu's importance and status. He thought that Chu Yu would be a strong pawn on the chessboard.

In hindsight, he did underestimate him after all.

"He must be a pawn of great importance!".

Xu Xiao Xian was looking at the scene with pride and her face was glowing.

That was her man!


A terrifying rumble was shattering the entire space.

It was an ancient saint self-exploding out of despair.

Like a dying star!

The energy generated was shocking and it had morphed into a wormhole, sucking everything into itself.

Chu Yu was nearby, he activated his powers and then… gulp! He swallowed this wormhole.

What the f*ck!

The people were going insane!

What move was that?

There was no intention to steal the Cauldron that Chu Yu had anymore.

Absolutely no intention!

This was incredibly disturbing.

All that elder's energy was gulped down in one mouth?

Why didn't his stomach explode?

He would never explode.

The energy was absorbed immediately by the vertical eye.

Chu Yu was in a state of insanity, he had become a fighting machine.

What prince of darkness?

They were just a bunch of lowly bandits!


What spectators of the ceremony? You all were secretly waiting for an opportunity to ambush me.


What united army of the Mirror Dimension? You just lust after Earth from an entire universe away.

You god damn b*stards!

Kill them all!

No one were to be spared.

This was an absolute case for the troops of the Mirror Dimension who had decided to stay.

Breaking the magical formations of the solar system?

Killing the practitioners of the Village of Dao?

All these thoughts and intentions were incinerated into ashes.

All the ships were destroyed into dust.

Everyone was vanquished.

All those elders who had intentions to hurt Chu Yu were regretful.

They were just here to attend a wedding!

They only had a bad thought that they hadn't even acted upon yet, wasn't it unfortunate that they were punished for it so quickly and immediately?

Thankfully Chu Yu only killed those elders with clear bad intentions.

He took his leave immediately.

Xu Xiao Xian, Ming Hui and Ming Yu You vanished together with him.

He had a task to finish!

They appeared at the edge of the solar system at the passage way.

There was a strong aura of sainthood and Chu Yu was going to activate his powers.

But he felt a familiar aura.

He passed through his company and came face to face with a group of saints at the entrance of the passageway.

They had faces of disbelief.

"This is the descendent of the Emperor?".

A beautiful woman said, "I am afraid so, seems like there is still hope for own home!".

The group of saints were elated!

Chu Yu appeared on the other end of the passageway, on the side of the Mirror Dimension.

There were more saints here, twenty or thirty of them!

They were all agitated, cursing their lungs out.

"Damn it, those saints at the Legendary Emperor Star, they escaped through the tunnel!".

"They won't be able to escape. One day we shall catch them all! We'll kill all those scum from the village of Dao!".

Then they caught sight of Chu Yu.

Chu Yu raised his hands immediately.


An elder was killed on the spot.


The glowing sword had taken out another seven in a single swing!

In an instant, this group of saints were slaughtered by Chu Yu!

There was no chance of retaliation.

They were chasing after the saints of the Legendary Emperor Star who could pass through the passageway.

There were no survivors!

This bunch of saints were from respectable and renowned sects and tribes, and that was the end of them.

It was a devastating loss to the Mirror Dimension.

Xu Xiao Xian and Ming Hui appeared beside Chu Yu.

"Well…" Ming Hui was in shock.

He thought that Chu Yu was going to hurt him when he abducted him just now.

This scene had left him flabbergasted.

He was one of the powerful ancient elders around, but he had never seen such great power!

Not even back in his days.

He finally understood why mortals had the guts to create their own Heavenly courts and jostle with the deities.

The ultimate warriors were truly undefeatable!

A gaping hole was torn in the virtual space.

It was murky and dark behind the hole.

Chu Yu conjured a ball of energy within his palms and shoved it towards the passageway.

The defect in the protective layer of the solar system was plugged just like that.

"Wait for me!".

Chu Yu vanished after transmitting that.

It was Xu Xiao Xian, Ming Hui and Ming Yu You left.

Xu Xiao Xian could guess what Chu Yu was going to do.

She could sense the weakness of the old ghost and she couldn't help but shed some tears, "Teacher…".

"Hahaha, don't cry my child, I am still left with a breath. I was blessed to be able to witness this majestic scene. You've found yourself a decent man!".

Ming Hui muttered under his breath, "Only decent?".

Ming Yu You was still confused and dazed.

This girl still hadn't figured out what had happened.

Many sons and daughters of the Mirror Dimension were leaping through wormholes, rushing to report the appearance of the Sacred Cauldrons to their families.

They were finally at the entrance!

They had no clue regarding the events that followed in the universe behind them.

And they had no idea that Chu Yu was next to them!

Even though they had sensed a rise in energy, they brushed it off as an effect of the battle.

They had to alert their elders at once!

It was great news!

They were talking about the Sacred Cauldrons!

They were excited.

Suddenly they all halted to a stop.

A dozen saints were blocking the entrance with their menacing gaze.

They had eyes like lightning, staring coldly at them.

It was like the eyes of Hades.

The universe was shaking.

A loud rumble was approaching them.

And the passage was blocked, for good.
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