Chapter 457: The End of the Road for the Alliance

Chapter 457: The End of the Road for the Alliance
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Nobody could hide their surprise from their faces.

The gust of energy blocked the passage completely and firmly.


There was not a single crack!

The Saints from the solar system had their mouths twitching.

It was not that they didn't want the passageway sealed.

With the blood of the village of Dao, they were authorized to take special routes into the solar system.

This passageway was just one of the many.

The people from the Mirror Realm were flabbergasted.

What did this mean?

Was this an enclosed cage fight?

Sealing the gate meant that they were going to be trapped in the solar system with no escape.

Even with magical equipment, it would be hard to defend themselves against these saints!

The green vein on Qu Ming's temples was pulsating.

He wasn't sure what was happening.

The King that ruled over the Pluto was holding a wedding, a wedding with the most beautiful lady under the stars --- Xu Xiao Xian

But Chu Yu somehow appeared as a wedding crasher?

Xu Xiao Xian must had been to earth before for her to know Chu Yu.

Could it be that Xu Xiao Xian had blood from Earth?

They were looking forward to Chu Yu being slayed by the prince of darkness.

A malnourished kid he was, what bullshit was the descendent of the Emperor?

A small pawn!

Little did they expect Chu Yu to be this powerful and strong.

And that he would have friends and supporters amongst the guest list of the wedding.

Even so, they paid little attention to this small character.

Zhou Xu was the warrior in the battle of the Bastion of Stars, he had a formidable party supporting him.

And that gold minted city in Pluto? Rumor had it that there was an even more powerful being in there.

They had seen it!

It was an ancient ancestor, like one of those in the Mirror Dimension, he was incredibly powerful.

How could this powerful being seem so helpless in front of Chu Yu?

It was unimaginable.

Or was it Zhou Xu who had sealed the passage?

Why would he do that?

Why didn't they fight against the saints on Earth?

The fighters from the Mirror Dimension were confused and fearful, things were looking uncertain and bleak for them.

"This…" Qu Chen was pale with fright looking at the line of saints standing before them.

He forced himself to collect his nerves.

The other royal members were not much better than him.

Yue Yin looked coldly at the spaceships and whispered to those around her, "Kill them!".

They were saints who had left Earth to infiltrate the Mirror Dimension instead of going to the Bastion of Stars.

But the Mirror Dimension was huge!

It was too difficult for them to accomplish anything by themselves.

They had invested their time and hard work over the years to grow their influence.

Besides improving themselves, they spent their time collecting intel in the Mirror dimension, securing connections.

Over the course of 6000 years, they have grown considerably into a formidable organization.

An organization hiding in the dark, waiting for the right time to move.

They had news of Zhou Xu's grand wedding as well as the appearance of the descendent of the Emperor.

Yue Yin and her company had decided to return to assess the situation and confirm the rumors for themselves!

These saints were a loyal bunch, they had a strong sense of belonging to Earth.

Their ultimate goal was to recover the glory of the village of Dao and completely crush the forces of the Mirror Dimension.

They didn't expect to be involved in such a dramatic course of events.

The passage was sealed shut!

It called for a celebration!

But they had doubts whether this was the doing of Zhou Xu's men.

After they heard about what had happened at Pluto, they breathed a sigh of relief.

It was one of their own!

Who on earth was that powerful?

Nevertheless, they were elated!

"Little brats from the Mirror Dimension, I bet they had one goal in mind when they came over, to raid our hometown and kill our people. Kill them all, we shall not show mercy to these imbeciles.".

With that, the saints lunged towards the fleet of spaceships.

The entire valley was quaking.

The young members of the Mirror Dimension were terrified.

They dished out several magical equipment.

A bright light exploded above them.

Their blows bounced off the bright light.

They were caught off guard.

These descendants of the Mirror Dimension had some sort defense mechanism.

But how long could they last?

Yue Yin was attacking as well!

This was war!

And this was the battle field!

The little brats finally understood the cruelties of war.

A conqueror who waged war with others would one day meet his own match and his downfall.

It was time for their demise.

Some royal members were scrambling into shuttles heading straight for Earth under the cover of their loyal followers.

They had to seek some protection while the shield was still effective!

The princes from the Qu family escaped, the princess from Zhong family also escaped, following them were little princess Blue Flower, Red Sparrow and Luo Lie!

They had sent messengers to head there in their place to deliver the news.

Their men were attacking the magical formation instead, with determination.

The universe was huge!

So was the solar system!

But right now, there was no space left for them. The passageway was sealed shut and the saints looked at them like hunters looking at prey.

There was only one way out.

To break through the magical formations!

Only by breaking through could they have a chance of survival!

Whether they would die in the formation… they could only leave that to the heavens!

All the offspring of the Mirror Dimension were at their wits' end.

Their helplessness could be compared to the dire situation the cultivators faced years ago.

This was karma.


Yan Dong directed his entire crew to turn up their defensive shields to the maximum to hold off the saints.

They dived straight into the protective magical formations.

Fireworks followed, bursts of flames and sparks were combusting in the virtual space.

It was instant death for the crew members on board.

Treasure hunting?

How ridiculous!

The Village of Dao wasn't a place for people like them to raid and rob!

Those who had they lives taken on this conquest were indeed regretful. They were descendants of their royal family; their futures were bright and privileged.

They came to this place out of greed and envy and met their ultimate downfall.

Yan Dong's battleship was carved out of heavenly gold, it was the strongest of them all.

Now, to guarantee his safety, he was exhausting the top-grade spirit stone.

For his own survival.

He watched the ships around him combust and his heart was throbbed

"I do not concede!".

He let out a frenzied howl.

A large net of light appeared in front of them!

The net was blinding and it seemed to capture the entire universe.

Their ship had gone head first and a loud cackle could be heard.

The defense of the ship went down by eighty percent instantly.

They made it.

But despair was painted on the faces of all those on board.


Before them were many other nets overlapping and trapping them!

This was close to the core of the solar system; Earth was a small distance away!

The hurdles were even more arduous now.

Yan Dong opened his communication device and held back his tears, "Everyone… if you receive this message, find a place to hide, this galaxy is not to be reckoned with. Remember this!".
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