Chapter 458: The Blade Slays the Mirror Dimension

Chapter 458: The Blade Slays the Mirror Dimension
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That's not possible!

When the defense formations were created back in the day, it was targeted against saints, people much more powerful than these brats today!

How could they survive this?

The ships were going up one by one, it was the last of them.

The ashes were dissipated around the space, soon they were nothing at all.


Yan Dong sunk into despair.

Whatever this glory conquest had intended to be, they had utterly failed.

Wishful thinking!

Miserably failed!

They were annihilated!

In the icy space, all that remained were fragments of the vessels.

Lifeless debris floating around contrasting the noise and desperation a second ago.

Guests of Zhou Xu's wedding had evacuated immediately. No one had come after them.

"Shameless!" Moon Shadow cursed.

They knew that many of these guests were descendants of those saints who had left the Village of Dao. Granting them access through the passageway.

"Forget it, everyone has different ambitions. Count them decent to not fight against us."

"Fight against us? As if they dare!"

The borders of the solar system were finally regaining some peace.

Zhou Xu's gold carved city was empty, like a ghost town. Everyone had fled for their lives.

Moon Shadow kept the city with her powers, "Not a shabby token of victory.".

"Do you think Chu Yu had gone after the Mirror Realm?" another saints asked.

"Attack the Mirror Dimension? He won't be that crazy, will he?"

"Let's head by to the Mirror Dimension!" Moon Shadow's eyes were glistening.

"What do you mean?"

"He might actually just do that! His ancient practices gift him with the powers to kill ancient saints, but with a time limit. I am guessing that he will be going there to make full use of his powers!"

"Let's make haste then, give him a hand!"

They vanished in an instant and it was deadly quiet in this space.

War is never child's play.

Chu Yu turned up the speed to the maximum!

He had never felt power like this before, it was coursing through his veins, it was part of him!

Thankfully Chu Yu's physical body was created from the metallic sphere, strong and resistant.

His strength granted him the ability to harness this surge of energy.

Energy surpassing the level of saints!

But his will power was under strain. He felt like his mind was going to break down.

Extremely tortuous!

The effects however, outstanding!

He used his bare brute to tear a wormhole, traversing through space with his physical body.

Too fast!

Nobody could possibly track him!

He was acutely aware of the limited time he had and he was determined to make full use of this precious burst of energy.

No regrets!

The evil Mirror Dimension shouldn't have existed in the first place!

The place appeared before Chu Yu.

A vast piece of land parked across the galaxy.

Limitless laws and talisman guard this place.

Chu Yu channeled all his energy to his sword.

The sword aura was bursting through the skies.

Through gritted teeth Chu Yu let out a roar and swung his sword across this piece of land.

What's killing people to him?

He was going to take the whole realm!

The sword aura was like a laser beam taking out all the talisman and magical protections.

Then the impact hit the ground of the land.

The entire world had stopped spinning.

Then… the entire Dimension was shaking furiously.

All the living spirits were scared to death!

Nobody knew what was going on.

It was like the Judgement Day.

He had sliced the Dimension into two!

Billions of spirits were flying into the air, fleeing for their lives.

"What a move to build a place to attack another place! Allow me to destroy you today!"

Chu Yu was full of rage.

He was cloaked in bright light, it was hard for people outside to identify him.

He appeared on the edge of another border and struck down again!

The entire dimension was divided into four!

An ancient saint who had just aroused from his slumber was sliced into half with this blow!


The entire Dimension was destroyed with these two blows.

Without protective barriers, this place was in peril.

Thousands of meteors above the land was crashing straight down towards the ground.

Every meteor would impact the ground with terrifying destructive powers.

It was the apocalypse!

"Ah!" an ancient saint was howling angrily and he charged towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu hit him with a punch straight through his chest wall and that was the end of him!

Chu Yu was moving fast!

He didn't have much time left.

"Qu Royal family…"

He knew the hierarchy around here and he headed straight towards them.

Dozens of saints rose to meet him halfway.

Their faces were paints with anger and surprise but their fear was apparent.

This man had just sliced up the Dimension into four! How could they fight him?

But Chu Yu would never spare them anyways.

Qu family was the biggest tribe around here, they had been the tyrant as old as time.

The Qu ancestors were ruthless warriors when they attacked the Village of Dao in the past, ruthless and cold blooded.

It was also the source of their pride, the heads they took from the Village of Dao. It was a part of their glorious history.

The honor of their clan!

A bunch of murderers.

Chu Yu was helpless against them previously, but now…

"Go die!"

He was too fast!

The formulas he masters of the heavens and earth were too powerful and too swift for those people to react.

They were sliced into pieces!

This sword aura cannot be stopped!

There was no escape.

Chu Yu handed a punch to the gathering point of the Qu royal family.


The mountains were cracking!

The casualty numbers were unknown.

Another couple of dozens of saints emerged from within the depths of the mountains.

They were a sneaky bunch, hiding in those caves.

They had wanted to feign their own deaths to avoid this catastrophe.

They were destined to fail.

Chu Yu was like hellfire from the depths of the earth, he was not going to spare them.

With his vertical eye, he could see right through the valleys and the ridges!

He spotted them and jostled them out easily.

Slay them all!

"Oh god, save us…"


He was sliced into half by Chu Yu.

Go to hell with the rules and the proprieties!

Chu Yu appeared before the Zhong clan in the next moment.

An old enemy of the Village of Dao and a powerful mastermind behind the attacks in the past.

There was only a couple of young men there, the older saints were all hiding underground!

Awakened but hiding.

A chance of survival?

Wishful thinking!

Chu Yu was on a roll.
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