Chapter 460: You are the Emperor

Chapter 460: You are the Emperor
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The Monkey looked very awake as he said, "In the previous era, a great Emperor appeared. He was powerful and unimaginably strong! No one was his match. He created the Heavenly Courts, but he never put much thought into it.".

"It was just a toy to him.".

Was Chu Yu the heir to this Emperor?

Many things were uncertain.

Many things had changed since the rise of the Mirror Dimension.

Now, especially since he was so near Sainthood, the feeling of uncertainty was even greater.

He could feel the Qi in his body, it was very powerful.

"He held the Heavenly Cauldrons and the greatest Qi, he went on to explore the world" the Monkey said.

"What happened after that?" Chu Yu asked.

"After that…" the Monkey sighed.

"The existence of the Heavenly Cauldron was too much, it did not belong to this world. This was why they decided to split it up into nine. No one knows where the Emperor went.".

"Some said that he perished!".

The Monkey laughed as he continued, "But I don't think so, how could such a powerful being die?".

His mood suddenly changed as he said angrily, "I've always suspected that he's an Immortal that came down to our realm! He could crush everyone of the same cultivation!".

"Aren't you like that as well Master?" Chu Yu asked.

"Me? I have no match, I can sweep the world!".

The Monkey laughed.

"But I did not grow up in the same era as him, he was already gone then.".

"When I was born, the Heavenly courts were already corrupted, the bunch of idiots began sealing their nascent gods!".

The Monkey laughed coldly, "I would never have gone against them if it was the great Emperor who held control over the heavenly courts.".

Sealing their Nascent Gods?

Chu Yu was shocked.

He felt that the truth was close.

The Sacred Cauldrons were his doing? What about the Butterfly Dance?

Who was she?

Chu Yu recalled many of the past events.

Why did all the masters of the previous era refer to life as a game of chess?

"If the three realms were a single body, there has to be a balance," the Monkey said as he looked at Chu Yu.

"All this while, the mortal realm was always the equilibrium of these three worlds. Once something went wrong, a change needed to happen within the Immortal Realm and the Ghost realm.".

"The Emperor's Cauldron nearly destroyed these three realms!".

"Those circumstances would never have been permitted by those from the ghost realm, therefore, a huge war broke out.".

The Monkey smiled as he continued, "I've heard that the Ghost realm and the Immortal realm suffered huge losses in that war.".

"…" Chu Yu was speechless.

The Monkey looked at him, "The mortal realm. Being one of the three realms, had the power to fight against the others.".

"In the end, the Cauldron was too powerful, it caused heavy destruction in the three realms and the Cauldron was split into nine pieces after that. No one knew what would happen next.".

The Monkey's face grew serious as he said, "Including me, many people felt that this was all prearranged. But no one knows who could have been so immaculate.".

"Of course, when the three realms were plunged into chaos, the ghost realm fell first. This caused a great amount of problem within the six paths of reincarnation. The Immortal Realm encountered a similar problem as well. They closed the gateway to ascension and never came into contact with humans anymore.".

"Not only that, there were many from the Immortal Realm who had came down before that to search for something. Many have said that they were scouring for the Nine Cauldrons, but I don't think its as simple as that.".

"The Bastion of Stars prevented them from entering the solar system, but the original purpose of the Bastion was to prevent humans from going to the Immortal Realm!".

The Monkey looked at Chu Yu, "I don't know how much of this you understand, but this world is much more complicated than you think. When I accepted you as my disciple, I saw that you had the potential to change this world.".

"At that time, I had not much expectations. I imparted my skills to you in hope that you could be a happy person. What did this world's secrets have to do with you?".

The Monkey sighed, "But with your massacre this time, I finally regained all my memories, why I have the destiny to meet you.".

Chu Yu looked at him.

The Monkey continued, "You're not normal at all!".

"I know," Chu Yu smiled.

"This is your life, you can't escape it. Get ready for battle, my Emperor! It's incredible that you have been reincarnated across two lives and back. But, your enemies are all around the three realms. If you can't regain your powers, many people are going to swallow you whole! After all, you did start this mess, you have to clean it up yourself.".

"What?" Chu Yu looked shocked.

He was the Emperor?

"Master, can you go over the detail again…" Chu Yu asked, a little puzzled.

The Monkey laughed, "You can tell me what you understand.".

"This universe was split into three at first- the Immortal Realm, the Mortal ream and the Ghost realm, am I right?".

The Monkey nodded.

"After which, a bunch of bored Immortals came down and played around, is that the case?".

The monkey nodded again, "But it's hard to tell how many did.".

"Alright, let's ignore that for now.".

Chu Yu continued, "After which, the Emperor, whom many of you suspected had come down from the Immortal Realm, held the Cauldron and sucked all the energy of the three realms.".

The Monkey nodded his head vehemently.

"After which, this great Emperor disappeared, and the Cauldron was split into nine pieces.".

"Then, you were born and you broke into the sealed up heavenly courts.".

"The Ghost Realm was plunged into chaos and the six paths of reincarnation was messed up. The Immortal Realm shut their gates and the Bastion of Stars became the site of defence.".

Chu Yu had said all of that in a single breath.

The Monkey nodded his head once again.

Chu Yu said with a face of innocence, "The problem is, what has all of these got to do with me? The witch from the Mirror Dimension called me the Son of the Emperor. Be that as it may, I only used it as an identity to gather the forces of earth against the Mirror Dimension.".

"Why do you call me the Emperor now?" Chu Yu asked with a face of innocence.

The Monkey laughed loudly, "Who else can you be?".

The Monkey stood up and placed his hand on Chu Yu's head, "Let me verify it!".

Mysterious writings appeared on his paw as his fur glowed radiantly in a golden light.

"Trace it!" the Monkey shouted.

Following this, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Images of chaos began appearing around them.

Nothing could be seen clearly, but the Monkey used his eye of fire to look through all of them.

The energy around him then disappeared.

Chu Yu sat there, confused, he had not seen or felt anything.

The Monkey laughed, "You're no Son of the Emperor, you are THE Emperor! HAHAHA! I never thought I could affirm this fact!".

The Monkey was so happy that tears nearly rolled down his cheeks.

Chu Yu was in a state of shock.

Chu Yu had heard some information about the three realms from Chi You.

He also knew that the Cauldron led to the demise and destruction of the three realms.

But, he never expected that the one who started all of this was himself!
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