Chapter 466: Ambition

Chapter 466: Ambition
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The Heavenly Palace of the Ji clan kept a low profile for many years.

To those that knew of their existence, they were just a secretive group that held some power, it was nothing more than that.

No one truly believed that they took their own names seriously, after all, how could they have compared themselves to the higher beings?

But they did have such ambitions.

Every generation was working towards the same goal.

Now, they had the perfect opportunity.

This was a chance for them to claim ownership over this world. Who wouldn't want that?

Chu Yu? If he did not want to, why did he undertake the title of the Son of the Emperor?

Why did he have to build an army?

In their eyes, everything was for this.

Ji Yan Zi looked at her brother as a complicated look flashed past her eyes.

The destruction of the Mirror Dimension must have been Yi's doing!

This was what they all thought.

Many of the men in the Ji Clan such as Ji Feng never took Ji Yan Zi seriously- she was just a small girl.

Ji Feng was the most outstanding talent in his generation, but in reality, Ji Yan Zi was just as great!

Only a few people understood her.

She had heard that in recent times, there was a female ruler who claimed control over earth about a thousand years ago.

She had the same intentions.

This was her chance!

In that moment, she made a decision.

Once she had set her mind to something, she never turned back.

She smiled at her brother, "Brother, I'm worried about Liu Wu Tong.".

Wu Da Qian and Lu Bing Qian looked at her.

Even though she was the Princess, she seldom expressed her opinions.

Why was she suddenly so concerned?

But they could never imagine that she held such high ambitions in her mind.

Ji Feng looked at her and smiled, "I know you don't like him very much, but you have to have some faith in his abilities. Even though he has just become a Saint, regular Saints aren't his match. Moreover, he has the mountainous river map with him.".

A look of pride appeared on his face as he continued, "Unless Yi reveals himself, there is no way he can be beaten.".

Ji Yan Zi pouted, "Brother, I was just finding a reason to visit the mortal realm to take a look…".

"Hahaha! Why didn't you say so earlier? Just go if you want to! I'll send a few men to follow you," Ji Feng replied.

"No, please don't… I managed to leave the cage of the Heavenly Palace after so long, I don't want to be bound anymore," she said.

Ji Feng laughed, "Alright, but remember to take care of yourself, if anyone bullies you, let me know!".

Ji Yan Zi smiled, "Got it big brother, I'm leaving!".

With that, her figure flickered and she vanished.

Once she left, the smile on Ji Feng's face disappeared as his ice cold complexion took over.

He said with a dark voice, "When did she have such ambitions?".

Wu Da Qian and Lu Bing Qian were both a little shocked.

Wu Da Qian frowned, "You mean… the princess?".

"Who else can I be referring to?! She could hide it from me for so many years… this is interesting!" Ji Feng pondered.

Their expression grew serious, the elders were shocked.

Their young master was perceptive indeed!

Ji Feng had an eye for people ever since he was young, even the two elders did not dare to try anything funny.

"Young master, how shall we deal with this matter?" Wu Da Qian asked.

"Deal with it? Why do we have to? We can let her go and do whatever she wants. Let us see how far she can go," Ji Feng answered.

"Young master…. Is that too…" frowned Lu Bing Qian.

"This galaxy is past its prime," Ji Feng said.

He smiled, "If I am to become the ruler of the universe, I have to look further than that. If my sister wants to be a queen, I can just give her this galaxy to play with.".



Liu Wu Tong was delighted, he had the Saintly mountainous river map with him, and he had just broken into the Saint realm.

No one was his match.

"How can a small fry call himself the Son of the Emperor? Who has such guts? But now that I think about it, the girl beside him is lovely indeed, she's my type!" he said to himself.

They had made their necessary preparations, they had some information on Chu Yu.

In the Chu Clan of the north.

Lin Shi was talking and having tea with Song Yu.

Chu Yu and her had not wed, but Song Yu knew that they loved each other.

She treated her as her daughter-in-law.

She was worried because Lin Shi did not show much emotion.

"You don't have to worry about me, I really don't mind," Lin Shi smiled as she poured a cup of tea for Song Yu.

"That little brat, I knew that he had other feelings!" Song Yu frowned.

She liked Xu Xiao Xian too, but the problem was that her son was two-timing.

The matter seemed very complicated.

Song Yu could not see through Lin Shi.

Lin Shi smiled, "Auntie, I owe my life to him, he has saved me multiple times now. When I lost myself, he never gave up. Him and Xiao Xian are a match made in heaven, he would not be happy if I were to stop him.".

"But… times have changed," Song Yu commented.

Lin Shi smiled, "What if he never regained his cultivation abilities back then?".

Song Yu was a little surprised by these words.

Lin Shi said with a serious face, "If not for that, my family would never have agreed to my marriage with him. No matter how good of a man he was, they would have allowed it.".

Song Yu nodded her head.

"Moreover… the Chu Clan's plans for him back then were…" she did not continue.

Song knew what Lin Shi was talking about.

Men who had no abilities in cultivation could only contribute to their clans by giving them offspring.

"So, I'm honoured to be here with him today, I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world," Lin Shi said.

Her facial expression changed all of a sudden.

She stood up and looked at Song Yu, "No matter what, you can't come out!".

A screeching sound came from outer space.

"Chu Yu you little dog, come out and die!".

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