Chapter 468: A Gathering

Chapter 468: A Gathering
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In the skies, Liu Wu Tong's floating head had its eyes wide open. It still had a shred of consciousness within it, and it was in disbelief.

"This can't be right! How can this small termite slay my body?".

With that, he charged straight at Chu Yu. Charging with extreme speed!

He was matching the speed of light.

Chu Yu was moving in a flash. He leapt into the air and he aimed…


Chu Yu had kicked his head and sent it flying into the far distance.

Boom boom boom!

The body was blown up into pieces.

Many people were shocked!

"The spaceship had gone up?"

"Mother, are there aliens here to attack earth again?"

"Jesus, the sun has exploded!"

The noise had attracted the attention of the common folk and they were startled.

Activated magical formations had formed a giant net to blanket the planet, shielding it from damage.

Chu Yu was bringing Lin Shi back to the home below.

Xu Xiao Xian looked worriedly at Lin Shi.

Song Qing and Ming Hui had flown off into another direction.

Ming Hui was heading towards Ji Zi Yan.

She had realized that she had missed a precious opportunity and was going to take her leave.

Ming Hui watched her and decided not to go after her.

"There's no peace here on Earth."

"Too much history," Ming Hui nodded in agreement.

A broken world with deep rooted history… it made things more complicated.

The power figures here had messy relationships.

When Ming Yu You first came to earth, she was full of curiosity.

Now she just followed behind Xu Xiao Xian obediently.

Lin Shi was sent into a chamber and Chu Yu started practicing his alchemy.

Lin Shi was clearly injured seriously, but her cultivation was intact.

She laid conscious and flashed a reassuring smile at Xu Xiao Xian.

Xu Xiao Xian returned the gesture.

"Useless me, I'd have been gone if you guys didn't reach here in time."

"Don't be silly, it'll have been disastrous for the clan if you hadn't been there."

"That man was after Chu Yu."

Xu Xiao Xian frowned.

"Might be someone from the heavenly palace."

"The heavenly palace?" Xu Xiao Xian questioned.

Song Qing nodded his head, "It's a very old organization on the Emperor Star, it dates to the previous era.".

"Have we ever offended them?" Xu Xiao Xian questioned further.

"We'll have to ask Chu Yu."

Ming Hui quipped in, "That man must hold an important position in the heavenly palace for him to possess the Empire map.".

"That scroll?"

"That is a very powerful magical object at the level of saints."

Chu Yu was still practicing alchemy, just listening to the conversation thus far.

A messenger barged in and notified them of a group of visitors outside.

Xu Xiao Xian glanced at Chu Yu before saying, "I'll go have a look.".

Song Yu who had just arrived broke into a smile, "Let me go instead girl, you stay here.".

Xu Xiao Xian blushed slightly and curtsied at him.

Lin Shi's wounds were taking a toll on her mental state, she was slowly sinking into delirium.

Xu Xiao Xian gently whispered, "Close your eyes and have some rest, you'll be alright again when you wake up. You have my word that I'll catch that imbecile and torture him!".

Xu Xiao Xian had spoken gently but firmly.

Chu Yu was concentrated on the alchemy.

Ming Hui and Song Qing were drawn by his focus and they were observing him intently.

"Who knew that a young man like him would be a master of pills…".

"He was good at it since when he was in the Mirror Dimension. He had made tremendous progress over the years.".

A group of people were hurrying towards them accompanied by Song Yu.

Ming Hui and Song Qing turned their gaze towards them. The leader was an extremely beautiful lady, Yue Yin. The spy that had infiltrated the Mirror Dimension.

The rest of the party were powerful saints who were part of the same mission.

They were finally home after 60,000,000 years.

The moment she walked in, Yue Yin flashed a smile at the crowd and then spoke apologetically to Chu Yu, "I'm sorry I didn't manage to honor my promise of keeping your family safe.".

"This is not your fault, it's an unfortunate accident."

Chu Yu retrieved the pill he had just conjured and passed it to Xu Xiao Xian to feed Lin Shi.

Xu Xiao Xian looked at the strangely shaped pill and muttered, "Still so ugly…"

Chu Yu chuckled before introducing Yue Yin's squad to the members of the Chu clan.

They were all in awe and were busy getting acquainted with one another.

These group of men were impressive mighty saints.

It was hard to believe that Chu Yu could assemble such an impressive team of powerful people.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni had hurried over as well with Flat sister.

Zhao Man Tian, old Huang and Da Jia Zei joined them as well.

The Chu Clan was bustling more than ever before.

Lin Shi's condition was immediately under control once she had taken the pill.

Even Yue Yin was a little surprised and double-checked Lin Shi's limbs. She was impressed with Chu Yu's mastery of pill refinery.

Chu Yu didn't summon the servants of the gold city or the demon soldiers.

Considering the size of the place, he wouldn't be able to fit everyone comfortably.

The Chu clan were caught off guard by the visit of so many saints and were busy preparing a feast at night.

Chu Yu decided that he might as well invite some of his closer friends for a gathering.

Xue Xue and Wang Dong from Mars were invited.

Li Feng Mang, Bai Sha Ren, Li Xiao Xiao, Ye Yun Luo were all invited.

Xue Xue had many things to update Chu Yu but hesitated upon seeing Xu Xiao Xian next to him.

Wang Dong had urged her to talk to him but she declined, "Never mind, she is his true love.".

"What true love? There can only be one true love and he already has two next to him, you can be the third.".

Xue Xue looked at him with a peculiar gaze.

"You mean you rather be with me?" Wang Dong asked.


Xue Xue's honest reply had left him feeling snubbed and dejected. He wanted to bury himself in pots of alcohol right away.

After hearing about the heavenly palace, Chu Yu had come to an understanding that the biggest internal threat was them. Not the Taiji sect but this secret organization!

It was impressive that they survived across the era and they remained stealthy and unpredictable. They were a scary bunch of people.

Any new Saint won't be Chu Yu's match. But these bunch of people were able to withstand two of his blows and managed to escape after.

Chu Yu had sent a message for Drizzle Shen but she didn't reply him.

He wondered what she was busy with.

Ji Yan Zi left the party quietly. She was wandering about aimlessly, still racking her brains hard for a way to make Chu Yu obey her.

She had a new multi-media tool and she was pouring her eyes over news updates regarding Chu Yu.

She was more and more pleased reading the articles.

"This talented man must not be underestimated as a small fry.".

A slender figure blocked her path.

She was startled and she raised her head to meet the eyes of an extremely gorgeous woman.

She was staring back at her emotionlessly.

"You are?"

It was Drizzle Shen.

"Why did you guys attack Chu Yu?".

"What a joke! Our guys? I am not related to them.".

Drizzle hit her without any hesitation!

"Then go and die," she muttered coldly.
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