Chapter 469: Three Year Old Miss Shen

Chapter 469: Three Year Old Miss Shen
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Ji Yan Zi was furious.

"What is wrong with you?"


There was a large sound and her blow had punched a hole in the space.

The residual vibrations had crumbled a mountain beneath them.

"What are you doing?"

"Killing you!"

Drizzle Shen was ruthless.

Ji Yan Zi hadn't paid much attention to this woman at the beginning, she was used to being arrogant and peering down on others.

But after a couple of rounds, something was not right.

This woman was extremely powerful!

Her cultivation was impressive and her sacred art was also masterful.

"Who exactly are you? You crazy woman!" Ji Yan Zi was getting serious.

They were fighting till the world's ends.

Their fight was captured and live streamed.

The viewers were engrossed.

"There's another fight going on?"

"Didn't they just end a battle there?"

"Two balls of light… can't get a good view but it looks scary!"

The live stream was available at the Chu quarters as well.

Different from the common folk, the Chu members could tell it was two females.

Chu Yu instantaneously recognised one of them, it was Drizzle Shen. He had no clue as to why she was fighting another beautiful woman.

"Are you done yet?" Ji Yan Zi was completely enraged and she shot upwards and released all her energy.

Aura of a saint!

Her aura was strong enough to fill the entire valley.

She pointed a sword relic at Drizzle Shen.

Drizzle Shen was also exploding with energy.

Their force fields were counteracting each other and sparks were flying in the air!

None of them were weak!

Drizzle Shen was also a saint!

Thankfully, Earth was protected by many resilient magical formations.

"I won't let go! How dare you guys cause trouble for Chu Yu! I am going to kill you all!"

"Crazy b*itch! When have you seen me causing trouble for Chu Yu?"

"That imbecile was going to mess with the Chu clan and you stood in the darkness observing the entire scene. You dare say you are not part of them?"

Their conversation was held telepathically and the viewers had no clue what they were arguing about.

Chu Yu looked at the crowd and addressed them, "This is the daughter of my old friends, I can't bear to watch her go down, I'll be back shortly after helping her.".

Xu Xiao Xian looked at the balls of light, she could tell that they were great beauties, "I'll come along!".

A bunch of people followed them as bystanders.

The media followed them as well.

Ji Yan Zi possessed a strong magical object as well.

As the most doted princess of the Ji family, her object was comparable to the Empire map.

It was a string of silver bells.

She presented this string of silver bells and it clinked about crisply in the air.

Every soundwave was charged with menace!

It was cancelling out every blow that Drizzle Shen was striking.

Like the sound of the crashing waves, the notes were charging towards Drizzle Shen.

The energy of a saint was completely activated but it was still not enough to defend against the sound waves.

With a wail, Drizzle Shen spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"You crazy b*tch, you still want to continue?"

Suddenly, her expression changed, she could see large group of men charging towards her.

She had a moment of panic, they were all powerful saints.

Damn it!

Where did they come from?

She left in a hurry without hesitation.

She didn't want to position herself against Chu Yu and his alliance. She wanted to avoid this fight altogether.

Drizzle Shen blocked her path with confidence as she watched Chu Yu draw closer.

"Pester me further and I will kill you!"

"Haha, kill me? Come at me!"

"You really think I can't kill you?" she yelled before shaking her bells vigorously.

Drizzle Shen's aura was destroyed instantly.

Chu Yu moved quickly and struck Ji Yan Zi with his sword.

Sigh… must we meet under these circumstances?

She was cursing her fate.

She had to counter Chu Yu but explained to him telepathically, "I don't mean to be your enemy, I had nothing to do with the attack of your family!".

Chu Yu suppressed her before checking on Drizzle Shen, "Are you ok?".

She shook her hand and clutched her chest, "I'm fine, don't let her go, she is part of those who injured your woman!".

"Huh?" Chu Yu glared at Ji Yan Zi.

"Nonsense! How am I in cahoots with that imbecile?"

"What is going on exactly?"

Drizzle Shen replied, "These days, I've been wandering about the region and I caught this woman hiding in darkness watching the attack of your family! It's only logical that they were in cahoots!".

Ji Yan Zi was indignant, they really weren't together!

Although they were both from the heavenly palace, they hadn't established contact before.

Liu Wu Tong was a mighty general, as if he was going to listen to her orders!

Facing these powerful men, she knew that she needed something powerful to defend herself.

She had to present her soul destroyer bells.

Liu Wu Tong had injured Chu Yu's woman.

A miscalculation!

Damn her jealousy. Ji Yan Zi was regretful.

She put on a forced smile and cajoled at Chu Yu, "I do know the man…".

"No defense now huh?"

Ji Yan Zi was amazed at how this ill-mannered girl remained so persistent. She was annoyingly persistent.

"He is my brother's guard, but I swear we are unrelated. I followed him secretly and I wanted to help you guys!"

"You have the cheek to tell such a ridiculous lie."

She glared at Drizzle Shen, "Mind your language young lady, allow me to finish. Even when executing a criminal, you need an interrogation process. Anyways, I am far from a criminal, I didn't do anything wrong. You were the one coming after my life. If I had really wanted to kill you, I could have done so in a dozen ways.".

"Come then!"

She was surrounded by all her allies.

"Miss Shen, allow her to finish, please?" one of Yue Yin's companion had pleaded.

Drizzle Shen muttered pitifully, "What is there to hear? We should just kill her…".

Chu Yu's companions were frowning. Who was this brazen girl, was she really Chu Yu's friend? She was so ill-mannered.

Chu Yu was frowning too, what can he say? He can't possibly explain to these bunch of people that she was still a child at heart.

After all, she was trying to uphold justice for him.

"Miss Shen, please come over, allow me to introduce a couple of friends to you."

Chu Yu glanced at Xu Xiao Xian pleadingly.

She understood him immediately and led Drizzle Shen to the side and chatted with her quietly.

Chu Yu gestured for Ji Yan Zi to continue, "Go on…".
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