Chapter 470: I'm Afraid So

Chapter 470: I'm Afraid So
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Ji Yan Zi calmed herself down as she said, "My name is Ji Yan Zi, I'm from the heavenly palace. The man who attacked you before is named Liu Wu Tong, he's my brother, the guard of the young master of the heavenly palace, Ji Feng. Ji Feng wants to conquer the world, which was why Wu Tong came here, because they have information that Prince Chu's name is infamous here.".

She looked up to see if her words aroused any suspicion.

Her heart sank- their information did not mention that there were these ancient Saints around Chu Yu.

Ji Feng's judgement was foolish!

She continued, "They want to attack you!".

Chu Yu nodded his head.

Ji Yan Zi saw no fear on Chu Yu's face, she said, "And I… I don't agree with his ways, I wanted to stop Liu Wu Tong, but you beat me to it. To be honest, the heavenly palace's power is indeed overwhelming.".

She paused again as she realised that the facial expressions on these people's faces did not change much.

Xu Xiao Xian seemed to want to say something, but she did not.

"Do you guys think that I'm lying?" Ji Yan Zi asked bluntly.

What she wanted was basically the same as Ji Feng.

But the people of the heavenly palace would not have stepped out so easily, especially for people like her father, the King.

She and Ji Feng were the two most outstanding youths in their generation, all she needed to do was prove that she was better than him.

She looked at Chu Yu without any fear and said, "My brother wants to use oppression and murder to fulfil his ambitions, I'm different!

She continued, "In the entire solar system, the Emperor Star is the most advanced territory, but it's also the most chaotic! There are many unknown powers here, they will not submit just like that! Even though Prince Chu has some achievement, I have to pour some cold water on your parade…".

She smiled, "Your glory has come from your triumphs, but have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to face defeat?".

"I'm afraid that you have not haven't you? The result would be that you will lose all support and respect that you have garnered.".

"Moreover, when the time comes, you won't be able to stop it!".

At that moment, Xu Xiao Xian said, "Miss Ji, I mean, Princess Ji, you don't have to explain all of this to us. We came here just to see what happened between you and Drizzle.".

"It wasn't me who started it…" Ji Yan Zi tried to explain,

Xu Xiao Xian cut her short, "We've understood what you said, we believe you as well, you can go now.".

"You…" Ji Yan Zi was enraged, she felt like she was talking to an idiot.

"Don't act like we're friends, if you aren't after the title of the ruler, why are you talking to us? Sorry, we're not interested," Xu Xiao Xian said.

"Well said!" Drizzle added.

Bai Sha Ren and the rest all agreed.

What was the heavenly palace?

Where did this come from?

What made them think that they could be the rulers of this world?

Xu Xiao Xian's words were powerful, they angered Ji Yan Zi.

In this group, Ming Hui had the highest seniority, he knew very well that the heavenly palace was no simple organisation.

Ji Yan Zi calmed herself down as she looked at Xu Xiao Xian and forced a smile, "You don't understand the heavenly palace, but that's okay. I just want you to remember what I've said today. If I'm not wrong, there are still some elders amongst you, they should have some knowledge of the heavenly palace. Ji Feng has made his move, he will not back down. When the time comes, remember that I've once tried to reach out to you.".

She turned around to leave.

"What a strange girl," Fatty said.

Everyone else did not know what to say.

They all did not have a good feeling about this, but they felt that she was good at lying.

Black Dragon, Qu Ni, and Yue Yin all had a grim look on their faces.

When they returned to the Chu quarters, they began explaining to the rest about the heavenly palace.

"They are a highly secretive organisation. It is said that they existed from the previous era, and that they were the strongest force in the darkness.".

"They're very good at avoiding trouble and remaining hidden. Legend has it that the heavenly courts only fell because they were too outright and obvious."

"Even though the heavenly courts were rebuilt, they were never as grand as they used to be. The heavenly palace, however, has always remained.".

"That is why your understanding towards them is very limited.".

Black Dragon continued, "In the era of glory where the cauldrons were split, many people already knew of the three major Sects, as well at the thirty three other Sects, but few knew of the existence of the heavenly palace.".

"Elder Black Dragon, this heavenly palace… are they that mysterious?" Ji Jian Jia asked.

He nodded, "The heavenly palace is indeed very powerful. 60,000,000 years ago, they had two incredibly powerful Saints. One of them was named Lu Bing Qian, the other Wu Da Qian. They were the best talents from the heavenly palace, and they changed the landscape of cultivation back then.".

A look of memory appeared on Black Dragon's face, "I've fought with Wu Da Qian once…".

"And the result?" Warsong asked.

Black Dragon smiled, "I was crushed!".

A shocked silence rocked the crowd.

They all knew how powerful Elder Black Dragon was, regular Saints were not his match.

He was a true ancient Saint.

Who would have expected him to have been crushed by this other Saint? If that was his power then, how powerful would this man be now?

"Elder Black Dragon, are there many of these powerful Saints in the heavenly palace?" Chu Yu asked.

Black Dragon nodded, "I'm afraid so.".
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