Chapter 48: The Celestial Fox Immortal Cave

Chapter 48: The Celestial Fox Immortal Cave

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Lord Thief took a seat for himself, adjacent to Chu Yu, closed his eyes and took a nap, acting like he did not know Chu Yu.

Even though it was rather despicable, it still knew his place.

Wu Dong sat in the back row his gaze scanning over Chu Yu every now and then.

A Song… is representing the Chu Clan in exploring the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave?

Wu Dong was extremely suspicious and it was reflected in his expression.

The night before, he had heard a piece of news from the Liu Clan of Shu.

They told him that the Liu Clan had explored an ancient ruin with Han Xiao and Jiu Xiao.

Wu Dong did not know the exact details, but he heard that one person with surname Song had helped Lin Shimeng inside, and seemed to have gained much from the expedition!

He wondered, could this be the same man in front of him?

Even though Wu Dong was rather arrogant, he was rather careful and meticulous when he did his things.

This was why when he heard Tai Qing the last time, he was willing to lose face and he chose to walk away.

Surname Song, having helped Lin Shimeng. The relationship between Lin Shimeng and the Chu Clan’s wasted Chu Yu was dubious, and there was a spark of love between the two.

Xie Tianyu was also dead... and his murderer killed two Acupoint Charging Stage Eight people at the same time.

If we put all the clues together, it would seem that the person in front of him could be that very guy!

When he thought about that, Wu Dong raised his alert level.

Chu Tianxiong had scared him away using Tai Qing a few days ago, and he still held a grudge against the Chu Clan.

Today, the Chu Clan had hired another man of dubious origin, Wu Dong’s heart’s alertness was raised greatly.

What made him different from the rest here was that he knew the teachings inside the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave clearly.

In the ancient days, the Wu Clan of Qing Hai had interactions with the owners of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave.

As such, he was adamant about getting to the teachings inside the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave this time.

As he thought about the few magical equipment he had with him, Wu Dong’s confidence increased from the bottom of his heart.

Even though I, Wu Dong, am not the strongest here, who here has more powerful magical equipment than me? ANd that Mr Song... since you’re representing the Chu Clan, don’t blame me for not showing mercy when I slice you open when the time comes!

In that moment, Wu Dong’s eyes flashed with a murderous sparkle.

Chu Yu felt it, but he didn’t look back, acting as if he did not know.

Lord Thief used the Voice Transmission Technique to say, "There’s someone at the back with murderous intent."

Even though its cultivation level was not extremely high, animals tended to be more sensitive towards various auras, especially dangerous ones.

Chu Yu did not answer, he only laughed icily within, I haven’t even started to look for you, yet you have already presented yourself on a silver platter.

The reason why he had taken on the body of Song Hong was to portray an image of a powerful individual. He wanted everyone to be confused about Song Hong’s origins, his status and his power.

With someone so powerful with the Chu Clan and Lin Shimeng, he believed that many would fear them.

However, right now it was far from enough.

As such, Chu Yu needed to morph into Song Hong to accomplish more things!

He wasn’t afraid of getting into a little bit of trouble. He knew that the Chu Clan as well as Lin Shimeng would be able to keep themselves uninvolved in it.

Chu Yu hoped that one day, the name Song Hong would strike fear into those with untoward intentions towards the Chu Clan and Lin Shimeng.

It may be difficult to be a powerful individual.

However, an unpredictable, ghost-like powerful individual... one who will unsettle people whilst commanding respect!

Since ancient times, people have feared the unknown. The more mystery that surrounds him, the more people will fear him.

As for his own identity, Chu Yu did not plan to portray an image of a powerful martial artist.

Afterall, he had been "wasted" for too many years.

If he had assumed the disposition of a powerful martial artist in an instant, he may be on the radar of the giants.

The current him was not at the stage where he could stand on even ground with ancient sects and clans.

As for how he would slowly reveal himself to the world, Chu Yu had not planned that through.

This, would have to be left up to fate.

The huge bus sped along the highway. On a 300km route, almost 200+ of those were on the highway.

After an hour or so, the bus exited the highway and stopped at a fork.

Ahead was a vast mountain range.

There was no visible end to the range and it looked extremely grand.

Everybody disembarked and looked towards the mountain range.

The guide was one of the Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artists from the Leng Clan. He was extremely familiar with the road here.

He had been here countless times!

However, this time his heart ached. Previously, he had came here confidently, feeling as if he could reach the heavens just based off this opportunity.

What underworld clans? What ancient sects, ancient clans? They could all stand aside!

Next time, the Leng Clan would be the most powerful clan in the entire Dragon City!

No, not just the Dragon City, even the entire Northern Territories would be under the influence of the Leng Clan.

Sadly, this was all a dream.

With the addition of greater powers, the Leng Clan was relegated to the position of hosts.

"Everyone, please follow me." The Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artist from the Leng Clan said calmly and politely.

Yet, his heart was dripping with blood, I hope you all die inside the ruins of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave!

Chu Yu was in the middle of the crowd, and he moved towards the mountain calmly.

A hundred mile journey was no big deal for this group of people. Everybody kept a steady speed, as if in sync with each other.

During this process, a slightly plump youth, about 27-28 years old came abreast of Chu Yu and whispered, "Hey, brother, you’re representing the Chu Clan this time? Helping them to explore the ruins?"

Chu Yu glanced at him, the youth was smiling and seemed like he was full of kindness.

"Yes indeed." Chu Yu nodded.

"Many of us in this group are hired by others. However, I must say, this search for treasure is for oneself. After all, these kind of situations are dangerous, one misstep and you could lose your life. There is no reason to risk your life for others, unless the pay is good enough..."

The plump youth looked like he had just met an old friend and smiled, "My name is Fan Jian, how do I address you?"

Wu Dong’s ears perked up, eavesdropping on their conversation, even as he maintained his distance between Chu Yu

Fan Jian? Criminal? What a weird name.

"Song Hong." Chu Yu replied faintly.

Fan Jian replied, "I’ve heard a lot about you!"

Chu Yu rolled his eyes internally and thought to himself, What a hypocrite, this is only the second time I’m using this name, where could you have heard about me?

Fan Jian did not care much about that and continued whispering to Chu Yu, "Later in the ruins, how about we form a team? We can help and complement each other."

"Why did you find me?" Chu Yu asked.

"Because the rest are not interested to form a team with me." Fan Jian said honestly, without feeling ashamed, "I am only at Acupoint Charging Stage Eight, my cultivation level is a little too low." Chu Yu was rather exasperated, ONLY Acupoint Charging Stage Eight? Too low?

He wondered what kind of reaction such a statement would elicit from the people on China’s Heaven’s Pride Board.

However, the people on China’s Heaven’s Pride Board were rather talented and their cultivation levels rose rather quickly.

It was very possible that the person at the top of the board had already attained stage nine.

Fan Jian wasn’t exactly lying either, his level was not low in the eyes of the commoners, in fact, he could be considered an expert.

However, in the eyes of the ancient sects, large clans and ancient clans, he did not count for much.

"Then how did you get here?" Chu Yu looked at Fan Jian, not believing that he had no background.

Even though exploring the ancient ruins was filled with danger, it was no different from cutting a cake.

Not everyone was entitled to a share.

"I heard the news and came on my own." Fan Jian giggled.

Chu Yu gaze swept over the rest. He saw that many of them looked in disdain at Fan Jian, almost as if they recognized him but did not want to acknowledge that they knew him.

Chu Yu nodded, "Then let us discuss that after we arrive."

"Ok, that’s a deal!" Fan Jian said happily.

Chu Yu was speechless, who made a deal with you? Yet, he wasn’t exactly repulsed by this thick-skinned individual.

The group went through the mountains. Under the leadership of the Leng Clan’s member, they arrived at the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave promptly.

Many years ago, legend has it that a Celestial Fox lived here. Its magical powers were great and it was able to manipulate the weather.

At that time, the locals had revered it, and even built a Celestial Fox Temple here.

Today, that temple was crippled and it collapsed, and looked extremely dilapidated.

Next to the temple was a tall cliff. The Celestial Fox Immortal Cave was somewhere in the middle, about 10 meters up.

Looking at it from the bottom, the cave entrance was not big, about two feet in diameter, and it was pitch dark inside, with no way to know where it led to.

The Leng Clan martial artist brought the group here and pointed to the cave entrance, "This is the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. You enter from here, after walking about 30 meters, there’ll be an enchantment, after passing through that, you’ll be in the ruins."

At this time, someone from the crowd said, "Okay, thank you for leading us here, you may go back now."

The Leng Clan martial artist stiffened as he looked at the man, "What do you mean?"

The man who spoke was a youth about 23-24 years old. His face was like a crown jade, and had an elongated body. He did not wear any modern clothing, instead opting to wear a white long sleeved tunic. His hair was tied up in a bun, and he looked rather suave.

He said with a faint mocking tone, "I just don’t want to see you send yourself to your own death."

The Leng Clan martial artist frowned, "Whether I send myself to my own death is my business..."

"Hehe, do you really think anyone and everyone has the right to enter this ancient ruin?" The youth laughed faintly, "Ok, we have all noted that you have done us all a favor by bringing us here. We won’t forget the Leng Clan in the future when we find loot inside here.

Afterwhich, he looked towards Chu Yu, "And you, you, you... you all don’t have to go in either. All you need to do is come here and take a look for exposure. The ancient ruins are not a place for you to enter."

The youth pointed at a few man, basically people from the Dragon City clans, or their helpers.

These men were disgusted, this was clearly him stealing the territory from the others.

The Celestial Fox Immortal Cave ancient ruins were found by the clans of the Dragon City, yet now, they were being left out.

"Why? Are you all unhappy?" As the youth spoke, a grand aura was suddenly radiated form his body.

This powerful suppressive power was fired off in Chu Yu’s direction.

In that moment, about 10 people paled and retreated, the two Acupoint Charging Stage Six martial artists fared even worse, retreating over 10 meters away, hands clutching their chest.

Chu Yu remained rooted to his spot, but he had assessed that this young man was an Invigorated Meridian Stage One expert!

He was the same level as the doll faced b*stard Qi Heng!

What surprised Chu Yu was that the plump Fan Jian, who had claimed that he was an Acupoint Charging Stage Eight, was still unharmed and smiling next to him.

It was almost as if he did not feel the wave of power that just exploded from the youth.

This man... was quite untrustworthy.

That youth, seeing that his aura had knocked a few people back, said flatly, "Are you satisfied now? I do not want to have to kill you all here, to be frank, you all are not my match either. Have a little self awareness and leave, and be able to live another day, okay?"

At this point, many of the youths beside Chu Yu showed their discontent. This emotion seemed to be directed straight at that youth!

Chu Yu’s heart wavered, Maybe this youth was not the arrogant b*stard that people see him as, maybe he really is trying to save people?
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