Chapter 475: Coming Into His Own!

Chapter 475: Coming Into His Own!
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Demon King Xue could see the look of fatigue on Chu Yu's face.

He was powerful, very much so!

Demon King Xue could clearly tell that Chu Yu was more powerful than him when he was at this level.

Even now, when he had already achieved Sainthood, it would not have been easy for him to beat Chu Yu.

This army would not be beaten in a short amount of time.

Even if none of the greater demons were Saints, they were not weak.

After all, there were only a few Saints in this galaxy.

There was no exact number, but the proportion to the rest of the beings was definitely immensely small.

It was difficult for demons to break into the higher stages of cultivation due to their anatomy.

But their life span was much longer, which allowed them to pursue cultivation.

Those Legendary Emperors could go toe to toe with some human Saints!

To be able to kill so many of them within such a short amount of time, Chu Yu's power was undoubtable!

However, he was still not at the peaks of his powers.

Demon King Xue calmed himself down.

He felt that it would be difficult for his army to lose.

A look of worry appeared on many of the people's faces.

Some of them heaved a sigh of relief.

He was a human, he wasn't a god!

If Chu Yu could easily take this victory, he would have been like a god!

It was an impossible task to begin with, one main against three million!

At this moment, a sudden change occurred!

Thirty or so greater demons rushed into the sky as they wanted to capitalize on Chu Yu's fatigue.

They each demonstrated a powerful Sacred Art.

The entire space was filled with chaos.

Chu Yu just stood there silently.

He seemed to have given up.

What happened?

All those who supported him were shocked and nervous.

They were frightened!

Only the demons who were charging at him knew what was going on.

Chu Yu's eyes gave off a stunning pressure.

Saintly pressure!

An invisible force swept past these thirty demons as they fell from the sky like fallen leaves.

"A mental attack!" many of the onlookers gasped.

Ming Hui looked at Song Qing and said, "He's pretty all rounded!".

Song Qing nodded his head and said, "Swort arts, fist techniques, palm techniques, and other sacred arts… he's pretty good in all aspects of battle, it's rare indeed! Who would've thought that his mental powers are already in the Saint realm…".

Ming Hui praised, "I've been called a genius before, but this boy probably surpasses me in that aspect!".

"When I became a Saint, I exhausted most of my powers, especially my mental strength. I've never seen someone whose mental powers have been the first to step into the Saint realm," Yue Yin agreed.

She looked at Du Yu and asked, "Little Du, what do you think?".

Du Yu let out a wry smile, "Teacher, your eye for talent is the best, I think I've already seen enough to be convinced.".

She laughed, "Look carefully, this isn't his real power.".

"What?" Du Yu said suspiciously.

Yue Yin said, "Have you seen him use anything else other than his sword?".

Du Yu was stunned.

Yue Yin smiled, "He's a prideful man, he doesn't want to rely too much on other tools. Think about what he did at the Mirror Dimension…".

Du Yu said, "Was it really him?".

Many people still did not believe that Chu Yu was the one who caused so much havoc there.

How could a dimension full of Saints have been destroyed by one man?

It was unbelievable!

Du Yu looked at Chu Yu, who was sweeping past many foes, as he said, "If it was really him… this should be a piece of cake.".

It was no piece of cake, Chu Yu was using the battle to fortify his body, to improve his sacred art!

Every battle was a lesson, he did not want to use any of his items to help him. 

Even though it was tiring, within him was the capacity that far superseded anyone of the same cultivation levels.

He had only exhausted less than a fifth of his energy! 

There were however, some injuries on his body.

With his cultivation constantly increasing and his body constantly fortifying, a powerful energy shrouded his body.

Even a powerful attack could only inflict a small wound. 

Only a Saint could inflict serious damage.

It was difficult for them to overpower Chu Yu with strength in numbers!

If they were highly organised and trained, perhaps there was a chance.

But they were a lawless and chaotic troupe! 

They did not even know how to properly interact with one another!

In every generation, someone like Chu Yu would appear.

It was rare for people to encounter someone like him.

The demons were unlucky, they just had to fight someone like him.  

The demonic army began to worry.

Demon King Xue looked on from afar as he observed Chu Yu's every move. His face was as stern as ice.

The people all around had stone cold expressions as well. 

Only those who were closer to Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

Even if there were many remaining in the demonic army, they were not that worried anymore.

They watched on as Chu Yu sped forward like a ray of light.

He charged into the demonic army!

Even though there were still many Legendary Emperors among them, they began to doubt themselves.

Many of the demons had died in Chu Yu's hands.

He was already merciful, but there was bound to be blood spilled.

The wounds on his body were not lethal, but they were numerous.

Fresh blood stained his robes as he held the Sword of the yellow emperor in his hands and charged on like a god of war with the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork.

The demons were in despair!

This human was too powerful, he was like a madman! 

His powers were almost perverse, no matter how they attacked, they could not inflict any serious damage.

Despair was like a virus, it spread within the army.

They had never fought against a single man!

No one could have imagined this scene before the battle started.

Even the ancient Saints did not expect Chu Yu to completely overpower them, even if they thought he could win.

This group comprised of three million demons, not three million pigs!

There were beings that were almost nearing Sainthood amongst them.

Even if they did not possess powerful sacred arts, how could they not overcome a single young man who was not even a Saint yet?

The humans on earth were elated by this sight!

A lone young man against three million demons, an army of voluptuous demons.

He stepped up and sweeped past all of them with ease.

There were only a few words that could describe the young people's feelings- Boy this feels good!
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