Chapter 477: Solitude

Chapter 477: Solitude
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This was a celebratory feast.

Apart from the death of the demons, the other surviving ones were all celebrating happily.

The major figures all had smiles of warmth on their faces.

They might have looked friendly, but no one truly knew what they were thinking.

They were not like the hot blooded youths, they had lived for a long time and had seen countless happenings.

In other words, they were the most vicious of the lot!

The previous era crashed in flames, yet, they were still here.

They were not to be underestimated.

With the passing of time, Chu Yu began changing his world view as well.

There's a saying that states that every man will become the version of himself that he hates the most.

Chu Yu was still holding on.

Chu Yu did not enjoy fighting to settle things, not at all.

If he could, he would have preferred peaceful negotiations, but animals were animals.

Some people would only learn the hard way.

Chu Yu could not escape from this.

He had to either fly far away and leave this land of uncertainty, or buckle down and do what he had to do.

Chu Yu was already part of this uncertain world.

The Butterfly Dance, the Mirror Dimension, Zhou Xu, anyone of his enemies had a big part to play.

Chu Yu knew that he was just riding a tall wave in the ocean. Once a bigger wave came, he could be swept into the depths of the sea at any moment.

There was nowhere to hide. It was hard to imagine how a defenceless solar system would look like.

Chu Yu did not want to see his own home crash and burn.

He'd rather raise the sword.

The humans on earth called this giant gold city the city in the sky, others called it the immortal palace.

A floating citadel in the skies, it was deserving of that name.

The word Immortals had a new definition in this day and age.

After the celebrations ended, Chu Yu returned to the living quarters to visit Lin Shi.

Her injuries had stabilised and she was recovering.

Xu Xiao Xian was accompanying her.

When Chu Yu entered, both of them had a light smile on their faces, he did not know what they were talking about.

They were not sisters, but destiny had forced them together.

They were both smart, they both knew that the other did not want to cause trouble for Chu Yu. 

"You don't look very happy," Xu Xiao Xian remarked as she looked at him.

Lin Shi was silent, she could tell that there was a look of worry in Chu Yu's eyes.

"Oh, you can tell?" Chu Yu did not need to hide anything.

"Of course, we're not blind. Do you regret killing the lot of them?" Xu Xiao Xian asked.

Chu Yu nodded, then shook his head and sighed, "There wasn't a need to.".

"Tsk! You're being weak!" Xu Xiao Xian teased.

"Indeed," Lin Shi smiled.

Chu Yu replied, "If I wasn't weak, I would've brought you two home with me long ago.".

The two girls blushed.

Xu Xiao Xian said shyly, "Is this a related issue?".

"Is it not? I know this part of me may not be likable," Chu Yu sat down as he held both of their hands.

"Yea my Prince Chu, what's the matter with you today?" Xu Xiao Xian smiled.

Lin Shi smiled as well, "What is this all of a sudden?".

Chu Yu smiled, "I'm thankful.".

"Watch your words, you're still young. Moreover, you're always flirting with those young girls!" Xu Xiao Xian glared at him.

"It's nothing," Chu Yu nodded as he replied honestly.

"This is very unlike you," Xu Xiao Xian commented.

"I'm actually pretty great aren't I?" Chu Yu laughed.

"How shameless!" the two girls said in unison.

"Haha!" Chu Yu laughed.

He continued, "Who knew that the galaxy hid so many scary secrets? Everything's changing now, but isn't it good to have a couple of beauties with me?".

"You wish!" Xu Xiao Xian glared.

Lin Shi agreed "You can do that now. Son of the Emperor, haven't you seen the looks that Ji Jian Jia, Li Xiao Xiao and Little Moon give you?".

Xu Xiao Xian nodded, "And the thirty-six disciples of yours, all of them are great!".

Chu Yu stared at them sheepishly and said, "Do you really think that lowly of me?".

"Yes!" the two girls said together.

They looked at each other and smiled.  

"If that's the case, I'm afraid I never would have gotten to know Xiao Xian, Shi Shi you probably would not have cared about me either," Chu Yu sighed.

Lin Shi looked at him, "You're wrong. No matter how you change, we will never ignore you.".

Xu Xiao Xian held his hand tight and smiled, "You can't escape fate.".

Lin Shi looked at him, "To be honest, I'm not as kind as you. When I went into the Mirror Dimension back then, all I wanted was to become more powerful. But you're different, you stepped onto the pathway of cultivation and took the burden of protecting this world on yourself.".

Xu Xiao Xian smiled, "The fact that you made it is already a miracle.".

"Are you two comforting me?" Chu Yu asked.

"No! We're just saying that you might have encountered many hardships along the way, but no one else has been able to walk this path like you. You have a destiny, a date with fate.".

Lin Shi looked at him, "You just killed a group of stupid demons, it's nothing much. Demon King Xue learnt a bit more about reality as well.".

Xu Xiao Xian nodded, "That's why, other than your flirting, everything about you is perfect!".

"The pressure feels great now," Chu Yu smiled.

The two ladies could tell that Chu Yu was a little off his usual self. They decided to take it easy and not question him directly, instead, they showed him that they would be by his side no matter what.

Chu Yu was no born king.

He did not even truly consider himself the leader of the cultivation world.

In the blink of an eye, he now had an army under his command.

And between them were countless groups and races of beings.

Even if Demon King Xue did not issue his challenge today, the problem would have arisen sooner or later.

Kill all rebels? Only fools would do that.

Chu Yu doubted his own identity, it was not a matter of whether the army under his command was stable or not.

It was simple a question of whether they had the respect for him in the first place!

This battle served as evidence today, now, everything had settled down.

But there were no promises that things like this would not happen again.

Internal thought and external troubles gave him a headache, he was too tired.

Indeed, he did have the Monkey, Yi and Chi You who backed him.

But all these people were just a sliver of memory.

Other than that, what else did he have?

Black Dragon and Qu Ni's recognition?

They were just two Saints!

He felt forced into this position, there was no space to back down!

Who could understand this pressure?

How many people in this world had to bear this responsibility?

His biggest wish was to bring his family in the future to roam the realms and disregard all mortal troubles.

But that was too difficult for a cultivator like him.

It was basically impossible.

What could he do?

He could only scream one word- F*ck!

How many people understood his solitude?

Luckily for him, in his most desolated moments, these two women assured him in his vulnerability.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi, perhaps this was the first time where they had let go of their own desires and held his hand. They sat there silently as they accompanied him in warmth.
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