Chapter 482: The Last Saint of the Twin Disciples Sect

Chapter 482: The Last Saint of the Twin Disciples Sect
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The settlers of the ground were simply oblivious to the situation in its entirety.

The bulk of this statue had marginalised the Earth.

In order to fully appreciate the entirety of the statue, one would have to watch from the fringes of the Solar System.

Nonetheless, this was an awe-inspiring sight.

The most powerful practitioners of Earth knew almost at once the identity of the statue.

It was Yi.

The Yi of legends, the God of Archery, who shot down the Nine Suns and ended the misery of thousands.

Yi's reputation had spread far and wide from stories including the killings against Twin Disciples sect.

The rebirth of the World of Cultivation had brought originally obscure legends and myths to reality.

This was especially so in these few years, given the increased quality of cultivations. People started to have a deeper understanding of the legends and myths of history.

It was without question that Yi, amongst these legends, was one of the classics.

In the past however, Yi had not always been the most famous.

He might not have even made it into a list of the top ten.

Yet today, he had become the most respected and adored hero to most on Earth.

This was a true God.

Once again, appearing in the nick of time, Yi had helped not only the Floating city, but also the people of Earth to avert a crisis.

Otherwise, the enraged Heavenly Ancestors would have, without a doubt charged over in murderous hordes.

What kind of scene would that have been?

The seas and skies would have run red with blood.

Perhaps even more dreadful than that.

The Floating city had its Saints. But facing the might of the Heavenly Palace, they would have been crushed in an instant.

Had anyone been banking on salvation by the Tai Chi Sect or the Twin Disciples Sect?

Pft, what a pipe dream.

They could not have been happier to see the Floating city, Earth's protective fortress be snuffed out.

The people of the Floating city were all kneeling to pay respects to the statue.

Yi exhaled lightly and headed towards the direction of Earth. The body of his statue occupied a large half of the Solar System. Larger than planets, his pair of eyes radiated a warm glow as Yi looked towards Xu Xiao Xian, nodding his head ever so slightly.

Then, like dust in the wind, the statue of Yi dissipated.

Lin Shi looked at Xu Xiao Xian, "Elder had instructions?"

Xu Xiao Xian's eyes welled up with tears, nodding and choking on her words, "Yi Master told me, he has no way of saving my protector."

Upon hearing this, Ming Hui and the others let out a sigh.

Time erodes the mightiest of heroes and the beauty of women.

As mighty as Yi was, he was not invulnerable to the passage of time.

He was merely a steadfast Ghost, protecting his space.

In his golden ages, he would never have watched on as the Heavenly Ancestors crush the Old Ghost.

If he could, he would have done something about it.

Xu Xiao Xian choked, "Yi Master also said, in the Heavenly Palace there are Ancestors of unimaginable terror, hibernating in the depths of the Universe. If awoken, horrible things would happen. That's why Yi Master can't do anything yet. He has to… conserve his remaining ounces of strength."

Hearing this, the crowd could not help but sigh.

A small group went up to comfort Xu Xiao Xian.

Xu Xiao Xian wiped her tears. With a steely look in her eyes, she softly said, "Master has received what he had hoped for, this was something he would have foreseen. I just… can't bear it."

She gave a self-deprecating chuckle, "I must look so silly. I've no semblance of a Witch of a Demonic Cult."

Lin Shi said gently, "Can't a Witch have feelings? You're strong, really!"

Song Yu emerged from the crowd and gave Xu Xiao Xian a hug. "Child, do not despair. For your Master to have chosen such a path, he must've had faith in you."

Xu Xiao Xian nodded slightly.

In the presence of Yi's might, those from the Heavenly Palace had escaped.

They had taken significant losses. They would not be back soon.

Yi had managed to inflict quite a deal of damage on them.

They could call each other titles for all they wanted, but none of it mattered when it came down to keeping their lives.

So what if Yi was deep in hibernation? His existence could still scare the wits out of them!

Yi was feared not just by them, but also the Tai Chi Sect and Twin Disciples Sect. Even some of the Ancients on Earth would cower under the might of Yi.

Mighty and matchless indeed!

For some reason, the people of the Floating city especially missed Chu Yu.

Especially Xu Xiao Xian. She had never been so vulnerable since the disappearance of her parents.

She missed Chu Yu deeply. She missed his embrace.



Chu Yu was in the most foreign of galaxies.

Remote from the solar system, it was at least a few thousand light years away.

Most importantly, Chu Yu was on a different plane.

This galaxy was at least a few hundred times the size of the Solar System.

It was the Double Star System.

All the planets lay in the orbit of two giant suns, circling them.

It was completely barren. There were no signs of life.

Chu Yu had taken uncountable years to reach this place.

And he was here because of an ancient map.

Without the map, he would never have found himself in such a foreign and strange land even with his arduous travels and practice.

Such a foreign and different plane was inaccessible in any normal circumstance.

The map told the way of Sainthood.

Not any ordinary saint.

This was the path Chu Yu sought.

It was to be found not through battles, not through fighting.

It had to be found through self-enlightenment!

Every living being which had met the criteria through cultivation to enter the Sacred City, had done so through exogenous paths.

War, fighting, art, literature, all these were exogenous paths.

Only a handful would choose the path of self-enlightenment.

Such a path was too difficult!

Those who had chosen the path of self-enlightenment walked different journeys. At this instant, any experience or lessons left behind by antecedents was of little aid.

It was almost a hopeless path.

Since antiquity, even the most noble and legendary of cultivators would rarely choose such a path.

Chu Yu's cultivations in sacred art, aside from his talents, were almost entirely bestowed upon him by the Monkey, the thirty-six Heavenly Generals, and the seventy-two Shapeshifters.

The magic techniques could completely be elucidated from the Superclass techniques. If one were to practice the Superclass technique to proficiency, he would have the moves of a Grandmaster.

The Killing Days Heart Technique was taught to him by Vertical Eye.

His state of being could be said to be extremely strange. Today, apart from his primeval spirit, his body comprised the drop of blood from Vertical Eye.

Thus, Chu Yu was fundamentally still different from the very few who sought a path of self-enlightenment.

The path to self-enlightenment would be unguided. One had to rely on himself.

Yet Chu Yu had lost his way!

It was as if he were fumbling around in pitch darkness, each step of the way.

The map did have an affinity with him.

After obtaining the map, he had received a clear message from the Vertical Eye.

The secret to Sainthood lay in the destination of the map!

At the time, Chu Yu had been shaken.

Hesitating momentarily, he chose to trust the greatest contributor to his creation – the Third Eye.

This map had just been hidden in the recesses of the Chu Clan territory.

After he had moved his entire clan to the City in the Sky, Chu Yu had returned to Earth, where the Chu Clan had resided.

Entering the recesses of the Earth, he sought what had been hidden.

Ultimately, he had discovered the source of terrifying waves of energy. It had been the ancient map.

With his eyes, Chu Yu was unable to recognise the origins of the map.

He only knew that the map was terrifying. If it were not for Vertical Eye's intervention when Chu Yu had laid eyes upon the map, he would definitely have been torn apart instantly. This must have been how the map had remained intact after all this time.

Nearly no one could take it away!

While searching the recesses of the Earth, Chu Yu had come across many bodies along his path.

The closer he got to the map, the larger and stronger these corpses were!

It was obvious some of these bodies were dressed in clothes not reminiscent of the era. They were outdated. It must have been many years since, but their body parts still radiated a chilling sacred power.

There were also bodies scattered further. They were probably of more recent times, radiating a power which was not as strong. They were however, at least of Legendary Emperor Cultivation.

Chu Yu even found, amongst these bodies, fragments of clothing from the Three Leaves Sect.

Recalling how the Three Leaves Sect struggled to claim the Chu Clan territory for their own...

Chu Yu gained some insight.

After the Three Leaves Sect had restructured to be civilized in cultivation, they had been very weak. They were no match for even the Chu Clan.

But if the Three Leaves Sect Elder who died here had visited the Chu Clan, he could have wiped out the Chu Clan with a snap of his fingers.

These bodies had died in gruesome manners. Body parts were strewn about and not a single complete corpse was in sight.

When Chu Yu saw the scattered corpses on his path, he nearly chose to run.

If even Saints could not survive, how could he have stood a chance?

What kept him going was a mystical vibe which the Vertical Eye had given off.

Walking past these corpses, Chu Yu felt no pressure.

Finally, he saw the map, suspended in mid-air.

It was relaying a clear message to him, it pointed to a foreign galaxy.

A place that Chu Yu had never seen before.

The map had illustrated a comprehensive navigation to this place from the solar system.

Chu Yu had followed the map religiously and arrived at its destination after much trouble.

He hadn't been lucky enough to travel in peace these couple of years.

He couldn't find an opportunity to attain sainthood and encountered many adversities along the way.

Someone had followed him all the way here.

He probably would have met his demise if not for the blood curdling aura of the map.

While he had been training in recluse, Chu Yu also had to hide from his antagonist. This man who had been chasing after him all these years.

The map had only led Chu Yu to the destination without any further instructions.

Apart from its ability to scare off his opponent a couple of times, Chu Yu was clueless as to the properties of this map.

He had to explore bit by bit by himself.

His assassin was a scary man, an experienced ancient saint.

Chu Yu hadn't figured out this man's identity.

The man seemed to have had his eyes on the map for an awfully long time. He even seemed to know the secrets of this map and hesitated to take it for himself.

When Chu Yu got hold of the map, he had turned his attention to Chu Yu instead.

On Chu Yu's journey here, this man had managed to stealthily follow him without being detected by Chu Yu.

Upon arrival, the man had swiftly attacked Chu Yu and caught him off guard.

It was a close shave for Chu Yu. Thankfully, his Vertical Eye had conjured a shield and protected Chu Yu from the perpetrator.

The map on the other hand, radiated a powerful force that alarmed the man and scared him off.

In the following years, the man had grasped every opportunity to attack Chu Yu.

He had even tried to smash Chu Yu with a planet.

Chu Yu had managed to dodge all these bullets.

Chu Yu dearly missed his family back on Earth. He had been away for years.

But he was also somewhat trapped. He couldn't leave this place without dealing with this assassin and attaining sainthood.

He had to accomplish what he had set out to do.

"There is no escaping, Chu Yu. If you hand over the map and tell me the way you tamed it, I shall spare your life."

"If not… I will torment you for the rest of your life till you curse the day that you were born!"

The message rang loud and clear.

The man had the ritual of sending Chu Yu the same message every now and then.

Chu Yu had never paid much attention to it.

He was like a dead man with no radiating energy.

He was quietly practicing his Killing Days Heart Techniques.

Sainthood was his only goal.

"Crowned as the descendent of the Emperor, you have your whole life ahead of you! Why waste your time with me? Hand over the map and I swear to leave you alone for the rest of your life. I won't bother you with taking revenge for the Twin Disciples sect."

The Twin Disciples sect?

Chu Yu was a little taken aback with the new bit of information revealed to him.

This was the first time his opponent had revealed anything about himself at all.

He must be at his wit's end.

This old b*stard was from the Twin Disciples sect?

There are still living members of the Twin Disciples sect?

"I am the last living saint from the sect…"

Damn, why weren't they wiped out?

Chu Yu looked like he was full of regret.

He finally figured out the background of his opponent today.

He had goosebumps all over.

This old guy kbew so much about him!

He even knew his title as the descendent of the Emperor!

This old guy had been watching him for a long while then, even before he got hold of the map.

What a master of hiding!

He didn't even appear when the sect was being wiped out!

He must have known when his sect was in trouble.

What an old b*stard!

Chu Yu was cursing his head off in his mind.

This old man must have known that he wasn't powerful enough to touch this map!

Hence the wait in hiding.

He must have wanted the map badly. All these years he had been attacking Chu Yu without real intention of destroying him completely.

Otherwise, he would have resorted to more extreme measures.

His sole motive was to learn the secrets of the map from Chu Yu.
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