Chapter 488: Flower Chu, Go Ahead!

Chapter 488: Flower Chu, Go Ahead!
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Like two shooting stars in the galaxy, Chu Yu and Flower Chu dashed across the universe.

He was surprised that he had met someone along the way.

He made some calculations and concluded that it was not impossible.

He did not think too much about it and was ready to leave with Flower Chu.

Not everyone was an enemy, just like his friends from the Orion Constellation.

At that moment, a large group of people suddenly walked out of the battleship!

The young man that led the group had blood red eyes and an aura of malice.

Who was this?

Chu Yu was very sensitive to such auras, he could recognise the girl behind him.

Ji Yan Zi?

The prideful princess of the heavenly palace?

Were they all from the heavenly palace?

A series of questions formed in Chu Yu's head.

He still did not know what had happened between the heavenly palace and the floating city.

But at this level of cultivation, he had a powerful sense of their emotions.

He could feel the malice in this group of people.

And the hatred.

What had happened?

Didn't they want to claim the earth? Why were they here?

Chu Yu's eyes turned to the battleship and the other small vessels behind it.

The fleet consisted of many ships from different eras, some were ancient.

How could they organise an attack with these vessels?

Chu Yu was full of suspicion.

His enmity with them was not deep, it was just on Liu Wu Tong.

Chu Yu only had bad impressions of him and Ji Feng, the rest of them held no meaning to him.

But why did all of them look at Chu Yu as if he had killed their entire family?

"Chu Yu… The world is small indeed… I actually found you here!" said Ji Feng with a menacing smile.

"You must be Ji Feng. Hand over the one named Wu Tong, I'll kill him and cut off one of your arms. After that, you're free to go," Chu Yu said casually.

Ji Feng bit his lips as he raged, "Chu Yu, you still have the audacity to joke around?".

"I'm talking sense here. The floating city has done nothing to offend you, and yet you sent Liu Wu Tong to hurt my people, my woman. If it were you, would you forget this incident that easily?".

The Empire Map!

This b*stard!

Xu Xiao Xian had obtained it from the Old Ghost.

Who would have thought the Chu Yu would use it to rub salt into their wounds?

"Shut up! You won't get out of here alive today!" howled Ji Feng.

Ji Yan Zi stood silently at the back, she could tell that Chu Yu did not know what had happened.

She was silently plotting and finding a chance to take advantage of the situation, but there was no opportunity.

Chu Yu's face darkened, "You're being serious?".

"What the f*ck… kill this man now! As long as he dies, the power of earth will diminish! Kill him!".

Ji Feng yelled liked a madman.

He rallied, "Let's go! We can't let him run! The earth is ours, the solar system is ours!".

Was he crazy?

Some of them looked at Ji Feng with doubts, they could not understand the situation.

They wanted to kill Chu Yu, but they did not think highly of him, all he was to them was an outstanding youth from the solar system.

They thought that just anyone among them could deal with him, why did all of them need to charge forward?

"What are you waiting for? Kill him!" Ji Feng screamed.

Ji Yan Xi interrupted him, "Why don't you do it yourself?".

Ji Feng's face darkened as he looked at her and said, "What are you getting at? Are you tired of living?".

Ji Yan Zi replied, "What are you talking about brother? I'm just saying that you should kill him yourself since you hate him that much!".

Ji Feng turned around and looked at the king, his father.

"Father, kill Chu Yu and all of our problems will be solved!".

"Everything that has happened is because of him, I beg father to trust me this once!".

He bowed.

The King looked at him favourably, he knew Chu Yu well as well.

He knew how powerful Chu Yu was.

Since they had met him here, they could not let him go.

"We'll capture him alive," the King said to an elder.

The elder nodded his head and walked towards Chu Yu in space.

Chu Yu's expression fell, he had overheard some of the words between Ji Feng and his father.

Yi protected the floating city with his life?

As he saw the elder approach him, he looked at the girl in red and said, "Flower Chu, go ahead!".

A murderous look flashed across her eyes as she made her move.

Her lack of energy before this caused the rest to disregard her.

But once she made her move, the king said immediately, "This is not good… come back!".

A fearsome Saintly power erupted from her body!

Her powers far surpassed that of an ancient Saint's.

The King's warning was early, but Flower Chu was too quick!

She immediately moved her hands as a seal appeared on the Elder's chest.

A terrifying energy erupted, boom!

The body of the elderly Saint exploded into countless pieces!

Each piece held a formidable power, and they continued to explode.

Even his nascent god had perished.

A saint he was- but he had no time to react.

Over on the side of the heavenly palace, a few other ancient Saints made their moves.

They fired a few sacred arts at Flower Chu, each one had the power of a star.

The entire galaxy began rumbling like Armageddon!

Her red robes erupted with a blinding light, even Saints could not see through it.

Her moves were too quick!

She seemed to be angered by the other Saints as she rushed at their attacks.

Boom boom boom!

Terrifying energy explosions shook the entire galaxy.

The energy waves that were given off destroyed many of the flying vessels.

Many of them fled to the outskirts of the battle.

The King of the heavenly palace had a solemn look as he took a deep breath, "Who is this girl?".

Ji Feng's scalp went numb, he was utterly terrified!

He never imagined that Chu Yu would have someone so powerful by his side.

The rays of sacred art were deflected by the girl in red as she finally stopped.

The Saints could see that there was blood dripping down the side of her lips.

"She's injured!".

"She may be strong, but she's not invincible!".

"Kill her!".

The few ancient Saints dished out a few attacks again.

She was enraged, how could ants like them look down on her?

They even managed to injure her, this was not tolerable!

Her figure was like a red rainbow, a line of blood was drawn in this galaxy.

No one could see her movements, even Chu Yu was shocked.

Her power stunned the few ancient Saints of the heavenly palace.

They were all powerful Saints who were not easily beat!

Apart from existences such as Yi, there were few who could challenge them.

What other grounds did they have to try and claim the galaxy?

But now, they were shell shocked by this girl's power.

She was fighting them all alone, and they had sustained multiple injuries.

Although she too was injured, she was overpowering them!

Her energy waves were especially terrifying.

She was an existence that surpassed the ancient Saints.

Why were there so many terrors in this plane?
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