Chapter 498: I'm No Vending Machine

Chapter 498: I'm No Vending Machine
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Black Dragon laughed, "The great Feng Shui masters of the Thief Sect…".

The Elders of the Thief Sect did not care too much, they were all studying the Fu Xi Trigram Compass.

Chu Yu looked at Little Moon and said, "Little Moon, come here.".

She was surprised by this, but she walked over anyway.

She had become a Saint, but her personality was still the same.

Chu Yu smiled, "Come here you little girl, give me a smile.".


Little Moon did not laugh, Lin Shi glared at him immediately.

Little Moon's face flushed as she looked at Chu Yu angrily.

Chu Yu laughed, "I'm kidding, you've been training your blade technique is that correct?".

"Why?" Little Moon asked, she was somewhat clear of the reason as to why Chu Yu had asked her over.

Chu Yu conjured the golden blade from before with a wave of his palm.

"It's beautiful!" Little Moon gasped.

All of their attention were drawn to this blade.

Those who were trained in blade techniques all had looks of wonder on their faces.

They all knew that this was a treasure!

The light that glistened off its surface could illuminate the world.

"Could this blade be?" Black Dragon looked on.

Qu Ni sighed from aside, "The Golden Blade Sect… An almighty Sect that existed in the ancient ages. Their oldest ancestor had a golden blade that he used in all of his battles. When he died, the blade vanished with him.".

Black Dragon nodded in agreement, "Indeed, this is the blade of the Golden Blade Sect!".

He looked at Chu Yu with a strange expression and said, "Where did you get it from?".

Chu Yu had already taken out the Trigram Compass, and now this golden blade?

It seemed like he had more.

Black Dragon was full of suspicion and awe.

Chu Yu smiled and said, "The Mu Clan gave them to me."

"…" all of them were speechless.

Qu Ni smiled, "Little rascal…".

Little Moon looked at Chu Yu, "This is for me?".

"Yea," he nodded as he passed the blade to Little Moon.

She held it carefully and felt its power.

In an instant, a terrifying energy erupted from her body!

It scared the wits out of the elders of the Thief Sect who were at the side.

Everyone looked on in shock.

Her cultivation was astounding, even if she was not the most proficient in battle.

No one had really validated the fact that she had reached Sainthood, not until now.

For her, getting this sword when she had just stepped into the Saint Realm was like a tremendous boost in her powers!

In the moment where she held onto it, her energy, aura… and everything else erupted to unimaginable levels!

Zhao Man Tian looked at her with an incredulous look, he then turned to Chu Yu.

No one else understood her better than him.

She was not like Lin Shi or Xu Xiao Xian, Zhao Man Tian never expected her to assert this amount of pressure.

He was full of respect for Chu Yu now!

Incredible, incredible!

A small item could instigate such a huge change.

Among this crowd were many blade wielders, but none of them felt like they deserved to hold the blade more than her.

Little Moon's face was full of joy.

When she kept the blade, she returned to her usual quiet disposition.

Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu with a strange expression, Xu Xiao Xian smiled at the side.

Chu Yu's expression did not change, he waved to Da Jia Zei and said, "Da Jia Zei, I have something good for you too.".

Da Jia Zei had almost completely morphed into a Hawk.

He waved his feathers flamboyantly at Chu Yu.

It glistened like gold.

He smiled at Chu Yu and said, "What good stuff?".

"You're still as detestable," Chu Yu chided.

Chu Yu took out the crystal bottle and passed it to him, "There's a drop of blood inside, it contains a monstrous power. To be honest, I can only feel that it's from…".

Before Chu Yu could finish, Da Jia Zei let out a squeal and kept the bottle, his body vanished immediately.

All that was left was his delighted voice, "I knew you were a good brother. When I've achieved Sainthood, I will come back and fight three hundred battles with you!".

Everyone around were stunned, they did not know what had happened.

"Why was he so excited? Was that the blood of the phoenix?" Xu Xiao Xian asked suspiciously.

Chu Yu shook his head, "I don't know, all I could tell is that it had come from some sort of Divine Beast. It's definitely not human blood.".

"Why would he know then?" Xu Xiao Xian asked.

Chu Yu thought about it and said, "I just hope that he doesn't transform into some weird creature.".

Chu Yu's voice was uncertain.

Xu Xiao Xian was annoyed.

Chu Yu looked at her and suddenly asked, "Oh right, where's the elder old ghost?".

Before this, he did not feel like someone was missing as the elder was invisible.

After he said this, he realised that Xu Xiao Xian was completely silent.

The others were visibly uncomfortable as well.

Chu Yu could guess what had happened, but he asked, "What happened to him?".

Lin Shi replied softly, "The elder… his sliver of memory dissipated in battle with the heavenly palace.".

Chu Yu was momentarily silent upon hearing this.

After that, he said, "The Elder died for his cause, don't be upset.".

Xu Xiao Xian raised her head and smiled, "Yea, teacher died how he wanted to, he has no regrets, neither do I.".

She took a deep breath and gave Chu Yu a pained smile.

Chu Yu reached out and hugged her.

She went into her embrace and began crying.

Everyone around had a look of sadness.

Xu Xiao Xian cried and cried, eventually, she raised her head and smiled at Chu Yu gently.

She looked at everyone with an apologetic expression and said, "Alright everyone, I'm fine! I'm good!".

They had not seen her react to this in many years.

Following this, the grand party continued.

Chu Yu looked at Demon King Xue and said, "Brother Xue, I have a scripture with me that I thought you might be interested in.".

"Oh?" Demon King Xue replied.

"For me?" he looked at Chu Yu.

If there was a technique that suited the demons, of course Chu Yu would have passed it to them first.

"Of course," Chu Yu responded.

He passed the copied scripture to Demon King Xue.

"Isn't this of human origin… oh? No!" a look of elation appeared on his face.

He bowed to Chu Yu and said seriously, "I've never truly respected anyone before, but I'm immensely thankful for your kindness. From today onwards, I will go to war and die with you matter what!".

Everyone had looks of shock on their faces, what in the world was in that scripture?

Chu Yu did not explain anything, he simply walked up to him and said, "That shouldn't be your response. We're brothers, there's nothing wrong with sharing a gift.".

Demon King Xue smiled, "Apologies everyone, I need to go into seclusion now!".

Following then, his figured flickered and vanished, leaving behind this stunned crowd.

Everyone in the floating city looked at Chu Yu with eyes of longing and desire.

Chu Yu's lips twitched, "I'm not vending machine, I can't keep churning out goods can I?".

He continued, "But I do know a place where these things are aplenty.".
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