Chapter 499: Attacking the Mu Planet

Chapter 499: Attacking the Mu Planet
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Everyone looked at Chu Yu with suspicion.

"The Mu Clan… these are all from them. I think there should be many more of these in their hands. Over the years, they've absorbed countless amounts of energy from the sun…".

"It's time to take back what they took," said Chu Yu.

There was no murderous intent, he was just being playful.

Everyone around could feel the difference in Chu Yu, he had grown.

Chu Yu gave the Saintly Paintbrush to Song Qing.

Only a few knew that Song Qing was a grandmaster at calligraphy, Chu Yu had seen his works before- the Qi within could kill someone.

The interesting thing was that Song Qing's face depicted a weird expression as he looked at the brush.

A look of reminiscence and nostalgia overcame his face.

Chu Yu and the rest looked on in shock as the elders of the Song Country began weeping.

After a long time, Song Qing finally sighed and bowed towards Chu Yu, "Thank you Son of the Emperor… the saviour of the Song family!".

"Thank you Son of the Emperor, saviour of the Song family!" the other echoed.

"This… this belonged to the Song family from the start?".

Song Qing nodded, "Yes, it's the most precious item of them all.".

He described the situation to Chu Yu and the rest, it was truly a grand treasure.

Back then, the enemy attacked and killed the grand ancestor of the Song clan, the brush disappeared with his death.

The Song clan left the solar system and never saw it again.

They never expected Chu Yu to turn up with it.

The mysterious thing was that fate had brought it back to the Song clan.

"How did you decide who to give each item?" Song Qing asked curiously.

Many of them nodded their heads, they were all curious.


Chu Yu looked at the suspicious crowd and wondered how he could answer them.

The truth was that he had a hunch from the three realms technique, but he could not tell them that.

He smiled, "It's nothing, just a hunch.".

Everyone was annoyed by his answer.

Even those who had super sensitivity and perception did not believe i.

Everyone a different form of Dao, Chu Yu was no god!

Chu Yu changed the topic and brought out the miniature elephant.

It sat in his hands as everyone around looked at it.

"Is this one of the four elephants?" Ming Hui frowned as he inspected it.

He raised his head and said, "Little boy, what did you do to get all of these? Were these really all from the Mu Clan?".

Chu Yu nodded his head.

Yue Yin, who had been quiet this whole time, suddenly slammed the table and rallied, "What are we waiting for then? Let's attack them!".

Even though Chu Yu hated the Mu Clan, he knew that they were not to be underestimated.

The Mu Clan's technology was so much more advanced than earth's.

Who knew how many ancient Saints were there?

What was surprising was that everyone all around agreed with Yue Yin.

Chu Yu looked at her and asked, "Do you guys think that we can go to war with them based on our strength now? How can we disregard earth and attack them just like that?".

Xu Xiao Xian replied, "On earth today, apart from the Tai Ji Sect and the Limitless Sect, the other powers have all been overcome by us. Even if there are exceptions, they won't think of any funny ideas.".

Xu Xiao Xian was not one who liked to speak at such occasions, her reply stunned Chu Yu.

She smiled.

Chu Yu glanced at the rest, they were all ready for battle.

He smiled as well.

Perhaps his was their time.

If the Mu Clan did not outrageously decide to steal the energy from the sun, maybe Chu Yu would not have any reason to attack them.

Based on that alone, there was not much ground to attack them as well.

But their atrocities in the past were different.

Chu Yu looked at the crowd, "Since that's the case… lets fight!".


A ferocious roar resounded, even Lin Shi was surprised.



The Mu Planet.

Under the red sky, a large city stood. It was much larger than earth.

Under the atmosphere of light, the surroundings of the city were protected by fleets of vessels.

All of them were about the size of the earth.

The were clustered, within these vessels was a grand palace.

This was the core of the Mu Clan's power.

The third prince kneeled in the palace with a depressed look.

On the throne sat a tall and muscular man in gold armor, he looked stern as an elder spoke.

A while later, he said, "This means that that earthling has more power than our grand ancestors?".

The elder said, "Yes, my lord.".

A wave of whispers went through the hall.

Many did not believe that the earth, which had been sealed for so many years, had such a person.

The Mu king said coldly, "Do they think that we're still living 60,000,000 years ago? Do they think that they still rule this galaxy? A bunch of fools!".

The look on the third prince's face got more miserable.

He knew he was going to get reprimanded…

The reality was that he was utterly subdued, no explanation was of any use.

Ever since the ancient ages, they were the ones that snatched and stole, how could they be the victims now?

This matter enraged the King. Although the third prince had no power to awaken the grand ancestors in slumber, the King could!

Many of the others concurred with the King.

"Do those earthlings think that they're still in their glory days?".

"What jokes, they were beaten then, why do they still dare to jump about like shrimps on land?".

"I recommend that we go to earth to teach them a lesson!".

"I agree!".

"Me too!".

The generals in the hall all agreed.

At this time, a general in glistening armor stepped forward and bowed, "My lord, the earth must have many more treasures! Before this we did not have any reason, but now, now they've given us a perfect one!".

The King had a malicious look on his face.

The third prince suddenly raised his head and said, "Father! I'm willing to lead an army and reclaim our pride!".

"Good! Excellent! That's my boy!" the King commended.

He looked down at the crowd, "Send out the decree….".

"My… My lord! I have bad news!".

A messenger stumbled into the hall as he kneeled down.

"My Lord, a large fleet of vessel have appeared, they're rushing towards us. They'll arrive in no time!".

The King, who was interrupted, gave the messenger a tight slap as he raised his hands, "B*stards! How dare they attack us? Get ready for war!".

"Kill these presumptuous fools!".

"Kill them! Kill them all!".

The third prince stood up as well as he rallied, "Kill them all, reclaim our glory!".
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