Chapter 500: How Weak!

Chapter 500: How Weak!
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Under the clouds of the Mu Clan, thousands of vessels were starting up.

They travelled at incredible speeds!

The broke through the layer of clouds and revealed their menacing look.

Giant cannons began starting up as they formed a row of defence outside the planet, facing the earth.

From the direction of the earth, countless vessels headed towards the Mu Planet like a swarm of bees.

Even though they had massive numbers, they looked messy and disorganised to the Mu Clan.

"How dare this bunch of trash come here!".

"This isn't the ancient age anymore, do they still think that they are the kings of the solar system?".

"A bunch of naïve beings, kill whoever comes!".

Many of the generals were rallying their men.

They felt like the earthlings were a bunch of sheep that were blindly walking to their deaths.

The third prince had suffered humiliation, some of the other generals wanted the third prince to see that only those who had nerves of steel could be respected.

They never thought that this bunch of earthlings would dare to come to their doorstep!

They won't let them return!

The speed of the army from earth was astounding.

The Mu Clan had already arranged themselves in their formations.

"Open fire! Kill them all!".

The third prince yelled the commands as he led the fleet of battleships.

He had unleashed all of the Mu Clan's power.

He had to regain his pride, he had to reaffirm his position in the Mu Clan.

He could put everything on the line!

A hundred vessels opened fire at the same time, the scene was earth shaking!

The power of this could easily destroy the laws that governed the area.

Like the earth, magical formations lit up to protect the surroundings!

The energy of such cannons surpassed that of the attack of a Saint!

The countless cannon shots were like the attacks of many ancient Saints!

The power was incomparably fearsome.

The generals behind the third prince were a little stunned.

They never thought that the prince was this vicious, it was almost crazy!

This was the most powerful weapon in their arsenal, they could only repeat the attack another two or three times.

The expense of energy was incredible!

The energy used was worth more than 10 trips to the sun!

The crazed attack surprised many, some of them even felt that they were a little wasteful.

"He's just doing this because he was humiliated by the earthlings…".

"What the f*ck, is the energy free for all?".

A bunch of generals bickered.

Behind the cloud of smoke, nothing was left.

"Did they all run away?".

The only thing that was left was the ancient formation that guarded the area.

Many other magical formations lit up in the distance, protecting the space from the damage.

This attack was powerful enough to destroy the solar system!

It had to be said that the protective magical formations were way too strong.

Within the vessel, the third prince stared in that direction with a deadly gaze.

He had a feeling that none of the vessels were destroyed!

But this feeling was incredulous! How was it possible?

The earthlings had come here without any protection, how could they just disappear like that?

It defied logic!

At this moment, between the cannons that fired, a figure appeared.

Following this, a huge number of vessels appeared before them.

A thunderous boom!

All of the cannons exploded!


An ambush!

The third prince used his divine sense to command his army, "Defend… initiate the defence!".

Outside of the Mu Planet, in the space around them.

A large number of vessels radiated a blinding light.

The energy cannons from the earth fired!

It was like throwing a rock into a calm pool of water.


"How weak!".

"Did your mother not feed you milk?".

The crowd in the vessel of the third prince began laughing.

It was like an insect bite!

The attacks from the earthlings could not even damage the shields by fifty percent.

The attacks from before merely damaged their defences by one or two percent!

It was like an itch!

A look of bloodlust appeared in the third prince's eyes, "Open fire! Fire again!".

The scale of attack required some rest time, they could not fire attacks consecutively.

But the third prince had his mind set. The weaklings from earth had to die!

How insolent! Coming all the way here thinking they could win!

Since that was the case, he had to show them their power!

He howled, "Speed things up, use up all of our resources, exterminate them!".

The army hurried and bustled as the higher ups looked on.

One of the advisors on the King's vessel shook his head and said, "This is a joke! My lord… is this really necessary?".

The King said softly, "That Son of the Emperor… is he that dumb?".

The advisor laughed, "Young people are hot blooded, they're capable of anything stupid!".

Another advisor smiled, "Indeed, young people don't know how high the sky is. To think they dare to come just because they managed to suppress the third prince!".

The King coughed, "The third prince should never have lost that battle.".

Another advisor suddenly mentioned, "That Son of the Emperor, I've just received news that he's already a Saint!".

"So what? We have many ancient Saints here," another elder said nonchalantly.

An advisor who was close to the third prince smiled, "Indeed, but Chu Yu is merely in his twenties.".


Everyone around took a deep breath.

A shocking scene had unfolded.

As the third prince ordered his army to recharge and prepare for he next attack, a large number of creatures began charging out from the earthen army!

A demonic army!

A human army!

A bunch of cultivators led the way!

Many of those creatures went straight for the third prince's vessel!

Were they mad?

Were they that desperate?

The Mu Generals wanted to give the order to attack, but they realised that if they did so, they ould have implicated the third prince's vessel.

Attacking a prince was a grave sin.

At that moment, many people looked toward the King.

The Mu King gave a twisted smile as he said, "Finally, something interesting! They want to fight man for man? Give the order, unleash our troops!".

"My lord… will the casualties be too…?" the crown prince frowned, he felt that the risk was not worth it.

The Mu King snapped, "Is this the earth of 60,000,00 years ago?".

"My mistake…" the crown prince apologised.

He could tell that the King wanted to use this opportunity to crush the earth's power.

On one hand, he could test his planet's power, on the other, once they vanquished this army, the earth probably did not pose much of a threat!

When that happens, the ancient treasures on the Emperor Star… they would be theirs!

Only the Mu Clan held the most complete power in the solar system!

The two sides clashed, a great battle erupted!
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