Chapter 6: Lin Shimeng

Chapter 6: Lin Shimeng

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From start to finish, Chu Yu had only left Yan Jing for 3 days.

This feeling he had had undoubtedly resulted from his inner transformation.

He had initially thought that there was no chance for him to recover in this lifetime. He could only follow the plans laid out for him by his family, and work at the family business in the Dragon City.

He was to start as an apprentice, and learn the inner workings of all the departments in the company. He would then take control of the company and work hard to make a profit, contributing back to his family.

After that he was to marry and have babies, again and again and again...

That's right, he was to have many wives, and many offspring.

He was to help expand the family and increase its strength by adding to its number

It sounds like quite a good deal, a born winner in the game of life. He could live in a nice house, drive luxury cars and be surrounded by pretty ladies. He would have money, power and status -the dream life for many.

However, this type of life abhorred Chu Yu.

Chu Yu had not attained a stage where he was able to disavow all worldly pleasures, but - money, he could earn; power and status, he could fight for; pretty ladies, he could find!

He did not want to be relegated to such a job simply because his Acupoints were deemed ruined.

To Chu Yu, this was extremely humiliating!

Deep down, he had never regarded himself as ruined. On the contrary, he had always regarded himself as a genius!

It was not a case of him not being humble. There was simply no one in the society who could harness all 240 Acupoints at his age, and attain Acupoint Charging Stage 8.

Furthermore, this was after his Meridians had been sealed, and he had no access to external resources... what a unique talent!

At least this was to the best of his knowledge.

Even the top cultivator in the Heaven’s Pride board was only an Acupoint Charging Stage 8 individual, and he was already 27 years old!

5 years older than Chu Yu!

Furthermore, that individual had a strong family behind him, allowing him unprecedented access into a wealth of resources. Smaller families would also find it impossible to replicate the method of cultivation.

Maybe some of those stubborn ancient gangs and families who refuse to assimilate into society may have more stellar offspring.

But what resources were they given? And what was Chu Yu given?

Since his Meridians were deemed ruined by his family, the Chu’s had not provided him any resources for cultivation!

Under such circumstances, Chu Yu was still able to attain such a high level of cultivation.

If he wasn't a genius, what would be considered a genius?

He initially thought that the damage is irreversible, and he wanted to let go one last time. Who knew that this would be the turning point in his life.

When Chu Yu exited the high speed rail and stepped on the platform, his turbulent heart finally calmed down.

However, almost immediately, he lost his cool.

He saw someone he knew in the distance.

An exquisite looking lady stood on the platform, right in front of the business class cabin, staring at him with a face devoid of any expression.

Everyone disembarking was shocked by the presence of the girl.

They were shocked to see such a beautiful lady, whilst wondering at the same time how she gained entry to the platform.

Since when did the high speed rail allow people onto the platform to receive guests?

If such a beautiful lady was on the same train as them, she would have caused a huge commotion.

It didn't take long for someone to recognize the lady.

"Look! It's Lin Shimeng!"

"Oh my god... it really is Lin Shimeng, my goddess! My heart is racing!"

"Your goddess? What are you talking about, that's our Meng Meng!"

"Pfft, why don't you take a look at yourself, your Meng Meng, how disgusting. Are you that shameless?"

"She is from our family, if you're unhappy about it, bite me."

"F*ck, isn't that my dream goddess? How is she here?"

There were many who recognized Lin Shimeng, and they were all equally surprised.

She was relatively tall, standing at over 180 centimeters. She wore a pair of high heels, and her exquisite features complemented the strong aura she emanated. She stood there, like a pearl which caused everything and everyone around her to pale in comparison.

Chu Yu was also relatively tall, standing at over 1.8 meters. Yet, when he stood in front of Lin Shimeng, she towered over him.

The individual who had been watching Chu Yu the entire journey bowed his head and briskly passed Chu Yu. Only when he was a safe distance away did he sneakily turn back and take a picture with his handphone.

Lin Shimeng stared coldly in his direction. The individual immediately spun away and walked briskly out of the station.

Having seen her initial reaction, Chu Yu was slightly depressed, she had actually come all this way to catch him.

Yet, his expression changed to one of happiness very promptly.

"Shi Shi, why are you here? Are you here to pick me up? You're the best!"

"Hmm? You're happy to see me here?" Lin Shimeng asked flatly, her face expressionless.

"Of course!" Chu Yu responded without any hesitation.

"Don't patronize me. If I didn't appear here, would you have ignored me forever? Do I need to go to the media for news of you? Hmm? Chairman Chu?"

Lin Shimeng stared at Chu Yu angrily, looking up and down, the rims of her eyes beginning to turn red.

Chu Yu was shocked, did she know about what happened?

"I am not Chairman Chu. During my trip to the Dragon City, I was merely an employee. Come on Shi Shi, don't be sarcastic, let's have a nice chat."

As Chu Yu spoke, his hand naturally took Lin Shimeng in his.

Lin Shimeng stiffened, her eyes widening. Her expression was that of shock, almost as if she had been shocked stiff.

Yet, she did not resist.

It was this way, under the eyes of the public, did Chu Yu drag Lin Shimeng away.

"Let's go, let's not block the way by standing here..." Chu Yu said.

"Aiya god damn it! I heard my heart shatter! My goddess has been stolen from me by such a douche?"

"Are you stupid? Or blind? How is he a douche? Did you not see that his clothes were all handmade? Did you not see the limited edition Patek Phillipe on his wrist? Never mind, it is impossible to talk to a douche like yourself! You wouldn't understand anyways! goddess! F*ck, how could you be led away so easily?"

"F*ck, who is that man? How dare he drag Lin Shimeng by the hand? And she didn't resist?"

Many of the passengers who were on the train were shocked beyond belief as they watched the scene unfold.

In the era where citizen journalism had reached a new high, within 5 minutes, the entire web was filled with this news. "Lin Shimeng, one of the top 10 people on the Heaven’s Pride Board, is in love!"


Seated in a luxury sedan, Lin Shimeng absent mindedly played with her fingers, almost as if she had not examined her recently manicured fingers enough.

"Why aren't you talking?" Chu Yu looked at Lin Shimeng with a face full of guilt.

"What is there to say?" Lin Shimeng kept her eyes on her fingernails.

"You could say anything? Like... the sky is extremely blue today, no haze." Chu Yu smiled at Lin Shimeng.

Without lifting her head, Lin Shimeng replied expressionlessly, "the haze that you speak of is a thing of the past."

"Wow, our Shi Shi is indeed learned!" Chu Yu decided to flatter her.

"Hmm? No longer calling me your elder sis?"


When Chu Yu dragged Lin Shimeng by her hand a moment ago, his heart fluttered uncontrollably as a result of his nervousness.

He was really afraid that Lin Shimeng would push his hand away.

It was a good thing that Lin Shimeng did not resist and embarrass him on the spot.

Previously, there was a young male on the Heaven’s Pride Board who did not know better. He had drank a little too much during a mixer and went to grab Lin Shimeng’s hand. Lin Shimeng slapped him immediately, and nearly beat him to death.

Since then, Lin Shimeng earned herself the nickname Ice Goddess.

Chu Yu had wished to hold Lin Shimeng’s hand when they went out for a very long time now, but he had always kept it hidden deep within himself.

He was a ruined mess, and Lin Shimeng was one of the top 10 people on the Heaven’s Pride Board!

In the eyes of others, the gap between the two of them seemed insurmountable. One was a goddess, the other uncultivable scum.

They grew up together, and were childhood friends. Lin Shimeng trusted him completely, and would even sleep in the same bed as him.

Yet, Chu Yu was someone very concerned with how others saw him. He did not want people laughing at him, saying that he was shooting for a girl out of his league.

The reason why he had the courage to do what he did today is because he had become stronger!

Lin Shimeng finally raised her head and looked at Chu Yu.

The car was extremely quiet, none of the noise from the outside could be heard.

Lin Shimeng just looked at Chu Yu silently.

Chu Yu started getting uncomfortable, but just when he was about to break the silence, Lin Shimeng spoke.

"it was unfair of me to use you as a shield previously, it brought you too much stress and inconvenience."

Lin Shimeng looked at Chu Yu, "You ran into danger on Mount Tai last night? Although I have no idea how you escaped, but I was... extremely frightened. The other party could only give me the information, but had no way of saving you. You had no idea, I nearly rushed over there instantly!"

Chu Yu looked at the exquisite face just inches from him and chuckled, "I am fine now."

Lin Shimeng ignored him and continued, "but it was too late then, they had already put their plan into action. Did you know? I was scared to tears. I was so afraid you were dead. This is only the second time I've cried, and it's also the second time I've cried because of you! The first time was when we were six."

Chu Yu became silent, when he was six, she wasn't the only one who cried.

Lin Shimeng looked at Chu Yu, "I kept trying to call you, but I couldn't get through. Only when I finally got through and heard your voice did I relax a little."

"Shi Shi, thank you." Chu Yu said solemnly.

"We are best friends, best partners. Other than my parents, you are the person I am closest to." She said sincerely, "but..."

"Okay, don't say anymore, this time it was my fault, I'm sorry". Chu Yu took a deep breath as he spoke, and then he pressed the button for the intercom.

That was the button that linked to the driver.

"Mr. Chen, please stop the car." Chu Yu said.

The luxury sedan slowed to a stop by the roadside.

"Are you angry?" Lin Shimeng looked at Chu Yu.

"Nope, why? Now I am the one getting the better end of the deal with the web is filled with news on us dating. As for the trip to the Dragon City, I think that you should not follow. The people there would have already been shocked to their knees by the news, should they see you in person, I’m afraid I’ll be unable to be an apprentice. Shi Shi, just take this as reciprocation for me being your shield for so many years. Okay, you’re very busy, you don’t have to send me any further, I can make my own way there."

Chu Yu said it all in one breath, opened the car door and alighted. He casually waved goodbye to Lin Shimeng, turned and left.

Lin Shimeng watched Chu Yu walk away, words forming at the edge of her mouth, yet she couldn’t bring herself to speak.

She finally spoke into the intercom, "Mr. Chen, let’s go."

The car rolled forward slowly, and a voice came over the intercom, "Missy, you clearly..."

"Mr Chen, enough. Please do not speak of this incident again. As for Xie Tian Yu, I would like to trouble you to warn him, should he dare to attempt something like that against Chu Yu ever again, I will not let him off!"

Lin Shimeng turned off the intercom, leaned back on her seat and turned to look at the scenery, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

All of a sudden, her phone started ringing.
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