Chapter 51: Bloody Fatty

Chapter 51: Bloody Fatty

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Fan Jian!

Chu Yu recognized him instantly!

This chap with his butt sticking out was the bloody fatty who had tried to set him up!

At that moment, Fan Jian had just found a piece equipment and pulled it up from the dirt with all his might. The equipment was caked in dirt, but Chu Yu recognized it instantly as a pill furnace!

The pill furnace was shaped like a cauldron, with three legs and two handles. Including its stands, it was over two feet tall and a foot and a half long.

Because it was blurred by the dirt, it looked dirty and it was impossible to see its original state.

However, any equipment that could be preserved from the ancient times was likely to be extraordinary!

Any ordinary equipment of lower quality would have been destroyed by time.

As such, when Fan Jian found the pill furnace, he couldn’t help but guffaw.

"Hahahaha, indeed I’ve found it! Immortal Crane Furnace... hahahaha, divine equipment!" As he guffawed, he did not forget to survey his surroundings, his expression careful and alert.

Chu Yu looked at the guffawing fatty with cold eyes, then he watched him, hands shaking, carefully wipe off the mud on top of the furnace.

Chu Yu would clearly see that the parts of the furnace, revealed after the dirt was removed, were clean and shining!

This meant that the mud had never actually stuck to the pill furnace!

The precious equipment could keep itself clean!

When Chu Yu thought about this, his excitement rose!

He had once read in ancient records an introduction to the superior magical equipment from the ancient cultivation era.

He could clearly remember one of the lines, "all precious treasures and equipment could clean themselves!"

The more superior the magical equipment, the more spiritual power it had. Even if they had been buried deep in the jungle for billions of years, after you wipe off the sand on top, they would still be extremely shiny!

Any equipment which could be termed as a precious equipment was at least in the Xiantian stages!

In this day and age, even Xiantian stage equipment were considered treasures, everything above that... could only be termed as "Legendary Equipment".

Clearly the equipment that the bloody fatty had dug up was a genuine legendary equipment!

That’s why he was so excited!

Chu Yu was in no hurry to attack Fan Jian because he knew that this guy had a very high cultivation level.

He had an aura suppressing magical equipment or amulet on him, making it difficult for others to find out his true power.

In the moment that Fan Jian had climbed through the enchantment, Chu Yu had saw through his vertical eye that this b*stard had already broken through six of his 20 true meridians.

That would mean that this bloody fatty was an Invigorated Meridian Stage 6 genuine Heaven’s Pride!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chu Yu had saw through him previously, he could have very well been killed by him.

Think about it, someone who could be an Invigorated Meridian Stage Six martial artist at the tender age of 27 or 28 was a true Heaven’s Pride!

For someone like that, no matter how bad his character or temper was, how could he not have any arrogance in his bones?

As such, since then he had felt that something was amiss.

The truth was that this bloody fatty was indeed trying to bury him.

In fact, in Chu Yu’s opinion, this jerk wasn’t just trying to bury him, but the few arrogant people were also likely to have been fooled by him!

Else, who would underestimate a youthful expert in the middle of Invigorated Meridian Stage Six?

Chu Yu hid in the dark, and continued to observe Fan Jian wiping the pill furnace in his hand.

Even though the pill furnace was not small, it seemed as light as a feather in fatty’s hand.

By turning it around, he quickly cleaned away all the dust and dirt on the pill furnace.

In actual fact, he did not need much effort to wipe the dirt off because the sand and dirt never really stuck onto the pill furnace.

After it was cleaned, the pill furnace revealed it true colors.

The pill furnace was silky black and looked quaint, the metal sparkling. From Chu Yu’s direction, he could see an Immortal Crane engraved on the side of the pill furnace.

The Immortal Crane looked extremely realistic, almost as if it could fly out of the pill furnace anytime!

Fan Jian hugged the Immortal Crane Furnace with both hands, intoxicated and contented by his find.

At this point, a ray of light was emitted from a side, and it was aimed straight at Fan Jian!

Fan Jian, who was hugging the Immortal Crane Furnace got a shock and instinctively used the Immortal Crane Furnace to block the ray of light.


A loud sound echoed out!

A deafening sound!

Even Chu Yu, who was far away, felt his internal organs tumbling about and his chest was getting stuffy.

He looked in that direction with shock.

Fan Jian was immediately knocked into the air and he spit out a mouthful of blood mid air.

He landed on a pile of debris several meters out.

Chu Yu had his vertical eye in his forehead the entire time, and he could see clearly that the place where Fan Jian landed was surrounded by evil and deathly auras.

When those auras were about to enter Fan Jian’s body, there was a faint energy shield that blocked all of those auras!

There were even more treasures on this fella, treasures that could even block the auras of death and evil.

As expected, he came from an influential place!

However, Chu Yu was slightly taken aback, how could a highly skilled, Invigorated Meridian Stage Six martial artist could be seriously injured by a single hit from a ray of light?

He looked at the Immortal Crane Furnace on the ground, and saw that it was virtually unharmed.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Immortal Crane Furnace had helped Fan Jian block the attack, that ray of light would likely have opened up a cave inside his body!

Fan Jian lay there raging whilst moaning in pain, "Which b*stard launched a sneak attack on me? F*ck you... don’t let me find you, else I’ll make you wish you were dead!"

Chu Yu lay hidden, his eyes never leaving the point of origin of the light. After the opponent had attacked successfully, he did not come out in that instant.

This made Chu Yu admire this guy’s shrewdness, and his temperament.

At this point, Fan Jian shouted in anger, "F*ck you, you have the guts to launch a sneak attack but you don’t have the balls to come out and meet me? You jerk, don’t let me find out who attacked me, else i will never let you off! Come out! Who are you? I can’t take it anymore, are you still too afraid to come out and let me see where you’re from, you little imp?

"Haha, Fan Jian, you really are a lowlife fatty. I didn’t think that you would hide your powers so much. Furthermore, I couldn’t have expected that you would have the map of this place."

A silhouette accompanied the voice.

Chu Yu found the voice familiar, when he saw him, he was taken aback.

Wu Dong!

Wu Dong from the Wu Clan of Qing Hai.

He had humiliated Chu Yu and even tried to forcefully take Chu Xiaoxiao away during that party in the Dragon City.

In the end, Chu Tianxiong had used Tai Qing to scare him away.

His appearance here surprised Chu Yu.

This is because amongst all the people in the Wu Clan, Wu Dong was one of the weaker ones in terms of cultivation.

Fan Jian had lied to Chu Yu then that he was an Acupoint Charging Stage Eight. However, Wu Dong was well and truly an Acupoint Charging martial artist.

An Acupoint Charging martial artist managed to make it in here? And without a single scratch?

Even though Chu Yu was also an Acupoint Charging martial artist, he had never seen himself as an ordinary Acupoint Charging martial artist.

Chu Yu felt a little surprised to see Wu Dong here.

It would seem that the ancient schools had managed to preserve some impressive teachings and... powerful magical equipment!

Fan Jian was also slightly shocked to see Wu Dong, but he laughed icily, "Do you think that I don't have anything left to defeat you?

Wu Dong walked over and stopped in front of the Immortal Crane Furnace. He said flatly, "Immortal Crane Furnace, Immortal Crane Pill Scripture... the top 10 ancient pill furnaces and the top 10 pill scriptures. Such treasures can only be owned by those with morals."

Fan Jian was shocked, "You have the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture?"

Wu Dong did not answer, instead, he looked at Fan Jian with a cold smile, "You're a shameless thief, you are not deserving enough to own such legendary treasures."

Fan Jian laughed coldly, "You little b*stard, I really didn't expect you to suppress your abilities this much, but you're still an ant in the Acupoint Charging realm, do you really think that you can go toe to toe with me?"

"Under normal circumstances, no, but now, you are seriously injured. I have to admit that this little act of yours was quite genius, and you nearly got me. A pity you met with this!"

As Wu Dong spoke, he waved a magical equipment in his hand.

It was a small bow, about the size of a palm, yet it did not have any arrows. That ray of light had been fired from this small bow.

"Spirit Stunning Bow?" Fan Jian’s expression revealed his surprise.

Wu Dong snickered and bared his teeth, "It seems you do know your stuff. You really do live up to your name as one of the heirs of the Thief Clan."

Fan Jian’s expression became solemn, "I didn't think that you knew this much."

"A little more than you imagine." Wu Dong replied.

Fan Jian paled, his face devoid of color, his injuries were indeed severe.

The Spirit Stunning Bow was a magical equipment beyond the Xiantian stages and its power was unparalleled. The only reason why he survived an attack from it was because of the Immortal Crane Furnace.

Fan Jian’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Wu Dong, "I can give you the Immortal Crane Furnace, and I will swear on my parents that I will not take revenge! Since you know my identity, you should know you will regret if you kill me."

"Swear on your parents? Bloody fatty, who in this circle doesn't know that you're a low life? Haven't your parents reputation been spoilt by you countless times?" Wu Dong laughed coldly.

"Then what do you want?" Fan Jian’s forehead flashed with a wave of evil.

He was a Heaven’s Pride youth in the intermediate stages of Invigorated Meridian Stage Six, even though he acted weak and humble, he did not have a lack of confidence and arrogance ingrained in him.

He couldn't stand being mocked by an Acupoint Charging martial artist like Wu Dong.

"Kill you!"

"With your ability, can you even activate that Spirit Stunning Bow another time?" Fan Jian said condescendingly.

"I still have a blade!" Wu Dong said flatly as he retrieved an ancient bronze blade.

Chu Yu watched from a distance and realized that this was rather similar to the two he had. He thought to himself, This really is a mass produced item...

"It can kill you all the same!" Wu Dong’s eyes flashed with an icy murderous glow.

He was very clear on the consequences of antagonizing someone like Fan Jian, as such, from the start, when Fan Jian used the Immortal Crane Furnace to save his own life, he had no intention of letting this bloody fatty off!

Seeing Wu Dong walking deliberately towards him, bronze dagger in hand, Fan Jian couldn't help but scream, "Brother Song, big brother Song, granddaddy Song, I made a mistake, I really made a mistake. If you save my life, I swear on my soul that I will serve you forever, if I betray you, I'll be struck by lightning!"

Wu Dong looked to his surroundings suspiciously.

Of course he knew who brother Song was, he had even thought of finding an opportunity to kill him before entering the cave!

Chu Yu continued to hide, unmoving.

This bloody fatty was usually so shameless, only a fool would believe his promises.

"Ancestor Song, I know I've made a mistake, I really realize my mistake now. If you save me, I will give my soul as an offering to you, my new master, and I will reveal to you a great secret! Please, I'm begging you, a life is at stake... f*ck, if you still don't save me, no one will know the secret forever! I swear on my little brother , if I'm lying, I will have erectile problems for the rest of my life! Owowowow, please save me brother Song!"

Fan Jian screamed hysterically..

Wu Dong hesitated, he was extremely focused, trying to find out if this bloody fatty was bluffing.


A silhouette suddenly appeared at Wu Dong’s back.

His speed was unimaginably quick!

Almost like a ray of light!

Wu Dong used all his powers to transfer his energy into the Spirit Stunning Bow, wanting to shoot it at the figure behind him when suddenly -

Two razor sharp bronze daggers penetrated his body from the back and protruded out front.

Wu Dong lowered his head in disbelief

With a scream, he spit out a mouthful of blood.
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