Chapter 501: Formidable

Chapter 501: Formidable
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No one from the third prince's army could imagine the insanity of the earthlings.

To think they would engage in close combat!

Their sudden move disrupted the tempo of the army!

The third prince had a sudden realisation- the initial attack was not to test their defences,.

"Stop the charging of the cannons, get into your battle formations!".

The third prince's reaction was quick, but it was too late.

The group of ancient Saints from earth swarmed over.

Great Sacred Arts were unleashed.

Rays of light pounded upon the third prince's vessel.

The crackle that resounded shook the heavens!

The defence of the vessel crumpled like paper

It could not withstand this attack!

A group of ancient Saints went up to the third prince's vessel and destroyed it!

In the blink of an eye, 50 or 60 vessels were crushed from the aftermath of the blow.

Only the Saint level cultivators could escape.

Everyone else died immediately.

"Ah!" the third prince let out an enraged howl.

He was on the brink of insanity.

Many of his men required eons to train.

In his eyes, the technicians on board were equally as important as Saints!

But now, none of them survived.

The ancient Saints in the vessels had barely managed to escape, but just as they broke free, the attack from the earth impacted them!

How could the earth have so many Saints?

Their powers did not seem to differ too greatly from the previous era!

Some of them realised that among this group of ancient Saints from earth, some of them had been there 60,000,000 years ago as well.

They finally understood the power of this force.

They were the weak ones!

Fatty swirled the Fu Xi Trigram Compass as he adjusted the Feng Shui around the area.

He was unfamiliar with this Saintly equipment and wanted the elders to use it instead.

But all of them rejected.

"This is yours, this battle will be where you make a name for yourself, we believe in you!".

Based on the appearance of things, one might have thought that the group of Saints were powerful warriors, but no one would have expected that they were the Saints of the Thief Sect!

Their attack was too vicious!

Fatty might not have had a good understanding of the Trigram Compass… but he had an adequate knowledge of Feng Shui.

He was a master at it!

Under the pressure of the Fu Xi Trigram Compass, he quickly laid down a field of Feng Shui.

He then quickly rushed to the edges of the field and grabbed a warrior from the Mu Clan, decapitating him instantaneously.

The blood of the enemy thickened the field.

It activated the field of Feng Shui!

Immediately, seven or eight Legendary Emperors from the Mu Clan died.

One of the unlucky Saints who was standing in the centre of the field was trapped as well, his soul dissipated soon after.

There was no chance of redemption.

Fatty used the Saint's blood to magnify the field of Feng Shui!

The blood branched out like the roots of a tree.

None of the Mu Clan warriors could escape this.

Not even Saints.

All of them were killed!

"Isn't that Trigram Compass… mine?" gasped the third prince as he looked at the formidable moves being dished out.

He spat out a mouthful of blood as he saw Song Qing and Little Moon wield the brush and the golden blade.

"Mine! They're all mine! How dare you use my weapons against me?!".

He rushed forward in a crazed rage.

Du Yu looked at him coldly as he held onto the miniature elephant.

The elephant absorbed the laws and powers of the area and charged forward at the third prince with the force of a galaxy.


A violent eruption resounded as a powerful energy wave was given off.

Many of the people around spat out mouthfuls of blood immediately after receiving this shockwave.

The third prince retreated immediately.

Song Qing looked over and said, "That ink holder is ours as well!".

A magnificent energy erupted from his body as he unleashed a technique.


A bright light appeared above the ink holder.

The third prince let out a wail again as he spat out yet another mouthful of blood.

His mental imprint on the ink holder was rubbed off!

Defenceless and vulnerable, his mental realm was injured by it.

Song Qing waved his hands as he attempted to drag the third prince over.

The third prince's body was instantaneously covered by an armor as it blocked the attack.


The armor was shredded to pieces.

The third prince took this chance and hastily retreated.

"How could it be?" his voice echoed in disbelief.

The ink holder was much more precious to him than the paintbrush.

He had refined it with time and effort, he never thought that it would be taken away just like that.

Also, its power when used by the opponent was at a completely different level.

This perturbed the third prince.

Du Yu brought the miniature elephant and began his onslaught in the opposing army.

Demon King Xue's demonic horde was killing in a frenzy as well!

He had only seen through a part of the scripture that Chu Yu had given him.

But just that bit was able to open his eyes to the world.

He had obtained a valuable amount of experience through this battle.

The demonic army, after the years of training, was different from the chaotic group of the past.

Zhao Man Tian and Old Huang led the other two demonic armies and charged at an arsenal of the Mu Clan.

The battle exploded!

The injuries on both sides of the battle were comparable!

The Mu Clan's cultivation was inevitably more powerful.

But the earthlings were unafraid of death!

The Mu Clan began suffering greater injuries!

The troops from earth were prepared, they were ready to avenge their ancestors.

The Mu Clan was not, they had underestimated the opponent from the beginning.

They thought that the earth today was no longer what I was.

But now, they had suffered huge losses.

A loss of this magnitude drove the King insane.

He took out a scroll that held the seals of the ancient Saints in slumber and ignited it immediately!

At that moment, an unimaginably strong energy wave began erupting from the core of the Mu Planet.

It seemed like the Planet was exploding!

Everyone looked on in shock.

"What happened?" the Mu King howled.

"Bad news, the ancient ancestors have been ambushed by the earthlings! One of the ancestors has already fallen…".

The Mu King looked on in disbelief, he killed the messenger and raged, "Rubbish! The Ancestors have powers that surpass the heavens, how can they die?".

The sounds of battle resounded from the core of the planet, he had to believe what he had heard.

"Kill the earthlings! Protect the ancestors!".

He could care less about his army, the ancestors were the true power of the Mu Clan!

If something happened to them… The Mu Clan would lose its hold over the solar system.

Deep into the depths of the Mu Planet.

Chu Yu used the three realms technique together with the two swords and the Immortal Crane Furnace, riding the bronze gourd.

He was unleashing his power!

An ancestor in his slumber was flung out by Chu Yu, killing him instantly.

Ming Hui, Black Dragon, Qu Ni, Xu Xiao Xian, Lin Shi and the rest were all following up on Chu Yu's attacks.

Their combined powers were too terrifying.

The startled ancestors could barely react before their bodies exploded.

Even their souls could not escape!

The sudden ambush seemed to have toppled the entire Mu Dynasty.
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