Chapter 502: Black Insects Among The Harp's Melodies

Chapter 502: Black Insects Among The Harp's Melodies
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The Mu Clan's vessels suddenly turned on their heads and headed back to the planet.

The armies from earth, under the leadership of Zhao Man Tian, Du Yu, Demon King Xue, and Old Huang, continued their onslaught!

Yue Yin and her group brought Li Xiao Xiao, Li Feng Mang, Bai Sha Ren and the others from the Club of the Supreme Rulers to flank the enemy.

This trapped the troops of the Mu Clan.

Across thousands of years, the Mu Clan have gone through several battles.

Most of their enemies fled when they saw them.

They had never encountered such terrifying opponents.

Moreover, they severely underestimated them before they even fought.

Now that reality has shown its harsh colours, they were stunned.

The Mu King brought a group of elders with him, ignoring the armies that were tearing his men apart.

Their only intention now was to awaken the sleeping ancestors.

They could not let these damned earthlings continue.

If the ancestors in slumber were to come to any harm, the Mu planet was done for!

The third prince was on the brink of mental collapse.

Everything had started from him, he was enraged and guilty.

When the treasures were with him, he knew that they were powerful, but he never knew their true potential.

Now that he had seen their true powers unleashed, he felt immensely pressurised and beaten.


A large vessel beside him was crushed by Song Qing, who had just stolen his ink holder.

Following that, massive explosions resounded.

Fire began spraying in all directions, lashing out like fireworks in the cool atmosphere.

All of the warriors within were burnt alive.

"F*ck this! Whoever kills that man, I will reward you with all the treasures he has, and ten times more than that!" the third prince raged.

The Elders looked at each other as four of them stood out, "My lord, we're willing to go and have a fight!".

The third prince's treasures were remarkable, countless treasures were amongst his possessions.

Whatever he kept was no ordinary thing.

The four ancient Saints rushed out of the battleship and charged at Song Qing.

Song Qing used his brush and made a stroke in the air.

A terrifying killer energy erupted and rushed at the four Saints.

One of them unleashed a fearsome energy and smashed it against Song Qing's.

The waves that resulted nearly destroyed a nearby spaceship.

The Saint that had unleashed the energy howled, "He isn't invincible, we can kill him!".

The four of them split up and attacked Song Qing from all directions.

Two rays of divine light shot out of Song Qing's eyes.

He threw the ink holder into the air as it expanded in size!

It had become massive, about thirty acres large!

A black pool of ink appeared within it, it gave off a magical energy.

Song Qing dabbed the brush in the ink as he made several strokes in the air.

He had written the character 'Kill'!

The ink hardened and was reinforced with silver, emanating a terrifying killer intent.

It was just one word, but the force it emitted gave one the feeling of dread.

He sent the energy toward the Saint from before.


The Saint howled as the attack pierced through his forehead.

His soul dissipated instantaneously.

A terrifying pressure erupted from Song Qing's body.

He drew another 'kill' character and sent it at another Saint.

The Saint was smashed by this attack before he could defend himself!

There was still half of the character left, it seeped into the Saint's body.

In an instant, his body split into several pieces.

Saintly blood filled the air, the surroundings were bloody.

The other two Saints were terrified, they took off immediately.

At such a juncture, who would dare to think about the treasures they could get?

A single character could kill any of them, it was unbelievably terrifying!

If they were to stay here, they would definitely have died!

At the same time, the crazed third prince of before no longer had any signs of mental collapse.

He personally took control of the vessel he was in and escaped back to the Mu planet.

Song Qing let out a huff as he drew the character 'road'.

The word morphed into a rainbow and fired at the Mu planet.

Song Qing stepped onto the rainbow and vanished.

In the depths of the Mu planet.

Chu Yu and his group were still ravaging and killing!

The core temperature of the planet was intolerable, it was definitely not meant for humans!

For the Mu people, the environment was soothing.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and looked through the space, identifying several stone-still bodies of the slumbering ancestors.

One of them radiated a bright red energy, not even the vertical eye could see through this aura.

Where he was at was the core of the Mu planet!

The inner core!

The temperature there was the highest!

Even for Chu Yu, getting near those temperatures could give him a feeling of melting flesh.

Any Saint would have been incinerated.

Even if it was just a feeling, it was revealing of the shocking nature of the temperature there.

"There's a powerful man there! He has already felt our presence," Chu Yu said seriously as he looked into the inner core of the Mu planet.

Ming Hui responded, "Let's kill him!".

"Kill him!" the others echoed.

They could not stand these traitors.

The betrayal 60,000,000 years ago, combined with their insolence of today.

Such a clan deserved to be burned to the ground.

Chu Yu had no hesitation, he brandished his two swords, the Immortal Crane furnace, and the Bronze Gourd as he rushed in that direction.

The Mu King had reacted to this, he brought his group of Saints and confronted them.

Xu Xiao Xian huffed and took out her Heavenly Demonic Harp, shouting, "I'll block them!".

She began playing the Harp.

The melody began ringing.

Wave after waves of sound fired towards the Mu King and his group in their spaceship.

The spaceship's defensive barrier began lighting up as powerful rays of light lit up and charged at Xu Xiao Xian.

The Emperor's Star's vessel was no normal vessel, it had an unimaginably powerful defense and offense!

The space around them was pierced through by these attacks.

Xu Xiao Xian kept her cool as she continued playing her Harp.

The melody clashed against the deathly rays of light and shattered the exterior of the Mu King's vessel.

A group of Saints were ejected out forcefully from the vessel.

Xu Xiao Xian's white hair drifted in the air as a look of triumph flashed across her eyes.

Sitting in mid-air, she continued her piece.

Against a group of terrifyingly powerful men, she had no fear.

At the same time, a dozen black insects flew out of her body towards the group from the Mu vessel.

The insects were far too small, their bodies did not emit any energy waves at all.

Even the powerful Saints of the Mu Clan could not detect their presence.

Xu Xiao Xian's Harp was too terrifying!

It contained a powerful destructive force, as well as the ability to plant hallucinations.

If one fell into the clutches of the melody, terrifying images would appear in their minds.

This was the true lethality of her power.

The mental realms of Saints were often vast and powerful.

Under normal circumstances, they would never have been affected by such hallucinations.

These were the most well protected parts of their existence.

Once fear was bred within their minds, their Dao would have been crippled!

For a cultivator, that was as good as dying.

"This witch is using a hallucination technique, be careful!" one of the Saints warned.

But it was two late, two of the other Saints' bodies immediately crumbled as their soul shrieked.

With a melody, Xu Xiao Xian had killed two Saints.

But what was to come was even more terrifying!

The miniscule black insects flew at extremes speed and landed in front of this group of Saints.

Every one of them had a monstrous defence, but they were penetrated by these black insects instantly!

They seemed to be able to devour anything, including Divine Gold!

Once they penetrated the defences, they tunnelled into the bodies of the Saints.

Screams of horror and fear ensued, pandemonium erupted.
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