Chapter 504: Energy Storm

Chapter 504: Energy Storm
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Under normal circumstances, Song Qing definitely would not have had the power to kill him.

He would not even be able to go near the core of the planet.

But now, he had the brush and the ink holder.

They were the ultimate weapons of the Song Clan!

Their powers were tremendous!

They had been cast away for far too long, but now, they were in the hands of their owner.

Magical equipment had souls, when they were excited, their powers would reach a whole new level.

The ink holder defended while the brush attacked.

Song Qing's confidence was well founded.

Chu Yu pushed Lin Shi out, sending the bronze gourd to send her away.

Chu Yu, Ming Hui, Black Dragon and Qu Ni unleashed a combined attack, which fired at the inner core of the planet together with the 'death' character.

At that moment, the Mu King and his group rushed over from the other side.

All of them howled in anger.

But just as they wanted to rush over, the energy emanated by the ancient ancestor stopped them.

They realised that they could not proceed!

"Ancestor, please wake up and kill these people!".

The Mu Clan's Saints begged like children as the bawled in an attempt to wake the ancestor up.

The character 'death' struck the inner core.


Explosions resounded from the depths of the planet.

Following this, a tremor could be felt.

A powerful magnetic field suddenly emerged from the depths of the planet!

The entire solar system's magical formations lit up.

Outside of the Mu planet, under the thick clouds, all of the Mu clan's warriors, as well as the earthling armies, suffered massive hits.

Many of them exploded instantly!

They could not withstand a hit of this magnitude.

Zhao Man Tian, Demon King Xue, Du Yu and Yue Yin all asserted their strongest defences, protecting the troops behind them.


Zhao Man Tian and Demon King Xue spat out mouthfuls of blood immediately.

Their injuries were severe.

Du Yu and Yue Yin's group could still hold up as they were behind the former two.

They beckoned for the two of them to fall behind.

Zhao Man Tian and Demon King Xue had no complains, they knew that something massive had happened.

Moreover, it was possible that such an attack could come again.

If they were to take the direct hit of such a shockwave again, the results were unfathomable.

They retreated as Yue Yin and her group took over.

Together, they blocked the second wave.

Yue Yin and her group all spat out blood.

A Saint from the back said, "Retreat!".

They all retreated as another two Saints stepped forward.

At that moment, another wave of energy, a wave that was stronger than the previous two waves, rushed over in a frenzy.

Everyone at the frontline had blood dripping down their lips.

If not for the protection of their powerful magical equipment, their injuries would have been far more severe.

Over at the Mu Clan, the sight was unbearable.

They were pushed over by wave after wave of hits as many of their warriors imploded.

Blood flowed like a coursing river.

Many of them looked over to earth as they died.

They were full of envy.

The Saints of the Mu Clan could only protect less than half of their men.

Their magical equipment were broken, their flesh was disintegrating, their souls were dissipating… they were suffering an intolerable fate.

The other Saints from the Mu Clan all escaped on their own!

They did not care about the survival of their own people.

If they had come together like the Saints on earth, the Mu army would not have suffered such a horrible fate.

If only.

The Mu Clan's City was crushed like paper by these waves of energy.

The earthlings could not take anything anymore!

The vast city was destroyed in seconds.

Only those who were at Sainthood or above could escape.

The other creatures all died with the city.

The city turned to a pile of rubble in the blink of an eye.

The survivors kneeled down, crying and praying for divine intervention.

Another wave of energy came and swept the survivors away.

At their final hour, the Legendary Emperors who had lived for countless years seemed to see the suffering of the solar system back then.

They remembered how they laughed at the rest who had suffered back in the day.

If they had cooperated with the rest back then, perhaps they could have survived!

They felt like they had died foolish deaths!

Today, they saw their cities melt away, crumbling and dying.

Desolation and grief struck them as they came to a realisation.

But it was too late!

The energy from the inner core of the planet enveloped the entire planet!

The earth had monitored this place for a long time, they realised that the surface of the Mu Planet had began experiencing violent waves.

The red clouds that covered its atmosphere were dissipating!

Back on earth, they could even see the magical formations that had been activated.

Thunderous booms and clouds of ash stained the space.

One of China's popular figures began speaking on the media platform, saying with a face of seriousness, "If not for the protection of these magical formations, the waves would destroy the entire solar system!".

The host was a beautiful lady who did not possess a high level of cultivation. She was visibly nervous in front of such a figure.

The Saint smiled, "Do not be afraid, the magical formations that our ancestors laid down will not waver, not even in the next billion years.".

The host flashed a smile and apologised, "Sorry, I was a little stunned there.".

She continued, "Elder, what are the reasons for the earth's attack on the Mu planet? Could you explain it to us?".

In reality, she already knew the reason.

She wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know what was on the line.

The Saint nodded and said, "We have to begin from 60,000,000 years ago…".

On the Mu Planet.

The Saints of the earth were barely holding it together, the waves of energy were far too powerful.

Xu Xiao Xian rushed over from a side with the Harp in her hands. She began playing a tune as the melody counter acted the waves.

She had kept the black insects and regained her elegant demeanour.

Far away, a green light appeared as Lin Shi came forward on the bronze gourd.

The bronze gourd emitted a soothing energy, protecting Lin Shi from the attacks.

The two girls looked at each other.

Xu Xiao Xian used her divine sense to deliver a mental message to everyone around, "Don't resist…".

Lin Shi cut her short and shouted, "Keep them!".

The floating city's army, along with all of the Saints, were absorbed into the bronze gourd.

Many of them resisted it and were not sucked inside.

Xu Xiao Xian continued her message, "Don't resist it, we have no time to waste!".

This time, everyone got in.

Xu Xiao Xian looked at Lin Shi, "What's the situation like over there?".

Lin Shi shook her head, "I have no clue!".

"Let's go!" Xu Xiao Xian said promptly as they broke through the clouds of the destroyed Mu Planet.
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