Chapter 505: The Eldest Ancestor of the Mu Dynasty

Chapter 505: The Eldest Ancestor of the Mu Dynasty
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What were they waiting for if they didn't run now? For the Mu planet to go up in flames?

Of course, it just only a figure of expression. The Mu planet would never go up in flames.

The Mu planet was the largest planet in the solar system protected by an uncountable number of defense formations.

The origins of the formations there dated back to the previous era. In other words, the formations were around for a long time, and they were here to stay.

It would be quite ridiculous for a planet of the Village of Dao to be blown up.

For now, Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi's top priority here was to evacuate the troops of the floating city.

The army had completed their mission outstandingly.

The Mu dynasty was overthrown!

Given the current outlook, there were no chances for a comeback for the Mu dynasty.

Xu Xiao Xian looked at the bronze gourd at her feet, "Who knew that this was a superior magical object?".

Lin Shi said to her, "It's yours if you like it.".

Xu Xiao Xian shook her head, "I don't want it, he gave it to you. Besides, you don't have any handy magical tokens on you, I have the Heavenly Demonic Harp.".

Lin Shi nodded her head, Xu Xiao Xian was considered family now. She didn't need to be cordial with her.

In addition, she really liked the Bronze Gourd.

Deep within The Mu planet, close to its core.

Song Qing's words had set off a series of terrible consequences.

The old ancestor who had been asleep at the planet's core was astonished!

Nobody had been able to appeal to the old ancestor of the Mu dynasty.

He had chosen to stay in recluse till his death!

Nobody knew of his plans to attain the Great Saint level of cultivation at the end of the Dharma-ending age!

This might seem like a pipedream for fools for many people but the old ancestor was determined and unfazed.

In the previous era, the era of the monkey, the three separate realms had led life peacefully.

There were Great Saints in all three realms.

Even above the Great Saint there was the Ancestral Stage, a formidable existence.

The Buddha, the Dao ancestor, they were all supreme practitioners.

And the great Yellow Emperor hailing from the mortal realm was a superior spirit to be taken seriously even in the Immortal realm!

Well updated spirits from that era knew that the Yellow Emperor could reign triumphantly in all three realms!

A ruler of the universe!

When the Immortal realm collapsed, the underworld cut off all ties and the mortal world turned upside down… all the rules were rewritten.

Only practitioners of the saint level could appear in the mortal realm.

The Buddha, Dao ancestor and the Yellow Emperor were long gone with the wind.

This realm would never witness the appearance of a Great Saint again.

The Mu dynasty's pioneering ancestor bore witness to the glory of the previous era.

Mu was the chinese character for wood.

So naturally, the original ancestor of the Mu royal family was a tree.

All the spirits in the Mu dynasty were offspring of the great tree.

But the blood had been diluted over the generations.

The descendants had cross bred with human and demon counterparts and hence the genetic makeup of the current generation had been largely altered.

The only pure blood left was this original ancestor!

He had been laying in his slumber at the core of The Mu planet.

The reason why he chose this path for himself was partly due to the impurity of his bloodline as well.

He couldn't care less about his non-pure blooded descendants.

The only thing on his mind was attaining the Great Sainthood!

He would gladly pay the price to achieve his goal even if it cost the lives of the entire Mu dynasty.

Revered as the original ancestor, he had never regarded his descendants as family or worthy heirs.

It was foolish to depend on him!

Like he would answer to their pleas or calls for help.

But Song Qing's words had caught his attention!

This kind of wrath was unimaginable.

Song Qing's words had set off a raging fury in the old ancestor. Raw energy that was exploding from the core of this man!

The old ancestor had become one with the planet.

He transformed into his original form in a split second as a heaven piercing giant tree. It was as if the tree had sprouted right from the core of the planet.

This tree was magnificently huge!

Its roots had penetrated the entire gaseous planet peeking on the surface of the planet!

Its blooming branches were extending over the opposite pole!

All that remained of the city became the great tree's fertilizer.

Other than Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian who were busy escaping, there were only a few living creatures left!

The King of the Mu dynasty watched horrifically as the old ancestor morphed into a giant tree whose roots pierced his sons' bodies before piercing his own. They were turned into ash and their anger, anguish and despair were fleeting.

Chu Yu skillfully poised himself, ready for battle equipped with his swords and the Immortal Crane Furnace.

He kept Black Dragon and Qu Ni into the furnace immediately.

Song Qing had trouble hiding his trepidation as he watched the old ancestor take his form. He readied himself for a fight with his ink holder above him and the brush in his hand.

Ming Hui followed suit by fishing out a fresh magical token.

It was a tattered mace!

The front of it was gone, broken off by something.

The queerest part were the traces of fresh blood on the sharp edges of the mace.

As if it had been just used.

Ming Hui's mace was hovering above him, he looked over sternly at the old ancestor, "Old ancestor of the Mu dynasty… the legendary tree god, who knew you were still around.".

The crown of the giant tree was already growing far beyond the boundaries of The Mu planet. One of its branches elongated itself like an extended arm and clawed at Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian!

But the magical formations in the solar system were still activated. Just as the long branch was about to reach Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi, a strong sword Qi blasted towards the branch from the direction of the Sun.

It was from the Sun.


The branch was snapped easily like a twig.

It was trimmed right at the edge of The Mu planet.

A ferocious howl echoed from the core of the planet, "How long can the will of the Solar System continue to exist? Even if you snap one of my branches today, I will definitely destroy you tomorrow!".

The space was still and quiet.

The will of the Solar system that he spoke of gave no response.

Xu Xiao Xian had grabbed the broken stick and ran away with it!

The tree ancestor was antagonized and he was breathing fury.

On earth.

People were astonished at the transformation of their familiar neighbor.

Even the saint in the recording studio was stunned for a good while.

He had just been narrating the history of the Mu dynasty from 60,000,000 years ago.

But he had no inkling of the ancient tree ancestor of the dynasty.

Luckily for him, the host was too surprised to question him.

The truth was that the development of events at The Mu planet had exceeded the knowledge of everyone.

The general public would still be perplexed, with or without explanation.

The best thing they could do was to pray for Chu Yu as they observed the situation.

The Mu planet had caught the attention of Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and all the other planets of the Solar system.

All eyes were on them.

"Who knew that an ancient ancestor comparable to Yi from Earth existed on the planet of The Mu planet," a strange looking alien chipped in on Uranus.

The spirit looked like a typical alien form in a movie; top heavy, blue skinned and big eyes, he looked rather peculiar.

The human opposite him looked calm.

"Comparable to Yi? Please! Yi was an ultimate existence, he had remarkable achievements and he ended up ascending to the Immortal realm to become a god… if only we knew what happened to him afterwards."

He continued with a chuckle, "This tree ancestor may be strong but he hasn't attained the level of a Great Saint… ha… He is quite the dreamer aiming to become a Great Saint under the current laws governing the heaven and earth.".

The odd-looking alien replied, "It might not be impossible to become a Great Saint but it sure won't be easy! This tree ancestor must be a formidable spirit, he is very strong!".

Practitioners from other planets were watching the fight that was about to ensue intently.

Come to think of it, this was Chu Yu's grand introduction to the rest of the solar system.

On The Mu planet.

Numerous endings of the tree ancestor's roots were pointed at Chu Yu and his party. All of them were like sharp spears with polished tips.

They were accompanied by the hostile mental will of the ancestor.

"A bunch of measly ants! How dare you come here and seek trouble? How dare you interrupt my sleep… go and die all of you!"

Ming Hui clutched his mace tightly and with a loud yell, the mace had expanded in size several times!

Ming Hui was now holding onto a large valley with pointed edges.

The vicious roots were lunging towards it.

It was piercing a large area of the valley!

The roots were breaking!

But the damage was insignificant, the number of roots this ancestor had was uncountable.

Song Qing waved his brush calmly as he formed the "fire" character and he blasted it at the old ancestor.


The branches had gone up in flames immediately.

The ancestor was enraged, he began to vibrate vigorously.

Looking at The Mu planet from afar, the energy fields had been dramatically altered.

The large fleet of satellites circling the planet would have been displaced if not for the protective formations of the solar system.

Chu Yu was quietly activating the Three realms technique as he looked lustfully at the great tree.

The giant tree was full of treasures from top to bottom!

He must have possessed other treasures from the previous era!

It was just that… this guy was so powerful!

Chu Yu had an instinct that the Three realms technique would be enough to deal with him, but he still had his reservations.

But his doubt was only there for a split second.

In the next moment, Chu Yu was already riding his blades and heading straight towards the old tree.
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