Chapter 506: Setting the Star Ablaze

Chapter 506: Setting the Star Ablaze
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This giant thing had millions of shrouds and strands.

Song Qing's fire had wiped out a large sea of them but there were still more!

Every one of them were razor-sharp weapons piercing towards the people from every direction.

Chu Yu had narrowed his eyes and opened his vertical eye. He was at optimal consciousness and alertness.

The world had slowed down around him.

This was a tough fight, a worthy opponent. He couldn't afford to let his carelessness cost him his victory.

He had to commit his full concentration to kill him!

Come on!

His two swords were expanding in size without showing any signs of slowing down.

Parked across the virtual space, they were radiating a warm glow and then they went straight for the tree ancestor.

Numerous roots were sliced into pieces of scrap wood raining down on them.

Song Qing and Ming Hui crowded towards Chu Yu.

They had grave looks on their faces.

This tree demon was terrifying.

It had roots itself firmly into the core of the planet, it wasn't positioned for failure. It main trunk was impenetrable.

Plus, it was ginormous!

It had no loopholes in terms of its defense or attacking strategies.

Not an easy fight.

Chu Yu was shooting like an arrow towards the core of the planet carrying his two swords along with him.

He was merciless when it came to attacking!

Though the tree ancestor had considered them as insignificant ants, he had to give Chu Yu some credit at this point of time.

Chu Yu was some pesky bug!

The tree ancestor weaved his branches together to create a shield for himself.

It would take them a long time trying to hack through this thick wall of shrubs to get to the ancestor's core.

It was really difficult!

"A colony of ants! Dare to mess with me? Go and die!"

He was bellowing and the thick wall of branches had morphed into a barbed-wired slab, pushing against Chu Yu, Ming Hui and Song Qing and cornering them.

They were trapped between the walls from every direction!

Their front and back, left and right, top and bottom… there was no way out! And the walls were moving fast, the tree ancestor was determined to crush them to death.

He must have been really enraged, using such a drastic move.

He was still insulted that his bloodline had been wiped out by foreign invaders.

Even though he was indifferent about their survival, he still couldn't tolerate others trampling over his legacy like that.

It was pure disrespect for him!

Especially with this group of arrogant fools!

So… he had to kill them to teach them a lesson today!

He activated his core energy, the techniques that he spent centuries trying to assimilate.

His foundation was so solid and his level of cultivation was seasoned. He was much more powerful than many other saints.

Incredibly so!

The interior of the Mu Planet had collapsed entirely.

Any traces of the Mu dynasty's existence were being wiped away.

Before this, they had been reigning for an awfully long time. Even as the shameful traitor in the previous era, they had survived till today.

Karma goes in a cycle, it's the circle of life, too bad for them.

Debts had to be repaid sooner or later.

Chu Yu's invasion had been a watershed event. Their own ancestor was the true cause of their destruction.

This indomitable tree demon!

Although the tree ancestor was well aware of this fact, he chose to pour his grievance and take his revenge on Chu Yu and his friends. He blamed the destruction of the Mu planet entirely on them.

The entire planet seemed to be howling!

Song Qing and Ming Hui exchanged glances as they both activated their Heavenly Moving strength.

The walls surrounding them were blown up one by one.

The Mu planet was expanding its energy radiation along with every howl of the ancestor.

Protective formations in the virtual space were lighted up continuously.

It was quite a sight for the other bystanders of the solar system.

Many respectable figures who were in hibernation had awakened to watch the spectacle.

Suddenly a booming voice from Earth shook the star in the virtual space!

"Little tree demon, I'll crush you with my fingertips if you go overboard!"

The statement rang loud and clear and it transmitted across the planets.

The space was quiet again.

The powerful practitioners turned their gaze towards the beautiful blue planet.

This mighty figure was so… darn… domineering!

The tree ancestor was hopping mad, its roots had caught fire from his own rage.

So f*cking annoying!

Are you blind?

Can't you see what this crowd of ants have done to my planet?

You still want to crush me with your finger?

Come at me!

The tree ancestor was cursing his head off in his mind but he dared not voice his thoughts out loud.

He knew better than anyone the might and wrath of that voice, the voice wasn't exaggerating when he said that he could crush him with his fingertips.

Chu Yu took the opportunity to smash the furnace at the thorny wall in front of him!

Boom boom boom!

A large gaping hole was formed in the wall.

Chu Yu leapt through the hole swiftly.

Instead of following him, Ming Hui and Song Qing had the same idea in mind.

Setting fire!

The two ancient saints both possessed high-grade true flames.

Under normal circumstances, it would be hard to hurt this powerful spirit with the flame.

But Chu Yu's attack had broken through the spirit's defense and left a crack, leaving the tree ancestor vulnerable.

They saw the opportunity and released their flames.

Raging crackles climbed high to swallow a large area of the ancestor's roots and branches.

Spirits of the wood element fear fire the most, it was their Achilles' heel.

Ming Hui and Song Qing were taken aback by the extent of damage they did to the tree ancestor. They followed up with the same strategy!

This was their chance!

That was the most they could do to aid Chu Yu.

The two elders began firing their moves at the large tree to their best ability!

They were aiming at the main trunk of the tree.


The tree ancestor's wail could be heard across the entire galaxy.

Defense formations were lighted up again and again.

"The formations are still holding up well," someone from Uranus commented.

"That's right, the formations haven't reached their maximum capacity yet. If they were fully activated, even a Great Saint might not wander through them unscathed," the alien spirit added on.

An elder resembling an old beggar from Neptune was awakened. He was filthy from head to toe, his unkempt beard clumped together from the grim and dirt.

If he hadn't moved, he might be mistaken for a mud sculpture.

He opened his bright and clear eyes. It was an odd pairing, one might mistake him for a newborn baby if they were only looking at his eyes!

He looked in the direction of the earth and his beautiful eyes showed traces of sadness.

"So many notable figures had been forgotten in the sands of time…"

With that, he slowly closed his eyes again.

He was in the central region of Neptune, hidden within the core of the planet.

Elsewhere in Mars, Venus and Mercury; elders dressed in Daoist robes were awakening in the core of the planets as well.

No one knew how long they had been around, few people even knew of their existence today.

They held their peace and merely looked around before closing their eyes again.

This scuffle wasn't enough to push for their reappearance.

"Hahaha, Yi! Are you seeing this? These ants are coming after my life! Don't blame me for retaliating!"

The tree ancestor was bellowing in madness.

Back on Earth, Yi gave an apathetic reply, "Then I shall kill you now!".

With that, a large hand reached out from the blue planet.

Chu Yu interjected anxiously, "Senior… we don't want to trouble you!".

The large hand had immediately dissolved into thin air.

Then, there was a large explosion in the depths of the Mu Planet!

Raging flames were spreading fast like wildfire outwards like a nuclear explosion!

It was as if the Mu Planet had been hit by another equally sized planet. The fire was engulfing the entire planet!

Two shadows transported themselves away from the burning planet.

It was Ming Hui and Song Qing.

Their faces were consumed with shock as they watched the planet set ablaze.

They knew it had to be the work of Chu Yu but they had no inkling as to how he managed it.

At the core of the planet, Chu Yu had released the Flame of lava and he was happily setting the great tree on fire.

He taunted the ancestor, "Who do you call ants? Let's see if the Heaven Defying Qi and the Ancient Flame can burn you to death!".

"You…you… who the hell are you exactly? Why do you have this furnace?".

The tree ancestor had let his fear slip through his voice.

This furnace was truly fearsome!

Even with the ancestor's level of cultivation and state of practice, he didn't manage to see through the powers of the furnace.

As a saint of the wood element, he already possessed fine defensive abilities and hence he never paid attention to external magical tokens for extra help.

He considered Chu Yu's possession of the furnace and how he managed to conjure Qi to fortify the Flame of lava. Then, it struck him who Chu Yu really was. He finally figured out Chu Yu's background.

"God damn it!"

The tree ancestor wanted to scream aloud Chu Yu's identity and the fact that he possessed one of the nine heavenly cauldrons in the form of the Immortal Crane Furnace!

But he was spiteful! He was too proud to admit that out loud.

He wanted the furnace for himself!

The Great Saint would be much more achievable with the possession of one of the Heavenly Cauldrons!

He gave a twisted laugh, "Ant, you think I can't do anything about you without my physical form? Watch me take over your physical body!".

He detached his menacing soul from the giant tree and darted towards Chu Yu's forehead.

Chu Yu smiled instantly.

He activated his vertical eye and it became a black hole.

The black hole could swallow anything!
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