Chapter 507: This Isn't a Trap

Chapter 507: This Isn't a Trap
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There were no gods in this world.

If the tree ancestor was a god, he wouldn't have hopped into an abyss so readily and foolishly.

It was a bottomless abyss.

But he didn't know that.

As a supreme existence of the spirit world gearing to attain the Great Sainthood, not many beings could threaten him anymore.

He hadn't considered this young man as a worthy threat for one second.

Not even with the formidable Cauldron in his possession!

So what?

Even the invincible Yellow Emperor had faded away in the past.

The original Cauldron had been divided into nine and scattered across the universe.

So what if one of the pieces appeared?

What good would a divine weapon do in the hands of a juvenile kid? Who could he hurt?

The tree ancestor's mental strength was indomitable!

His divine soul was so powerful it could be crystalized into a solid form.

Even with its physical form ruined... granted, it may be a critical blow but not a lethal one.

So, the ancestor had approached Chu Yu with confidence and sureness. Confident that he could steal Chu Yu's body.

To take over the nest!

But he had caught Chu Yu's snarky grin right before barging into Chu Yu's mental consciousness.

"How can he have such a mysterious smile knowing that he was about to die? Was he a retard?"

The tree ancestor thought to himself.


A strong blast of energy from the tree's divine soul entered Chu Yu's expansive mental consciousness.

The ancestor immediately felt that something was off.

This guy's mental consciousness was unusually… massive!

This couldn't be the case for a fresh saint!

Even for him, with years of experience and enlightenment under his belt, his own consciousness was a comparable size.

"What a superior physical body!"

The tree ancestor sighed in appreciation.

It was a great feeling!

He had thought that it was a compromise for him to use Chu Yu's body.

He was left with no choice since his own physical form was burnt to ashes with the power from the furnace.

He had weighed the pros and cons before deciding to squirrel into Chu Yu's body; taking into consideration his possession of the heavenly Cauldron.

After occupying Chu Yu's consciousness, the ancestor had been pleasantly surprised and he was having a hard time concealing his glee.

Seemed like he made the right call.

He began to chuckle out loud in Chu Yu's consciousness.

He began to morph his divine soul into a giant tree in Chu Yu's mind, planting his roots and growing at an alarming speed.

With no time, he had grown into a magnificent luscious tree and every leaf contained the essence of his cultivation powers he had accumulated over the years.

He was domineering!

Suddenly, a frightful oppressive energy erupted within Chu Yu's consciousness.

It was like a… whirlpool.

A whirlpool that threatened to suck in everything in its way!

Like a famished beast with an unquenchable appetite, it had swallowed the tree ancestor's divine soul in one mouthful.

The tree ancestor had seen a great deal of frightening things before, like the terrifying horrors of the Bastion of Stars.

But he had never though that there were such terrifying things in the mortal realm.

What on earth was this?

The tree ancestor was struggling desperately in Chu Yu's consciousness.

But there was no way he could resist the whirlpool transformed by the vertical eye. He simply wasn't powerful enough.

His struggle was short-lived.

Within the blink of an eye, he was completely swallowed by the vertical eye.


"This was a trap, I will not resign to this fate! Why did it end up this way? What kind of force is this?"

The ancestor left a vengeful yelp before disappearing into nothing.

All that was left of him was his hate and regret.

Chu Yu massaged his forehead, it was a little sore from all the trauma.

No matter what, the tree ancestor's divine spirit was still extremely powerful.

The ancestor had caused some degree of damage when he had rooted himself in his consciousness.

Chu Yu began to recite the three realms technique. A cold compression could be felt within his skull.

The throbbing pain was eased immediately.

From afar, the Mu planet was still a ball of flames.

It resembled a second sun with fire encircling every inch of the planet!

On Uranus, the alien creature had a deep-set frown, "How did the young earthling hack the great old tree?".

Chu Yu's refusal of Yi's help didn't go unnoticed amongst the other spirits in the Solar System.

The human replied him, "Rumor has it that he is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. Not to mention his possession of many top grade magical objects and a great deal of luck, doesn't come off as a surprise to me that he could hack that old tree to death…".

"What a load of bullsh*t! Why would you believe those baseless rumors? The Yellow Emperor had no offspring!"

The human gave a cheeky smile, "Would the Emperor tell you if he had any offspring? You've ever been to that era yourself?".

The alien creature in a red cape pouted, "So what if I haven't been to that era? What about all those texts and scripts we've read? I've never heard anything regarding an offspring… what Descendant, sounds like a scam to me!".

He continued calmly, "But, it might be plausible that he has the possession of the late Emperor's collection.".

The human nodded his head, "One of the nine Cauldrons.".

The alien's pupils constricted.

"Come on, let's not have any funny ideas regarding that magical object."

"I know, but I am just… a little tempted."

"Don't be, you might lose your life chasing after your temptations."


"Other than Yi, there are other divine existences from that era still around. To get one of the Cauldrons, you got to have some degree of fortune in your stars. You know that many of these seniors have special affections for some juniors."

He looked at the alien creature seriously, "Some fortune doesn't belong to us.".

The alien creature gave a hearty laugh, "I understand now Lone Orphan, you are my best friend. I probably won't be around today if not for you! I value your advice and insights.".

The man nodded his head and sighed softly, "Let's accumulate more strength and power, I'm afraid that the solar system… is about to sink into turmoil again. We must be prepared to give our best then.".

"We shall defend our home with our lives!"

On Neptune, the mud sculpture-like elder looked at the burning planet with puzzlement.

"This can't be right…? That old tree won't die that way. Unless, he gave up his physical form? What is he trying do?"

He was shaking his head again.

He looked in the direction of Earth and frowned, "If that were the case, that guy wouldn't have kept still, would he? Unless he really listened to what the young man said… and left it be?".


It wasn't the case that Yi was indifferent about Chu Yu's life or death. Yi knew Chu Yu well, both his character and his hidden secret!

This had left the mud sculpture-like elder bewildered.

He turned towards the Mu planet again eventually, "There is retribution at the end of the day, when have the heavens ever failed to do that?".

On Venus, a young practitioner dressed in floating white robes stood atop a large mountain. His gaze pierce through the atmosphere as he observed the Mu planet.

A lady in a red dress stood behind him.

The woman had astounding features, she was beautiful.

She whispered gently, "Why don't you intervene since you're so worried, Chang Geng?".

"I haven't participated in so many years, since there is Yi around watching over him, and…"

He looked gently at the woman, "That boy said so himself, he didn't want to trouble Yi; it would only make things messier if I appeared.".

"Is this what you Easterners call bringing someone to heel?" the lady's eyes were twinkling with life.

"You haven't been able to master the eastern practices after so many years, that's not what it means…" the young man smiled.

"Then what is it called? A gem in the rough?"

The man shook his head in defeat, "This is known as… leaving someone to their own devices. For someone to take on a great deal of responsibility and duty, he must first train his mind and ready his will.".

"I know I know, this was said by some famous small guy on Earth."

"He was a great literate and poet, you've reduced him to a little guy?"

"That guy was really quite something, he managed to attain sainthood in the Dharma-ending age under the seal. In our age today, he would have accomplished many great things as well."

She looked at the young man and added, "But, he is not as great as you!".


The young man broke out in a string of carefree laughter, he looked at the Mu planet again, "He is ready now, there is no need to worry further. In the coming battle, if he survives… there will be a worthy heir for our home!".

The woman whispered gently, "Yeah, if I could accompany you on the battlefield then, I will die with no regrets.".

The young man held her hands firmly and disappeared from the planet.

On Mars, a couple of saints looked at the Mu planet with complex expressions.

One of the saints, an extremely handsome man was watching the burning planet with a glint in his eyes. Who knew what he was thinking about.

He was the Butterfly Saint!

The same Butterfly Saint that had lost a Sacred Mental Mark because of Black Dragon.

It was a critical point in time for his path of enlightenment, he could only quietly bear the loss of his sacred mental mark.

After his recluse, he had wanted to seek revenge but Yi's presence had obstructed his plans.

He didn't dare to attack!

Yi was a scary figure not only for spirits in the Village of Dao but also across universes.

Even with his bubbling vengeance, he had acted cautiously and left them alone.

But this… seemed like an opportunity!

That little brat who massacred his descendants was arrogant enough to ask Yi to stay out of his business.

Shall I take my revenge now?

The Butterfly Saint was extremely tempted.
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