Chapter 508: No Room For Their Leadership

Chapter 508: No Room For Their Leadership
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He gritted down his teeth and held it in.

The situation on The Mu planet was too peculiar, his intention was wavering.

"I'll wait a bit further… till that old guy on Earth dies… I'll collect all the debts new and old at one go!"

The Butterfly Saint muttered to himself with a contorted expression.

A saint's vow must be fulfilled.

He would suffer dire consequences if he didn't realize his own prophecies.

He shook his head before heading back into recluse.

"The solar system can't withstand an invasion without you earthlings?"

He spat spitefully before disappearing.

On Mercury, a metallic spirit stood firmly atop a circular mountain. He had a dull seafoam body like he was made of green bronze.

But he was a living spirit!

With his eyes wide open, he looked scary standing there radiating a chilly aura.

After a while, he closed his eyes before melting into the metallic ground of the planet.

On Saturn, a group of giant creatures in human form sat in a circle.

They were in a furious debate.

"We should have intervened!"

"No, we shouldn't, even Yi left it alone."

"That human could be the last hope for the Village of Dao!"

"What good would he be if he can't take on a tree by himself?"


"No interventions"

Other than these main planets in the solar system, life was also bustling on the smaller stars.

This would have been unimaginable for earthlings in the Dharma-ending age given their level of technology.

Humans had focused their attention on searching for extra-terrestrial beings outside the solar system.

They had assumed that there were no other signs of life in the Solar system apart from earth.

Today we know that Earth's technology had been too backwards to discover these extra-terrestrial beings.

The seal upon the solar system had been undone and countless spirits were beginning to awaken.

Many of them weren't even put to sleep in the first place.

Their residing planets might not compare to the bigger ones in terms of their resources or cultivation energy but they were peaceful.

Besides, in the Village of Dao, energy from the heaven and earth could be found in any corner!

They were watching The Mu planet intently!

Quietly observing Chu Yu's each and every move.

On The Mu planet.

Ming Hui and Song Qing were outside, floating in the virtual space.

The torrential storm that raged on The Mu planet all year round was more violent than ever before.

The electrical currents and magnetic fields generated were astounding!

No technological equipment could ever come close to the planet again.

The tree ancestor had perished within Chu Yu's consciousness.

Swallowed by the vertical eye.

His physical body was burning ferociously at the core of the planet.

This was holy wood!

Chu Yu couldn't hide his pity.

Using his two swords, he began chopping the main trunk frantically.

He had to save some wood materials first.

He also activated his vertical eye to look for the ancestor's hidden collection of treasures.

With the destruction of the Mu dynasty, many of their treasures were scattered across the virtual space.

Nobody had time to scour for those treasures.

Chu Yu had a strong instinct that the tree ancestor had his own personal collection!

Like what he had predicted, there was a secret palace in the center of the main trunk.

It was a gigantic palace!

Chu Yu could tell that the palace was carved out of precious metals and elements. The palace itself was a superior magical token.

The walls of the palace were decorated with numerous protective formations that were glowing.

It was trapped in the trunk of the tree.


Chu Yu used his cultivation skills and entered the main trunk of the tree with his Immortal Crane furnace.

He was forcing the palace into the furnace.

There was a small problem.

The palace was resisting his efforts vigorously.

It had birthed a powerful spirit!

It knew that the tree ancestor had been slaughtered by Chu Yu and bore a hostile approach to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu blasted his entire mental strength onto the palace.

Then, the world was silent.

The spirit of the palace had been suppressed by his mental strength and had no choice but to submit itself.

After collecting the palace, Chu Yu gathered a large amount of wood scraps. These were precious sacred woods.

Only then did he take his leave.

He looked over at the worried faces of Song Qing and Ming Hui, "Let's split the loot when we get back!".

Their worry had dissipated into joy as their burst into chuckles.

Ming Hui looked at the burning planet before sighing, "Poor tree, it had spent billions of years attaining its cultivation to be reduced into ashes now. It is returning all the energy it sucked from the galaxy.".

Song Qing laughed, "After another billion years, The Mu planet will be filled with rocks and metals.".

"Let's renovate it and turn it into our garden!"

They broke out into chuckles again.

The fleet from the floating city was hovering in the virtual space.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi were standing on the Bronze Gourd.

The laughable and ridiculed army was now standing dominantly in the sight of the rest of the solar system.

Their demeanour was robust.

"Let's go home!" Chu Yu commanded the troops with a firm shout.

The impacts of this battle were rippling!

Chu Yu didn't expect the battle to be so rewarding himself.

They arrived promptly back at the floating city.

Various ancient sects, clans and tribes came forward to congratulate them on their victory.

Many other planets had sent ambassadors for diplomatic talks with Chu Yu!

Before this, there was a lack of communication between the planets and an even greater lack of cooperation!

It was a joyous occasion!

The official media company had the broadcasting rights to this special occasion!

The earthlings were elated.

It was the first time they were witnessing so many alien beings around them.

They only saw such a spectacle in movies during their childhood.

The human imagination was creative!

Many of the ambassadors from the neighboring planets did bear resemblance to the movie characters they were familiar with.

Spirits of the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, metal element, rock element, crystal element…

They were all divisions of the demon arm of living creatures.

And there was a large number of humans.

Descendants of the ancient practitioners who had travelled far in the past.

Many of them were outstanding youths on their own planets.

There weren't many senior figures who had arrived at the floating city. Perhaps they had thought that it would be better to leave the opportunity to their young ones.

Chu Yu's arrival had set off a series of high spirited celebrations in the city. Everyone was in a jovial mood!

Many of the creatures respected Chu Yu.

Their purpose there was to strike a reasonable agreement to become allies with the floating city.

Some of them knew that they didn't have the rights to request that of Chu Yu given their status and power.

But they weren't treated any less than other guests.

Du Yu, Zhao Man Tian, Old Huang and Demon King Xue looked even more popular than Chu Yu.

Demon King Xue had put up a stoic front as an ancient demon.

But he had let his facades disappear as he saw his friends and other demons.

It was rare to meet people of his own kind.

Old Huang was meeting many of his own kind as well, all the other weasels…

They didn't seem as wise or cultured as him. Given how "educated" old Huang was, he could probably be the head of their tribe.

He was enjoying this feeling. Spending all his time with Da Jia Zei the infamous illiterate had made him question the use of his knowledge.

He wished he could lift Da Jia Zei out from his recluse and force him to admit the value of knowledge.

A pity that he had disappeared, no one knew where he was.

Yue Yin and her fellow ancient saints were relieved to see that their old alien counterparts were still alive and well.

Amidst the bustle of the city, an elder from an old clan had interviewed Chu Yu regarding his thoughts on the Limitless and Taiji sect.

The elder was an old Divine Lord.

Although his cultivation wasn't so impressive, his age certainly was.

He said so himself that he once consumed a mutated sacred medicine.

The medicinal herb hadn't been able to allow him to have any significant breakthroughs with his cultivation but had prolonged his vitality indefinitely.

He still retained his energy after all these years.

Chu Yu was intrigued by him.

"Are you familiar with the two sects?" he asked.

They weren't surrounded by many people but all eyes were on them. Everyone was listening to their conversation now.

"Can't say I'm familiar with them. Years ago, when I consumed the medicinal herb in their territories, they had spared me and let me go. I owe them one. Before I came here today, Taiji sect had sent a messenger asking me to test the waters with your highness…"

People were displeased after hearing the man's explanation, especially the Master of the Purple Cloud Academy, Liu Feng Hui.

"The Taiji sect… a top tier clan in the ancient times. They had sacrificed numerous outstanding practitioners during the great war to defend our home bravely. What has it become today? They don't even have the courage to come here themselves?"

Song Qing agreed fervently, "My friend, you can tell Taiji and Limitless sect that nobody is waiting for them to bend their knee, nor are we going to be looking for any trouble. If there are going to be any trouble… they are the cause of it!".

Song Qing continued harshly, "It's been so many years, it would be a ridicule on our part if we hadn't figured out their existence. I know what they are up to, please let them know that there is no room for their leadership even when Yi passes on!".
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