Chapter 510: Fiery Rage!

Chapter 510: Fiery Rage!
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This was sudden!

The true assassin was not just a single young man, but also these two women!

Their acting had been superb. Even Chu Liang, who had been on alert the whole time, was taken by surprise. He had directed all his caution and attention towards the young man.

Chu Liang was ignorant of these two women, who wielded the main powers!

Moreover, their target seemed to be Chu Liang, and not Chu Yu!

The armor Chu Liang wore seemed to sense the presence of an enormous aura of power. Instantly, the armor produced a similar reaction and dissipated a forceful energy, enveloping Chu Liang in a protective aura.

At the same time, a few magical formations were activated, erupting an immense wave of force.

The Saints of the Floating city followed behind swiftly.

They had such lightning-quick reactions!

Although it was the first time the enemy had come close to their base camp, the people of the Floating city had long been prepared.

The City was too important!

Be it for the Earth or the entire Solar System, this City was a proper base camp.

Chu Yu was already no longer a lone ranger in battle.

Any loss from the Floating city was intolerable.

In that instant, the Young Man began his attack on Chu Yu!

However, the Young Man and the two Women had not anticipated the immense density of defenses put up by the Floating city.

A successful escape, seemed... a little troublesome.

The Three of them shared a moment's gaze, and instantly made a decision.

All or nothing, get rid of Chu Yu's Brother, then we'll see!

An earth-shaking rumble emanated from the meeting room.

Even with powerful protection from its magical formations, the Floating city tremored violently.

The Three masters of Saintly Cultivation attacked simultaneously. Despite the protection from Chu Liang's superior defensive armor, he was instantly sent flying out.

Although he suffered no grievous injury, Chu Liang still spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Promptly deciding, Chu Liang consumed an Elixir Pill before turning to leave.

If he was unable to defeat one Saint, how was he to take down three?

The Three Saints were under restrain from the protective magical formations. However, they could still face a man of Chu Liang's cultivation with a superiority and confidence.

Even if Chu Liang wore a superior protective armor, they were confident of being able to kill him before the others arrived!

The Young Man wore an air with no hint of presumptuous arrogance.

His expression remained frosty, his body emanating a murderous glow.

He opened his mouth, producing a small gold sword as long as his fingers. It gave off a blinding glare, shooting towards Chu Liang at an exceeding speed.


The small gold sword directly struck above Chu Liang's defensive energy with a loud clap.

Chu Liang was sent flying once again.

The two Women also produced their magical equipment and attacked Chu Liang mercilessly.

At the same time, the protective magical formations began attacking the Three Saint viciously.

However, these magical formations could at most function to restrain the Three Saints. They were unable to inflict significant injury unto them!


The Young Man bellowed deeply from his vocal cords as he controlled the small flying gold sword.

The flying sword had a terrifying attack frequency and force!

Under normal circumstances, this flying sword would not be able to severely injure Chu Liang.

Chu Yu had taken pains to ensure the safety of his brother.

But under siege from the Three Saints and given Chu Liang's weaker cultivation, Chu Liang had in an instant, been severely injured.

Even though he had consumed the Elixir Pill, Chu Liang was still in imminent danger.

The Three Saints did not expect the protective powers of Chu Liang's defensive armor to be that powerful. They had imagined that their volley of strikes would already have utterly destroyed Chu Liang.

Looks like it resulted only in severe injury.

The Three Saints started to become a little flustered.

At the same time, the other Saints from the Floating city had all arrived.

The first to reach, was Xu Xiao Xian.

She was always of closest proximity to the area and was often required to run errands for the Floating city. Thus, she was always out and about.

After hearing of the crisis here, she rushed over directly.

Brandishing her Heavenly Demon Harp, Xu Xiao Xian charged towards one of the female Saints.


A shockwave of sound crashed violently upon her body.


Fresh blood spewed from her mouth on the spot.

Ding dong ding dong!

A chain of shockwaves followed in quick succession.

The Saint was taken aback.

She was not just some young Saint, she was a proper ancient Saint!

She had lived through long and arduous ages and was a Saint of frighteningly superior cultivation!

Despite the distinguished reputation of the Floating city, it was still a relatively new power. In the eyes of the Ancient Saints, it was simply not of significance.

Who would've thought that a newly cultivated Saint could be that formidable?

The Saint abandoned all thought of pursuing Chu Liang. She took up to the skies, and directly attacked Xu Xiao Xian.

In spite of the powerful protection from the magical formations, the nearby buildings were not invulnerable to damage. One by one, they collapsed in a cloud of dust!

Xu Xiao Xian was overwhelmed with rage, unleashing a vicious blow.

Levitating in the air, Xu Xiao Xian's white hair swayed in the wind as her fingers danced across her magical instrument.

Ding Ding Dong Dong Ding Ding!

Shockwaves of immense amplitudes were unleashed like tidal waves.

The protective armor on the Saint's body shattered. A long dress fell from the body of the Saint.

She was left exposed.

Embarrassed but incensed, the Saint used a magical spell, forming a hazy cloud around her body.

In the moment's distraction, Xu Xiao Xian seized the opportunity to unleash another chain of shockwaves. Each wave was more piercing than the previous, like countless knives striking the Saint.

The Saint's body fell to pieces.

Along with her soul, the Saint had been destroyed by the penetrating attacks of the shockwaves.

Saint against Saint, it was a slaughter!

Xu Xiao Xian appeared weary, having expended a massive amount of energy.

This all had happened in a fraction of a second.

Battles between Saints were extremely brutal. A split second could decide life or death.

At this time, Ming Hui, Song Qing, Du Yu, and the rest arrived.

Chu Yu had already arrived before them, moments after the arrival of Xu Xiao Xian.

Chu Yu chose not to engage in combat at once. Instead, he struck the Young Man into retreat, before taking Chu Liang away and escaping.

Salvation was more important than killing in this moment, even if Chu Yu, more than anyone, wanted these Three Saints dead.

Thus, by the time Ming Hui and the rest arrived, Chu Yu had already taken Chu Liang and left.

By now, the battle had already lost all suspense.

Even if the Young Man and the other Female Saint were superior beings of Saintly Cultivation, they were of no match against Ming Hui and the others.

Their plan to assassinate one or two people had fallen through.

The Young Man was thinking of imploding himself. However, with a slap of the palm, Ming Hui crushed him to death.

The remaining Female Saint activated an escape scroll, but Song Qing waved a large brush to write out the word "SEAL" upon it, throwing her into captivity.

In a room, Chu Yu looked upon his brother Chu Liang worriedly, his face wrought with self-blame.

Chu Tian Bei, Chu Xi and Song Yu were all here too, wearing the same expression of concern.

"I'm... alright, look at how scared you all look," Chu Liang chuckled, coughing out a large mouthful of fresh blood simultaneously.

"Brother, don't speak. What you need the most is to rest properly." Chu Yu said as he placed another Elixir Pill in Chu Liang's mouth.

Chu Yu knew well the circumstance his brother was in.

He would live, but his injuries were severe!

They could even affect his future path!

Although Chu Liang did not have much opportunity to become a Saint, he could rely on Elixir Pills and superior legacies to reach the cultivation of a Legendary Emperor. A life expectancy similar to that of a Saint would not be too difficult.

But now... there was trouble!

Unless Chu Yu could create even more superior Elixir Pills in the future, Chu Liang's injuries could stop him from progressing past the cultivation of a Divine Lord. His life expectancy... could never rival that of a Saint.

Or even that of a long-living Legendary Emperor...

This enraged Chu Yu to the core.

He instructed, "Leave one alive.".

Demon King Xue responded, "We caught one... how is your brother?"

Chu Yu replied, "He's fine."

Chu Liang lay on the bed and closed his weary eyes.

His injuries were severe. If not for the armor he was wearing, he would not even have withstood a single encounter. He would have been beaten to pulp.

His perseverance to this moment, aside from the armor and Elixir Pill, could also be attributed to his superior will.

Song Yu fought to hold back tears silently.

Chu Tian Bei looked solemn. He had no one to blame but himself for not being strong enough to protect his own son.

Chu Xi was already infinitesimally close to being of Saintly Cultivation. However, she had always resisted her breakthrough, exceedingly high expectations of herself.

But at this moment, she showed vague signs of a breakthrough.

At the sight of Chu Liang's grievous injuries, Chu Xi did not want to suppress her own cultivations.

Chu Yu glanced at her and said, "Sister, go ahead and practice. I'll be here."

Chu Xi inhaled deeply. She was aware that she was not in an optimal state. She looked at Chu Yu and said, "Take care of big brother."

With that, she turned and left.

Examining Chu Liang's condition again, Chu Yu said to their parents, "He won't be in danger, stay here to take care of him, I'll go take a look on the other side."

The site of the battle was a wreckage. More than ten had been killed.

Everyone was helping out quietly to clean up the site.

At the sight of Chu Yu, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

Chu Yu took a look at the crowd and declared, "This will be the last time!"

Following that, he headed in the direction of the City's prison.

The remaining assassin, was locked up there.

Ming Hui and the others were there, but none of them had interrogated the assassin. They were all waiting for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu nodded at these people, before entering the prison cell alone.

Ming Hui and the others did not follow suit. Instead, they waited outside in an orderly fashion.

Demon King Xue glanced at Ming Hui and asked quietly, "Ming Senior, who do you think... sent these assassins?"

Ming Hui gave a bitter laugh and said, "From the techniques they displayed, it's hard to tell where they come from. Their powers are rarely seen in the Universe. I think we can say that those who sent them didn't want us to know their origins.".

Zhao Man Tian commented, "If it isn't the Tai Ji Sect, then it's the Limitless Sect."

"How can you tell?" Demon King Xue looked at Zhao Man Tian.

Zhao Man Tian said, "They sent a few pawns to scout out our abilities. In other words, these three were sent here to die. They must not have known, for them to think that they could easily escape from us."

"What will they gain from this?" Song Qing's asked, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

At the moment, almost everyone in the Floating city knew that the Tai Ji Sect and Limitless Sect still had many Ancient Saints in retirement.

Previously, there were people who sought to figure out the Floating city's attitude towards these Ancient Saints.

Song Qing and the others had said, as long as they did not find trouble, the Floating city would not even think about destroying them.

Thus, Song Qing did not believe that the three assassins had anything to do with the Tai Ji Sect.

Zhao Man Tian laughed and said, "Song senior, if you don't believe me, let's wait and see. Chu Yu will be able to learn the truth from the captive herself."

"Could it be that they want to wage war?" Du Yu asked at the side.

Zhao Man Tian replied, "I wouldn't dare say that. The way I see it, these three assassins definitely come from those two clans!"

Within the prison cell, the Female Saint under restraints looked on at Chu Yu, a volley of tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Your highness, I've been wronged... I can explain!"

Chu Yu lifted his palm, viciously slapping the Saint across her cheek. He looked into her eyes with a fiery glare and uttered menacingly, "Old witch, you'll answer whatever I ask. Every lie you tell will be a broken finger! Lie thrice and I'll end your miserable existence!".
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