Chapter 516: Let Me Send You To Your Ancestors

Chapter 516: Let Me Send You To Your Ancestors
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A couple of saints were celebrating with alcohol in the Taiji sect.

They were no longer the mud sculptures they were when they were sealed.

They had all changed into a fresh set of robes and their Daoist robes were adorned with sparkling cultivation symbols.

This was a festival!

They were replicating grand feasts of the great sects from the previous era.

They were glowing from within.

Like a flaunting peacock.

"Oh, how I missed this."

"I still feel pretty young inside!"

"I still remember the peak of my youth, accompanied by beautiful girls, beautiful wine, swords and the world!"

"Hahaha Sun Peng saint, are you lusting over girls again? When we take charge again, we'll have all the pretty girls and wine we want! The world will listen to us!"

"Ay, I have nearly forgotten the taste of alcohol!"

"I used to think that when you attain sainthood, you end up peering down on the masses in solitude and coldness. Who knew that sainthood was only a small pit stop in the grand scheme of things, it's still a far stretch from the final destination. Damn, then the great war started just as I was about to enjoy the luxuries of life."

"Yeah, so many people misunderstood us and called us cowards afraid of sacrificing, what a load of bullsh*t! Which intellect is not afraid of death?" one of the old saints remarked.

"You're right, those who went to war and died on the battlefield were after something else for sure. I don't believe a word when they said that they only wanted to protect their home!"

The group of them were sitting on the floor in a relaxed position, they were carefree and comfortable, chatting about life and dreams.

They were all glowing with a sacred light, it was a testimony to their status.

But the words that they were spewing were despicable and dirty.


The whole bunch of them! Shameless men!

They were proud of their fear of death, their lack of honor, their "insights".

They despised those who died for their homeland, the glorious warriors from the great war. They thought of them as despicable people like them, or utter fools who were short sighted…

Their opulent celebration was adorned with talks of marrying beautiful women as their concubines and recruiting beautiful servants.

They were rotten scum.


Boom boom boom!

The entrance of the pocket dimension had suddenly collapsed!

The energy radiating from the spot was astonishing!

A shadow barged in through the gates!

He was stepping on the glowing yin yang pattern and a prudent furnace was floating above him. Two swords were encircling him like two mighty dragons.

The formation protecting the mountain was destroyed and the gates of the Taiji mountain were revealed.

Chu Yu pointed his finger and his swords enlarged several times and charged towards the gates of the mountain.

The gates didn't stand a chance against the two Swords.

It was smashed like rotten wood!

"Who is it? Who dares to mess with the Taiji sect!"

"Who's grown tired of living… kill!"

"Darn you!"

The bunch of saints had hopped onto their feet.

Some of them were already intoxicated.

Without sobering up, they charged towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu looked at them with disregard.

"A bunch of garbage!"

He muttered.

The two blades reappeared in his hands.

He charged forward to meet his enemies.

He was chopping them left and right!

One of the ancient elders were leading the pack. He was equipped with a bright spear and a glowing halo surrounded him. He looked like a deity descending from the heavens.

"Go die little b*stard!"

He slashed his spear down!



Chu Yu had broken his spear in half and with his free hand, he sliced the old saint at his waist.


The saint had let out a terrifying wail.

He wanted to reassemble his physical body but it was impossible.

Chu Yu's slash had left corrosive cultivation forces on his open wounds.

His body was disintegrating on the molecular level!

It was a chain reaction and then his entire architecture of his body was disrupted.

His body was completely turned into ashes!

He had no time to react at all.

He only felt a massive pain and then… nothing. He had lost his cultivation and vitality completely.

One down!

Chu Yu was already stabbing another two ancient saints.

Even Chu Yu was amazed at the powers of the Three Realms technique.

He only mastered the basics of the entire scripture and he was already close to perfection as a saint!

It was impeccable!

He was impeccable in this universe!

Chu Yu could target his opponents' flaws as soon as they made a move.

Chu Yu had taken down another four of them.

The group was petrified!

Even their ancient ancestor did not possess such fighting capabilities!

Who was he?

These bunch of saints had stayed within the doors of the sect for too long.

Even though they were well updates by messengers, they failed to recognise Chu Yu right away.

And they were so sure that Chu Yu was wiped out by Gao Ji.

It would be a laughing stock If Gao Ji's old sacred amulet couldn't take Chu Yu down.

And Chu Yu was ferocious!

He was massacring them!

He was also extremely powerful, more than what they had heard about him.

They knew that Chu Yu was an outstanding talent amongst the new generation but they didn't think he would amount to anything compared to greater powers that lasted two eras.

They mistakenly thought that Chu Yu couldn't compare to the ancient powers.

They completely underestimated him!

Only by the time Chu Yu had taken down nine of them, somebody had shouted his identity.

They had finally recognised him.

"Chu Yu… he is Chu Yu!"


Someone had shot down the proposal immediately, what about Gao JI?

"Look at him, who else could it be? …Ah!" the yin yang pattern had slashed through the person's neck like a round saw.

It was big news!

A fresh, unexperienced saint charging through the gates of Taiji sect by himself without any back up.

The group of elders were flabbergasted.

It was unreal!

"Oh god… why is he so scary? Only the yellow emperor from the previous era was like this…" the saint with lost his head was muttering to himself amidst his tears.

"The descendent of the emperor…"


His head had exploded!

Only half of the crowd were left.

They had zero morale.

They didn't have the mental strength to group together now and fortify themselves against Chu Yu. If they had steeled themselves and work together the moment Chu Yu appeared, they might not have died so tragically.

But they don't have that kind of strength.

In the previous battle, they had chosen to hide and escape.

Running away was in their blood, even with their superb cultivation!

They were dishonorable men, cowards.

They were worse than animals.

Chu Yu was unscathed after fighting half of them off.

It was ironic!

They were like despicable bullies meeting a tougher opponent.

Many of them were completely devastated, broken down.

They were only good at picking on the weak, they loved sneaky ambushes on their victims.

Fight to their death?

They weren't familiar with the concept.

They didn't dare to…

The arena had been turned upside down, the people were running around in chaos.

The energy field had changed drastically as the winds shifted against them.

Chu Yu looked down coldly at the remaining group of them. He looked at the pathetic bunch of cowards scrambling about for their lives.

They looked pitiful.

A bunch of garbage!

A bunch of space occupying garbage!

Wasting precious resources!

Chu Yu turned into a fearsome monster.

A monstrous god.

Armed with his two swords, he was radiating power!

"Descendent… please… I can be your slave, spare me… ah!"

An elder was chopped into two as he was pleading to Chu Yu.

"I am going to kill all of you! Resist me! You bunch of worthless trash, why aren't you resisting? You don't even have survival instincts. You guys are worse than animals, even they know how to defend themselves. Why don't you resist?"

He slashed another ancient saint.

"Come on! Try defending yourselves!"

Chu Yu was driven mad!

They had been lusting after the City of Skies, after him, after all earthlings… was this all they were capable of?

Chu Yu found it hard to appease his distress.

He wasn't joking around, he had set his mind on destroying the grounds of the sect.

The Three Realms technique was ringing as clear as a bell in his mind.

He had unleashed a state of perfection within him and he was bursting with strength!

Chu Yu felt no fatigue at all.

Finally, a saint charged towards him with a face fill of snot and tears.

His energy was unbalanced and he was on the verge of self-destruction!

He was going to be a suicide bomber!

Chu Yu narrowed his eyes, "Come on, let me send you to your ancestors!".
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