Chapter 517: Vanquishing the Taiji Sect

Chapter 517: Vanquishing the Taiji Sect
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Dao ancestor?

He was the equivalent of a revered god in the hearts of all practitioners.

But Chu Yu had meant it as an irony!

If the Dao ancestor had really seen these bunch of oafs that called themselves practitioners, what would he think?

Would he acknowledge them as his disciples?

I'm afraid not!

The suicide pilot had broken down; he charged at Chu Yu howling with desperation. With that, he detonated himself releasing all his saint cultivation powers.

The wave of energy had completely drowned the entire Dao arena of the Taiji sect.

Chu Yu reacted quickly and burrowed himself into the Immortal Crane Furnace.

That bomber had seen Chu Yu hiding right before he exploded and he was destroyed.

"You… despicable!"

That's all there was left of him. Afterwards, he was disintegrated into thin air.

The surge of energy was overbearing; even with the protection from the various magical objects the saints possessed, they were overwhelmed by the destructive impact. They were all bleeding from all their cavities and their bodies were cracking like dried soil.

Most of them were critically injured.

But a large majority of them were laughing.

Laughing hopefully.

"This time… Chu Yu must be dead!"

"Young and brazen, how dare he ask us to bomb him with our own bodies! Look what that brought upon him!"

"Comrade Qi Lan sacrificed himself for all of us, we must establish a million altars for him! For all our descendants to pay our respects to him!" one of the older saints vowed.

"A million? That's a little excessive don't you think?" another elder chipped in thoughtfully.

"Yeah, a thousand temples would be sufficient! That's enough credit for him."

"Under the circumstances just now, he had no choice but to do that, Chu Yu already had him locked down."

"Indeed, indeed!"


The survivors looked battered and worn but they were still actively conversing.


Suddenly, a long string of laughter was hollering at them.

"Oh my god… that little b*stard is still alive!"

"Jesus… how are you not dead?"


The ten of them were fleeing in all directions.

"You pile of scum…"

Chu Yu was flabbergasted listening to their conversation while hiding in the furnace.

They were really… really, top grade, world class garbage!

How would their heroic counterparts who had sacrificed themselves long ago think of them? Would they regret not killing them off before heading off to war?

The pocket dimension of the Taiji sect was turned upside down. All it would take would be a spark to burn the whole place down now.

Chu Yu was activating his Three Realms technique to create an escape path for himself.

The other saints weren't so lucky themselves.

One of them had ran straight into a whirlwind that tore him into pieces right away!

His scream was spine chilling and nightmare inducing.

Goosebumps raised on Chu Yu's arms when he heard that blood-curdling shriek.

"Chu Yu… darn you! You will end up in a far worse sorry state than us! A thousand times more, a million times!"

That saint was yelling as he was shredded by the whirlwind.

Although the vows of a saints are fortified with magical bonds, this man's words held no weight in this torrential storm.

It was spoken as the desperate last words of a dying man.

It held zero threat.

Chu Yu carried on his rampage with no hesitation.

The remaining elders were scrambling for the entrance, they might survive this catastrophe if they made it out to the boundless stars.

Chu Yu was crazy!

And invincible!

He had taken charge of the battlefield!

Nobody wanted to fight him head on.

All their magical tokens were useless against him. He could either break them into pieces, swallow them whole or turn them against their owners.

The group of them were driven up their ends.

Forget these cowardly vermin, even brave and firm saints would shudder in front of Chu Yu.

In the two eras, less than ten saints were as formidable as Chu Yu. He could take on a hundred other saints and suppress them easily by himself; a solo warrior.

The most famous of them… the Yellow Emperor from the previous era!

He never scored anything less than a victory!

The rest of the famously invincible were also domineering existences since the day they were born.

The kind that could dominate all three realms!

But Chu Yu wasn't born with that kind of talent, he wasn't born with an advantageous position or domineering presence…

He had encountered numerous losses before.

Before the rumors of him being the descendent of the Emperor, he was nothing but an ant to the top tier practitioners. An unknown, fresh face.

A small character that could be easily crushed with a finger.

At least that's what some people thought.

Who dared to call him a small figure now?

He single handed upheaved the entire Taiji sect!

While they were still drooling about taking over the earth in the near future.

Frogs in the well.

They were ignorant bigoted men…

Toads, utterly despicable toads!



"Run quick!"

They were all trying to outrun one another to better their own chances of survival.

Nobody was escaping from Chu Yu!

The entrance to the pocket dimension was blocked by a chaotic energy field.

The radiation was several times of a corrupted star!

Normally, the heat from a burning star wouldn't affect a saint, they were resistant to it.

But if the planet exploded, the radiation conjured could easily kill a saint!

The radiation at the entrance of the dimension was as much as that when a planet exploded.

Whoever who entered would die.

No questions at all!

"Damn me! Why did things turn out this way?"

"I hadn't done any misdeeds in my life… why did this happen to me? Chu Yu, you tyrant, I curse you and your family!"

"I don't want to die!"

The couple of them who barged into the disarrayed energy field was combusted on the spot.

Those were the indignant pleas they had left behind.

Full of spite.

There were seven of them left.

It was the destructive energy field in front of them, and the malicious Chu Yu behind them.

They were at a dead end, there was nowhere to go.

It was death ahead and behind!

Chu Yu's attitude was so firm they knew there was no chance of being spared.

"Fight to our deaths!"

One of the saints yelled with his eyes blood shot. Cultivation forces were boiling within him.

"Is this… our only way out?"

"F*ck, are you dumb? He is out to get us! If we don't fight till our deaths, we are still going to die anyways!"

They were finally resigning to their fate, they had to fight Chu Yu head on.

"Fine!" the weakest one amongst them agreed, but one could tell his mischievous eyes were up to no good.

His companion leapt forward.


A fist was punched through his chest wall.

His heart was crushed.

A large amount of blood was spurted out.

Surprisingly, the weakest saint let out a satisfied smile, he muttered, "Finally, I don't have to face this monster no more… I don't even have the courage to take my own life, thank you…".

His divine soul was destroyed after he finished his line.


The weakest saint was taken out by his one of his own.

The saint who had acted laughed hysterically, "Right… we are really scum of the world! AHHAHhaha!".

He was completely lunatic!

He then charged at Chu Yu and activated all the techniques he had ever mastered in his life.

The rest of them followed suit, it was end game. They were staking in all their chips.

Without any reservations.

The arena was detonated immediately.

A large tsunami was formed, swallowing everything around it.

Chu Yu used the Three Realms technique and calmed his perimeters. It was as if he was at the center of the storm, it was peaceful and serene there.

His eyes were cold and he was scanning quickly.

His sword qi could be felt from miles away.

His cultivation forces were extensive!

His mastery of the techniques was stellar!

He swung his sword and it was like a blow from a Great Saint.

It had finished off the rest of the ancient saints!

Then, his sword gently rested on his lap as he sat cross legged.

He began to practice the Gluttonous Sacred Art.

With a single gulp, all the energy remaining in the arena was swallowed into his mouth.

The Taiji field regained its tranquility.

The chaotic charges were gone.

Chu Yu opened his eyes and revealed two dazzling holy pupils!

His sacred light slowly faded out like a setting sun on the horizon.

He stood up and picked up his swords and his furnace.

Ridding lightly on the yin yang pattern, he walked towards the entrance to Taiji sect emotionlessly.

The moment he stepped across it, there was a terrifying energy that decimated the entire place!

It was thirty ancient saints who had joined hands to attack manically.

They didn't even wait to see who had crossed the boundary.

They didn't consider holding back just in case it was a Taiji personnel.

Chu Yu stumbled a little, unscathed. They had broken his defense and caught him off guard but he was alright.

The energy he had just absorbed was monumental.

He had channeled most of it to the vertical eye.

The remaining, he had stored it in his core. The accumulated amount was hard to imagine.

He smiled with all his teeth at the thirty saints.

"You guys came to find me? That's great, you are saving me the trouble of finding you!"
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