Chapter 518: You Will Regret This

Chapter 518: You Will Regret This
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He was poised for victory!

Even though the Taiji saints were supposed to be pumped up for an epic battle, they couldn't help but feel weak in their knees.

They were overshadowed by his mighty glow.

He just can't be killed?

He can't even be… injured?

Not even a scratch?

Was he even human?

Who had ever come this far as a saint?

The glorious Dao ancestor? The Buddha? Or the great Yellow Emperor?

This young man… had reached their kind of level?

He could be regarded as one of them now?

How… could it be?




Chu Yu was really growing.

He was invincible!

No enemy could break a sweat on his forehead.

Even a live Great Saint might have trouble raining on his parade!

He oversaw this great era!

In the Limitless sect, the eldest saint had knelt in front of him. With his hands on the ground, he pleaded, "Limitless sect pledges our allegiance to you your majesty, I am Tong Feng, the representative of our sect. We vow to serve your majesty all our lives, we are willing to do anything you ask, master! Heaven and earth shall be our witnesses!".

Every consonant resonated through the entire galaxy clearly!

Hundreds of satellite cameras pointed their lens in their direction.

They had originally been concealed, carefully hidden away from the public eye.

They had voluntarily revealed themselves and showed up in front of the cameras.

And they purposely made their statement to the entire galaxy!

The moment I appeared you had tried to take me down, you are forcing me to take you guys in after weighing your odds?

Chu Yu looked at them with a deathly glare!

A figure leapt out from the Floating city.

Her scarlet hemline was fluttering in the wind, she was like a descended goddess.

Xu Xiao Xian!

Chu Yu softened his gaze as he watched her.

Without any cares for the cameras on them, Xu Xiao Xian lunged herself into Chu Yu's embrace.

They were locked in a tight hug.

"Let me handle this," Xu Xiao Xian quietly whispered into his ears.

She slowly untangled herself from Chu Yu's arms.

Turning around, she looked at the bunch of them with cold daggers. Her aura was like a billion-year-old glacier!

"You want to surrender? You are willing to be our slaves?"

"Who are you?" Tong Feng looked at her warily.

Her appearance and outfit reminded them of the little witch they had heard about from their messengers!

She had all kinds of tricks up her sleeves, she even came from a Demon cult background.

They didn't want to end up in her hands.

They might be afraid of Chu Yu but not someone like her!

"I am the little voice of the man you were just kneeling to."

"You…" Tong Feng was offended by her mocking tone.

He was being humiliated! An ancient saint humiliated by a young girl!

Suddenly, he felt chills running through his body.

He remembered that the information provided stated that she was Chu Yu's second wife!

Lin Shi the first wife studied the arts and practices of the Buddha, apparently, she had already attained the Buddha facet and her magical powers were remarkable.

As for the second wife, she was a classic example of a monster girl, a demon!

"What about me? Finish your sentence!"

Tong Feng's face was flushed red like a beetroot, "We are all great powers of the sainthood, could we leave some respect?".

The conversation was broadcasted live around the galaxy.

"Respect? Respect is left for respectable people! How can you bunch of old scum talk about respect?"

"Haha, if you really want respect, you wouldn't have attacked his highness just now. Luckily my highness is invincible, have my babies your majesty!"

"Shameless garbage, they are just vermin left over from the previous era, how dare they bring up respect?"

Millions of netizens were calling them out.

As a saint, Tong Feng's receptors were sharp.

He was aware of the backlash he was receiving.

He was stupefied, he didn't expect everyone to know of what happened here.

He didn't know people were watching them from the beginning!

These satellites were high tech items, of course he was unfamiliar with them! He had been hiding for centuries!

"You hear that? You know what kind of image you guys hold now? Decide quickly! Either you submit yourselves as slaves or you redeem yourselves with your blood! Don't try anything funny, we won't hesitate when it comes to wiping you guys out!"

Xu Xiao Xian was witty!

She didn't know that Taiji sect had been wiped out by Chu Yu singlehandedly.

But meeting Chu Yu here, she could extrapolate all that had happened previously!

Although she was surprised herself, she was sure that Chu Yu had taken care of the Taiji sect.

Her statement had stirred a bustle amongst all the practitioners on earth.

Taiji sect… wiped out?

They were really gone?

It wasn't a secret to them that there were about ten of them left.

Ten powerful saints!

If not for Yi guarding the earth, they would have come knocking for trouble long ago.

Who could get rid of this ominous force other than Yi?

The son of earth?

Is he a god now?

On account of all the history between the Floating city and Taiji sect, they wouldn't have let Chu Yu go so easily.

The two sides must have fought till their deaths.

If Chu Yu walked out alive, then…


This was breaking news!

The entire earth was amazed!

People were flying towards them and towards the Floating city.

They had to be sure that Taiji sect was no more.

Xu Xiao Xian's statement had stirred up a storm.

Limitless sect already had little leverage, now they were completely overpowered.

Tong Feng looked pitifully at Chu Yu, "You must bring justice to us, Your Majesty!".




Many people were still scolding them.

Tong Feng was flushed with the color of aubergine.

He might as well admit it.

Fine, I am shameless!

I am audacious!

I am… no but I am not a crook!

I just want to keep my life, am I wrong?

Why don't you guys meet the enemy if you are so brave?

Why don't you sacrifice your lives if you are not shameless?

F*ck you all judging me on a higher pedestal, there's nothing wrong with fearing death.

Tong Feng had a logical explanation behind his cowardly actions, but he was a spiritual dwarf.

Chu Yu stared at Tong Feng who was still on his hands, he wanted to know how someone could be this shameless.

Tong Feng continued looking at him with pitiful eyes.

There was no trace of any sainthood in his halo.


A living corpse.

"Listen to her arrangements," Chu Yu sighed.

Tong Feng looked devastated.

He could tolerate all the beseeches he had received, all the hate and all the humiliation, but he couldn't withstand the fact that he was going to be someone else's puppet.

Xu Xiao Xian was also a saint!

She had a demonic background and various tortuous methods, it would be worse than death to be in her hands!

So, he acted!

He was going to deal a lethal blow!

Eighteen others followed his lead!

They were after Xu Xiao Xian this time, not Chu Yu.

They wanted to take her as hostage and threaten Chu Yu.

They were swift and various cultivation symbols filled the entire virtual space.

It had covered the cameras and obstructed the frame.

The people knew that something was up!

Tong Feng showed no signs of acting, he had still been kneeling like a dog, the next moment he had turned against them!

But Chu Yu already anticipated this kind of reaction from him, he kept Xu Xiao Xian into the crane furnace at lightning speed.

Even with his reflexes, Chu Yu could hear a low grunt from Xu Xiao Xian.

It was hard to defend against this kind of attacks.

These bunch of saints were more powerful than her in the first place, plus they had ganged up together, it was hard to not injure her.

Boom boom boom!

A powerful burst of energy erupted from the spot.

In the part of space outside of earth.

The Taiji entrance has exploded suddently!

Chu Yu had sent his yin yang pattern off instantly.

The pattern had taken down Tong Feng easily, slicing through him like a tofu!

His divine soul was torn into pieces!

But he wasn't dead yet.

Chu Yu used his vicious mental will and filled the entire space.

"You will regret this!"

The Yellow Emperor and Divine Punisher Blades were slashing at another two saints.

One was taken by the neck and another at his waist.

The rest had turned on their heels and they were trying to run!

They were travelling at light speed!

Chu Yu activated the Three World Dao technique and destroyed the wormholes they had just created with his thundering palms.

It left a gaping hole in the virtual space with messy charges of energy fizzing around.

The group of saints who had tried to escape were thrown backwards and they were spitting blood everywhere.

Chu Yu didn't hold back at all.

Thus, began his merciless rampage.

Various magical formations were activated in the space around them, protecting the Earth which was closest to them.

The formations had destroyed the unlucky satellites in their orbits, disrupting the live footage.

Many practitioners had taken to the air to get a better look.

Mortal on earth were peering up into the sky to witness balls of light above them.

It was even more blinding than the sun, it was a strange weather phenomenon.

Then, bloody rain began to pour down.

It was the blood of saints!

The rain was absorbed by the formations to prevent any damage to earth.

Chu Yu was emitting strong forces armed with his two swords.

He was after all the saints manically.

Ten of them still managed to escape.

Those survivors didn't even try to fight Chu Yu.

They ran at the first opportunity.

None of those who tried to attack Chu Yu made it.

They were all torn into pieces and shredded into scraps.

Chu Yu hated them to their core.

Using his sacred art, he captured all their souls.

Within an hour, peace was regained in this virtual space.

About seventeen of the souls of the saints were strung together, they were locked down.

The scraps of Tong Feng's spirit had been pieced together into a human form, his eyes were full of shock.

"How can it be?"

He still couldn't believe Chu Yu's prowess after witnessing his abilities in battlefield. This young man had achieved wondrous feats.

"I told you, you are going to regret this."
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