Chapter 520: Friend Or Foe?

Chapter 520: Friend Or Foe?
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Chu Yu walked alone in the darkness.

He did not know how he had come here.

When he was practicing the three realms technique in seclusion, a bright spot suddenly appeared in his mental realm, bringing him here.

There was not a shred of light here.

It was pitch black darkness!

Even his divine sense could not sense anything.

There was nothing but emptiness!

He could still feel himself at first, but now, he went numb.

If it was not for his own thoughts, he might have thought that he was dead.

This place was the epitome of solitude, there was nothing here!

Chu Yu remained calm, he was trying to feel the three realms technique.

He was certain that this was the result of the technique.

Space and time did not exist here.

He could not feel himself, space was useless, he could not feel the passing of time, there was no age.

He did not know how long had passed, perhaps it was just a second.

Perhaps it was a thousand years!

He continued to make sense of the three realms technique, the power of the technique constantly advanced.

Finally, at some point of time, deep in his soul, a wave rippled.

It was like someone had touched him with their finger.

A sword suddenly appeared in his hand, it was not one that he owned.

It looked like a normal blade.

In the next moment, Chu Yu swung his blade at the darkness.

A bright light lit up the darkness with the slash of the blade.

Even though it was just for a moment, Chu Yu could see many things!

His eyes were full of shock.

He saw the unformed galaxies, a cluster of galaxies!

He also saw the dead galaxies, bodies lay waste at every corner.

This was a vast space!

Chu Yu could only use one would to describe it- immeasurable!

He was just a bystander looking on.

A giant corpse floated among the cluster of galaxies.

Many limbs were afloat, there were only a few complete corpses.

A giant dragon's head was among the debris.

In the moment where the sword lit up the place, Chu Yu could see that the eyes of the dragon were wide open!

But it's skull was devoid of life force.

It just floated there.

Lifeless and dead.

Chu Yu could see some living things trapped among the galaxies, but they were blocked by an invisible force.

"Like fish in a barrel…" Chu Yu muttered to himself.

His vertical eye opened by itself.

Within its sight, everything vanished once again.

"Cycle after cycle of reincarnation…" Chu Yu said softly.


A powerful energy exploded in his mental realm!

Chu Yu could feel a great elevation in his cultivation.

Cultivation levels were mysterious things.

It was hard to imagine how it would be like unless one reached a new level of cultivation.

When it arrived… it arrived.

One would know it automatically.

This time, Chu Yu's seclusion had brought out unexpected results.

From that moment on, he had reached the peaks of the Saint realm.

Moreover, his physical body had already reached a compatible level.

He did not know if it was perfect, but he was near his limits.

In the next moment, his eyes opened wide.

In front of him was the place in the floating city where he had gone into seclusion.

"What day is it today?" Chu Yu wondered.

On the wall, a calendar appeared as a voice resounded, "Today is 26th of March, 2070, it's 4.30 in the afternoon.".


Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

His time spent in cultivation was not as long as he had thought.

In the darkness, he was sure that he could leave soon, but the moment he opened his eyes, he felt a sense of nervousness.

Even though he was a Saint, he still had many second thoughts, he did not want to walk to path of cultivation alone.

He dispelled the protective magical formation here and walked out.

A smile appeared on his face as a group of people flew over.

It was Ming Yu You, not Xu Xiao Xian or Lin Shi!

Chu Yu was slightly stunned.

She smiled, "Chu Yu brother, long time no see!".

"I felt like we just parted yesterday," Chu Yu smiled.

She smiled, "You're still smooth with your words, we just returned!".

Ming Hui flew over. Song Qing, Zhao Man Tian, Demon King Xue, Old Huang, Yue Yin and the rest rushed over as well.

They all had faces of joy when they saw Chu Yu.

Ming Hui said, "Looks like we have another great Saint among our ranks!".

Most of them did not dare to believe it… a great Saint?

Ming Hui looked at them and declared, "Do you think I'm exaggerating? Ask him yourself!".

Chu Yu smiled humbly, "I don't know if I can step into that elite group, but I do have hope! I can feel the recovery of our planet and the solar system!".

Yue Yin smiled, "If you can achieve that, that would be great! We can push those bastards back where they came from!".

"Push them back?" Chu Yu wondered- he had only gone into seclusion for a while, did the enemy make their move?

He looked at Yue Yin, "Elder…".

"I'm no elder, call me sister. There is only cultivation in our area of expertise, once our cultivation levels are similar, there is no old or young.".

Chu Yu was a little taken aback, but he called her sister anyway, which made Yue Yin smile.

What had happened?

Where was Xu Xiao Xian or Lin Shi?

Chu Yu looked around.

Yue Yin smiled, "Looking for your two wives?".

Chu Yu smiled sheepishly, but he nodded his head.

He felt a sense of relief, Yue Yin's attitude meant that nothing major had happened.

Ming Yu You said, "The two of them went to earth to attend an interview, they're there to reprimand certain people as well.

"Oh…" Chu Yu responded.

Reprimand certain people? What?

She quickly explained the situation to Chu Yu.

Within his period of seclusion, some outsiders had entered the solar system.

The number of people was not many, but it was still a significant figure.

They all had the blood of the ancient solar system!

They all came under the guise of returning home!

But in reality, they didn't consider themselves part of the solar system, they resented it.

Their powers were great, they possessed high levels of cultivation!

Most of them were Saints, and they were all younger than 50 years old!

Age was just a number, Chu Yu, Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian were amongst this group of young elites!

Little Moon could be considered one of them as well.

Within the solar system, there was only a handful of them.

Ji Jian Jia, Li Xiao Xiao, Bai Sha Ren, Li Feng Meng were all still Legendary Emperors.

They were prodigies in cultivation, but they still had a long way to go.

It was incredibly difficult to achieve Sainthood as this age.

It was more than just hard work or talent!

There were about a dozen of these outsiders.

The first thing that they did was to reactivate the Daoist fields of their ancestors.

These fields hid large quantities of resources!

Many people were jealous.

No one knew the powers of these groups of people, many greedy people went after the resources out of jealousy.

They found out soon enough.

The price was too painful to bear!

Most of them lost their lives to their greed.

They killed them mercilessly.

When news of this got to the floating city, they had to take action.

But it was to deal with!

If they were enemies, it was easy to get rid of them.

But they came under the guise of returning home!

Ming Yu You took out some footage for Chu Yu to look at.

"We're just the first wave of cultivators, our families will soon return.".

"We're only activating what was ours! Some of them have already been activated, some of our legacies have been stolen. We're not being picky over that because of our bond with you guys, why are you still after us?".

"We're not outsiders, blood of the solar system flows through our veins. Isn't this plain bullying?".

The matter caused a huge uproar.

No one truly knew if these people were friends or foes.

Before this, the Daoist fields were up for grabs, whoever came first could claim them.

The problem was that now… these people had the rightful ownership of these fields!

Their reactions were too merciless!

This was the thought of most of the people on earth, but their words had no use.

This group of young Saints were adamant, and they blamed it on the floating city.

"How shameless can the Son of the Emperor get? The Crane Saint's legacy, Confucius' legacy… are any of those from the Chu clan? Within us, there are descendants of the Crane Saint… There are also descendants of Confucius! Do you need evidence?".

China's Media began preparing a conference to dissolve the tension and misunderstanding.

Many, however, knew the true purpose of this meeting.

They wanted to use the floating city's people to decide if these groups of people were allies or foes!

After looking at the footage, Chu Yu remained silent and asked, "Just the two of them?".

Ming Yu You replied, "Ji Jian Jia, Li Xiao Xiao and Little Moon went as well. Oh yea, Fatty and Da Jia Zei too.".

Chu Yu nodded his head, he knew that they would not bow down easily.

He still had a sense of discomfort in his heart, it gave him a strange feeling.

He looked at Ming Hui and asked, "Elder, do you know where these people come from?".
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